Sunday, April 1, 2012


On this fine Sunday Morning, I said: " I want a strawberry patch."

He asked: "Where?"

I answered: "Right there."

He answered: "Yes, dear." 

And promptly got to work. The Site Project Supervisor showed up looking like he'd had a hard night out.

 The digging began in soil as hard as rock.

 Yes. He is a perfectionist.

While this project didn't require the tractor (though there was a discussion about moving some soil in), it did require a power tool.

Did we pass inspection, Sir?

Wa-La. A nicely leveled strawberry bed.

Last Week: It is becoming an annual thing we do, the granddaughters, their mother and I: building fairy gardens. We started the day in Old Town, Ft. Collins at our fav store, The Perennial Gardener to buy the fairy things. I had these little pixies that my mom and I bought so many years ago. (Jen looked them up on ebay--$19.95 OMG). Then we were off to  Bath Garden Center where we bought our plants. The girls planted their gardens in old wash tubs; I planted mine in a table top garden. I don't know how I ever forgot that I used to build little terrariums when I was a kid, so I raided my miniatures collection on the kitchen wall for my little garden. The plants are all outdoor plants, but since my pixies are so valuable (sentimentally, that is) I will keep it in the kitchen.

I even have the Easter Bunny.

This Saturday we went to Ft. Collins Garden Center for their 50% off sale on all perennials in gallon containers. I bought 22. We were shocked to see a line of vehicles--it was like Black Friday. The Black Friday of gardeners. Little wonder. Great bargains.

There's a new crop of baby birds. The nest fell out of tree at the end of the season last summer, so I brought it n.  These little guys go in the kiddies' Easter Baskets. I love making them. Click here if you'd like see how I make them.

Finally, this little lady is recovering from crashing into the window. We heard her hit hard and rescued her. Hubby put her in the bird feeder up high out the reach of the cats where she recovered and flew off.

And that is the week. Five weeks of school. Yes, I am counting. The weather has been gorgeous this week. Actually much too warm and far too dry. The irrigation wells have been turned on for the summer and we have done some watering, but seriously hoping for rain soon. Really soon. We are holding off on planting the 22 plants because the weather lady is predicting a hard freeze for Monday night and snow/ran for tomorrow morning. 80 degrees today; freezing tomorrow. Crazy.

A big thank you to the Head Gardener who worked harder than an old guy should and a big thanks to the Project Supervisor who kept us motivated.

Hope you all have fabulous week.


  1. Oh, what a nice dose of garden chatter, Ann!
    I love the fairy gardens!
    I did buy some seeds today and three pots of herbs. Our son dug his tomato bed.
    Five weeks left for you. I think its eight or nine for me. Isn't this weather heavenly?

  2. What a great strawberry patch that is going to be! How nice of your Head Gardener to put that together! I have a Site Supervisor, too! haha Very cute. Love your little fairy gardens! So adorable!

  3. Love the fairy garden!! I have often thought of growing strawberries in a strawberry pot, but I think the birds would get to eat them before us. We have a pick your own not far from here where you can also buy them ready picked, ( saves my back). I have a blueberry plant ( full of anti-oxidants), we must have some very healthy birds as they usually get there first!!!

    Your head gardener is great, can I borrow him??

    Have a great week, Jackie.x

  4. I am so jealous that I can't partake in these activities. It looks like so much fun. Lovely little new plants. Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Hi Ann
    Looks like you'e got the garden help well trained! Can you send me some hints? ;o) You'll have plenty of strawberries from your new patch :o) mmmmm!
    I only buy bargains from the garden centre, they're always too dear otherwise - so you see me make a bee-line for the 'reduced' area and always come back with armfuls of what's just finished it's season. I'm happy to wait until next year to see them bloom again.
    Thank you for youe sweet visit, but part of your comment made me very sad.
    I'm surprised that hedgehogs are sold in pet shops in the US, I know they are sold here too, they are a different strain to our wild European one. They are dear little wild creatures and shouldn't be kept as pets though - I think it is very cruel. Sorry, not your fault I know.
    Rose H

  6. Ann you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking room for a strawberry patch. You made a swell bed there for them and I'm sure they'll crop well there with all that lovely compost. Kudos for getting those plants so cheap - great size too.

  7. Ann, first off, I love your little birds you cute. I might have to try some of those. Your strawberry bed looks great and you will have loads of strawberries there! Happy gardening and happy Easter, too. Egretta

  8. The strawberry bed looks great! Hope the nice weather holds up. It'll be great to see all your perennials in flower this summer. Have a great Easter weekend! Kelli

  9. That is one nice looking raised bed. I am sure you will have lots of strawberries. And you look like you have found some great plants for your perennial garden too. I love a good sale.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  10. Wow, what a great big patch for strawberries, that's going to be a serious amount of strawberries. Loving the fairy gardens, so cute. Happy Easter!

  11. Love your fairy garden! We have made those before and they're so fun!

  12. I bet you've been busy planting all those perennials; don't forget you may be able to cut a few in half to get 2 for the price of 1!! Just wanted to get back to you... I grow all my seed in a 'sun room' that faces southwest. I'm lucky as the plants never really go leggy. There are alot more sheep straying the countryside in Ireland than horses; I don't expect to have a horse in my garden again (but one never knows!). Keep us posted on your planting!