Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sometimes Plans Just Don't Go as Planned.

One must have a sense of humor about life, nor must one take life too seriously, either. Case in point: Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

Plan A: Grandma's house.

Plan B: Daughter Jen decides that this year sister Heather (having never cooked a Thanksgiving Dinner before) should cook  dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving because Jen decides to work Thanksgiving Day. We were all on board with Plan B, until Jen's husband and daughter get the flu.

Plan C: Hoping everyone would be over their flu and colds, we then decide to have dinner the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Nope, the second daughter gets sick; thus, Thanksgiving dinner is totally canceled.

Plan D: I cooked the fresh turkey that I bought last week in my roaster. You see, last week just before one of the biggest cooking weeks of the year my oven died.  So old that parts are no long available, the stove was hauled out; we have ordered a new microwave/oven combo that will be in place--soon, I hope.

Hubby and I had a very scaled back turkey dinner this afternoon: mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish, and turkey, probably half the calories, too. Jen did make us a lovely pumpkin pie that she brought over.

Sometimes plans just don't go the way we want, but I guess one of the perks of being well aged is that these bumps in the road don't bother me much anymore--there was a day if things didn't go as planned, I'd have been a raving idiot. Today, however, I am must more relaxed about life.

Any Black Friday adventure stories to share? None here, though we did venture out for a bit. Nothing exciting.

Next week is our last week of classes at the University followed by a week of final exams. I will have a stack of essays to grade and final grades at assign, which is always quite stressful, for while the majority of students work very hard, there are always a few who make the end of the semester very difficult for themselves, thus for me too. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a great week.


  1. Oh dear! 4 plans for Thanksgiving. As we get older, we tend to go with the flow and accept situations as they are. The environment is lot more pleasant this way, isn't it?

  2. The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft a gley.................
    women on the other hand just cope!
    Sounds like you coped admirably my dear, hope the new cooker arrives soon and that your family are feeling a lot better now.

  3. Sorry your plans were mixed up. But sometimes it is ok just to be with the one you love and grateful.
    Your the 2nd person I know who cooked their turkey in the roaster because your oven went out. Sounds like it worked out.
    no friday shopping here...but got the tree yesterday

  4. I like the idea of Thanksgiving, shame we dont celebrate over here.
    Well at least you had some turkey in the end though!
    Have a good week.

  5. Yikes! You had a great attitude about all the changes of plan!
    I'll be thinking of you as you grade those essays and get ready for the end of the semester. You'll feel that light and happy feeling when it's all wrapped up! LOVE that feeling!
    Take care, Ann!

  6. Well, I work at Kohl's, so you can imagine the scene on Black Friday. Crazy! My schedule was 11:30 pm Thursday to noon on Friday, so no Thanksgiving dinner was cooked here. Instead, we went to Cracker Barrel, and it was perfectly delicious. Had a mini Thanksgiving the Sunday before with just the two of us, as usual. Roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie. My daughter works retail too, so she can never come down for Thanksgiving, and my son and his family always go to her mom's. It's a non-holiday for me these days.

  7. Good to go with the flow. By the way, I like your Autumn blog header. P.S. Let us know if you get more snow! I love seeing snow. We don't get much in Northern Ireland.

  8. Oh man Ann, if things could go bad over there, they sure did. I'm like you, those bumps just don't seem as big as the years are going by. I'm glad you were able to at least have some turkey eventually.
    Shhhh...don't tell my kids, but we enjoyed the quiet Thanksgiving way too much...(
    Oh yeah, I cooked my turkey in my Nesco too :)

  9. Ann I really like your attitude toward taking it easy, going with the flow, letting it go and just relax! I can relate to your statement..
    ( " There was a day if things didn't go as planned I'd have been a raving idiot" )

    I'm working too, on becoming more positive and letting things roll off my back. It certainly makes us feel better and make life easier when we take this type of attitude towards unforeseen incidents or plans that don't go as planned ..You have certainly inspired me today.