Saturday, October 20, 2012


Bathed in the warmth of a sunset, Autumn glows radiantly in Northern Colorado. The days continue to be warm, the nights crispy cool, the skies clear and blue. The farm down the road from us is nearly Ideal perfect at dusk.  (Who is old enough to remember the Ideal magazines that had beautiful inspiration poetry, verse, and gorgeous pictures?)

 The little aspen sets the garden a fire. 


The little granddaughters were here today. We did some crafts, rode the golf cart, colored, and took pictures of baby Lily. The head gardener put on his farm boy hat, called up his nephew to help him go pick up a harrow he bought off of Craig's. He argued that it would be handy to groom the hayfield, level out the horse piles, and maybe even disrupt some weeds. I know. He's spoiled. The ice cream truck made a stop and it was ice cream bars for all. 

Lily wears her great grandfather's baby dress that is nearly 100 years old. He was photographed in it probably at about the same age that Lily is, 4 months on the 25th. I have imagined my grandmother tatting the lace and stitching the little dress as she awaited baby Duane's birth. He was probably born at home in the old farm house in Washington, Kansas Jan. 19, 1917. I have photographed all of the little grandchildren in the dress except for Jacob because I hadn't yet found the dress hidden away in an old trunk.

And the sun sets on another grand day at the Garden Spot.

 Week 9 begins at the university.

The comp classes will begin their argumentative essay, the advanced writing class will be working on their annotated bibliographies, and the Intro to Lit class will be reading Shakespeare's sonnets 18 and 130. I think (hope) they will enjoy the sonnets. Tons of grading to do, too. 

Hoping that you all have a great week.


  1. Lily looks like a little princess in that beautiful old dress but it will go back in the cupboard immediately after taking photographs I think , keeping it for even more generations.
    On your question: Horse manure is as good as cow manure for the roses, but it's better to give old stuff than fresh.

  2. A lovely autumny post Ann and a brand new looking blog. The dress looks brand new on your beautiful granddaughter - how have you managed to keep it so white.

  3. The photos are wonderful! All the fall colors--I am so glad I stopped by for a visit. (Shh..I remember Ideals...)

  4. She looks darling in that little dress. To be able to document, in photos, and words the history as it passes down through your family, makes it even more precious.

    I love the fall colors, rich and perfect for the day.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Hi Ann!
    You have lots of good plans for school!
    I do remember the Ideal magazines! So pretty!
    Yes, our Colorado is GORGEOUS! The sun is shining through the golden leaves!
    However, we are shopping for a new snowblower!

  6. Pretty sky photos. The dress is really gorgeous, it has really kept well over the years and what a great idea to get all the little ones photographed wearing it.

  7. Lily is beautiful. How special is that dress, just wonderful you have it!

  8. Lily est vraiment mignonne et jolie!! :O) Elle a vraiment très jolie robe!!

    Et quelle joie fotos vous avait fait avec le soleil coucher !!!! :O)

    Merci de votre visite et de votre doux commentaire!!! :O)
    Bonne journée!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  9. What a precious momento you have their, and it's adorning a darling child. Gorgeous sunset! We had the most beautiful pink sunset tonight, but I couldn't get a picture because I was driving home. But it sure made my drive more enjoyable.


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