Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Weekend with Mother Nature

She calls herself Mother Nature. And we have to believe her. Today in the car we had a discussion about working at Mac Donald's. I told her that perhaps someday she could work at Mac Donald's, but she said "No. I don't think so." So I asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up. She answers: "I want to spend my life rescuing injured animals." (Pretty much what her mother did as a kid.) I liked that answer. Her mother discovered this child's alter ego when she took the little girls to the pet store and over heard the conversation her eldest daughter was having with the Boa. "Hello, do you like me? Well, of course you do. I am Mother Nature." So here is my weekend with Mother Nature.

When I knew that Mother Nature was spending the weekend, I planned a special surprise, Afternoon Tea at Victoria's Little Tea House in Eaton, CO, just down the road. I told Ellie to make sure to bring a party dress when she came to spend the week-end. So she ask her mamma to make her a special dress, which she did.

Sweet treats after petite little sandwiches and quiche

The tea house has a special little room where the little girls can play dress up

After tea, Mother Nature took grandpa's egg gathering basket outside. I asked her if she was going to collect eggs. She answered, "No, I am looking for treasures." We saw her sitting in the garden and asked her what she was doing: "Watching the bunnies in the pasture."

She found her treasures: sunflowers.

Mother Nature finished her day by making peanut butter and lard seed cakes for the birds.

She had a busy day.

On my way home work Friday, I drove past Bittersweet Park in Greeley. The lake was nearly black with Canada geese and in the middle of the flock was a speck of white. I had seen the same bird last year, but never got back to the park to identify the white bird. It was too large and too white to be a pelican, of which there are many in our area during the warmer months. It's neck looked much too long to be a snow goose that sometimes fly with the Canada geese. We went back to Greeley for dinner, stopping by the pond with the binoculars to see just what the bird was. Indeed, it was what I hoped it was.

On our way to town, we made an unexpected stop. Aren't they magnificent? Bald eagles are not uncommon in this part of the state during the winter. In fact, according to an article in the Ft. Collins newspaper last year, the bald eagles migrate here from Alaska and Canada, many settling and nesting here in Northern Colorado, especially at the Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space in Ft. Collins. These two eagles were in a tree right by the road near  Seeley's Lake, an exclusive residential neighborhood. This route is my nature drive to work. I have often seen bald eagles in the trees near the ponds, but I never have my camera with me.

And here he is, a beautiful swan, alone, graceful, and peaceful on Bittersweet Lake in the middle of the city.

 Along with a few of his aquatic friends

Oh, back to Martha Stewart. I read her headline wrong, just in case you are wondering. She has a list of 103 things to do get ready for spring, not just 30. I am tired already.  Have a terrific week.


  1. Mother Nature is's possible she may well be on her path to whom she will be, even at such a young age.

    A swan, geese, and Eagles. I still can't get used to seeing Eagles in the skies, and sitting on the branches here, it makes my heart still. On the coast I never saw such sights...

    Oh Martha, well she has staff, we don't. Have to go and read that post.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Hi Ann!
    Oh, such fun you had with Mother Nature. She sounds (and looks!) like a true princess. The eagles are lovely. Wow!
    Yes, I know what you mean about citing sources. It isn't that hard. Why can't they do it? I'm glad I don't have to teach that to the sixth graders. They are struggling with the parts of speech. Ack!

  3. Looks like a really fun day; I like the idea of tea time treats! Bet everyone involved were exhausted by the end of the day! The bird photos are really super.

  4. What a special day! That looks like a really fun tea room.

  5. I bet it is very tiring entertaining Mother Nature! Cute post, enjoyed all the pics...the tea party and the beautiful birds! So close to those eagles! What a treat!

  6. Oh Ann, your grandaughter is charming, and already has a special appreciation of all things nature! I've always wanted to see a bald eagle, how lucky you are. Yes, this is an odd year. Everything is quite early. We are on the south side of Columbus, and it's a tiny bit milder than my home state of Michigan, but not much. So I am treasuring the mild winter this year, just in case it never returns!

  7. Love the picture of the eagles. Mother Nature in poetry and art