Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last week wasn't much fun. I don't get sick very often, thankfully. Every night I'd go to bed saying to myself that I would cancel class in the morning, but upon further consideration I'd get up and go to work.

The first storm of the month hit late in the day with wind and snow. While we only received a couple of inches, cities south of us had amounts ranging from 18 inches in Denver to 44 inches in other areas. As the storm began in the evening, we lost power. Expecting it to be out all night, we began to think about how prepared we were for a lengthy power outage. We aren't very well prepared for more than a couple of hours inconvenience.

We spent a quiet evening, no computers, no television, just the warm glow of candle light and the gas logs.
Next morning the world looked pretty cold.

Snow removal around the Garden Spot means tractor work. 

I took a walk about this morning camera in hand, and while we didn't have fresh snow, frosty crystals clung to everything. I was out a bit before the sun burned through the cloud cover. As soon as the sun began to come through, the frosty crystal began falling to the ground. I used my 70-300 mm. lens for the close shots as well as the distance shots. I have been researching macro lens and cringe when I see the price. Some photographers use their distance lens for some macro shots, as I have with the dried crab apples that still cling to the branch and the sunflower. I am thinking for flowers, however, Pawn Shop. What do you think?

Rabbit tracks. The black corrugated pipe that carries the overflow irrigation water to the lawn serves as hiding place for the cotton tails that live here.

In the super market yesterday I saw the headlines on the current issue of Martha Stewart's Living magazine: "30 Things to Do to Get Ready for Spring." Since I am breaking my magazine habit, I didn't buy the magazine to see what was on her list. I'll make up my own. Where should I start? Cleaning up the garden beds would be a good place to start, but not until the snow melts.

Week 6 of the semester begins. Students are working hard and I am working hard to keep one step ahead of them. Hope you all have a great week. Anyone going to see if they can come up with of 30 To Dos for Spring? Share your list, if you are of a mind. Have a good week.


  1. I love how your home looks with the candles warm and cozy looking. Since getting back we've only had that little bit of snow the other day that didn't amount to much :(
    I'm looking for a good snowfall to take some pictures, yours are all so pretty.

  2. Your home look so warm and cosy with the fire and the candles. I love all your photographs. I often think about buying a better camera but I then decide my Sony cybershot serves my purposes and I can usually find a programme that can improve the pics a little!!!

    Most of our snow has gone and it is 3.6c here at 8.45am so hopefully it will get a little warmer.

    Keep warm and safe, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  3. Hi Ann!
    The snow won't go away. We have icebergs in the front garden. Sad.
    Yesterday I kept returning to the thermostat, pressing the buttons and thinking, "Warmer! Warmer!" I graded papers for six hours. Ack!
    So, today I shall dream of flowers and veggies and maybe make a list. Thank you for the great idea!
    I hope you are feeling a lot better!

  4. Hi Ann, I loved the glow of warmth from the candles and fire place. It really looked beautiful! The snow looked pretty,too, but hopelessly cold. Keep warm and Spring is surely not too far away!

  5. Some really pretty snow photos! Looks quite cold. The first item on my Spring to do list, is to tidy the beds as I've left them a mess over Winter (leaves and old growth need cleared0. I notice new growth on perennials already. Then I will probably scatter some manure pellets and mulch in March. Also chit and plant potatoes by March. So much to do!

  6. Lovely photos Ann. The Snow makes such a great photography subject, although I'm glad ours has now gone. A few centemetres and the UK is in chaos. So visit in the summer! My space at the Herts Craft Collective is just outside the village of Radlett which is near St Albans a beautiful cathedral city in Herts. Its a short train ride north of London. What do you plan to do on your trip to the UK? Let me know if I can help re special places to visit - especially for vintage stuff!

  7. I could probably come up with 130 to dos! Ugh!!! On a happier note, I think your macro shots are excellent! Love the bunny hiding under that pine tree. I don't envy you trying to stay ahead of students, you teachers are way under-appreciated! Your house looked pretty cozy during that little inconvenience, at least you have a tractor to get you out! My husband would be jealous of that! Hang in there spring is a'comin'! Thanks for the hollar!

  8. I quite like the idea that you are all cosy with candles and it must make you stop and take time. Of course you wouldnt want it to happen too often!

  9. Hi Ann I hope you're feeling a lot better. How muted and dormant everything looks under that blanket of snow! The ice crystals are gorgeous though. Hard to believe that every snowflake is unique.

    Your home looks so beautiful soft cosy and warm bathed in firelight.

  10. I have broken my magazine habit as well and just cleaned out my closet of 15 years of country gardener, Martha S. and Victoria. Talk about a pack rat.

    Hope you are keeping warm there! And I am glad you are feeling better, too.

  11. Hi Ann,

    These are great pictures!! Your fire looks so warm and cozy, and I LOVE all the snow pictures, especially the collage. The bunny and the cotton tail tracks are so cute. :)

    Thanks for your visit and for your kind comments. Have a great week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  12. My favorite picture... My dad on his tractor in my favorite hat. Love my dad. Other photos are just fab. I am so sick of the snow. Normally melts quickly here. This stuff is just hanging out.