Friday, October 26, 2012

Blog It

First snow: October 25, 2012

The garden has been put to bed for the winter. Jack Frost stole the breath from the flower beds. Now the the Garden Spot is blanketed with a nice, wet, fluffy layer of the season's first snow. Our first snow last year was a doozie with over a foot of snow that broke and damaged trees so badly that many will never recover. This snow will go a long way to replenish the drought parched earth. Jen over at Muddy Boot Dreams posed the question about how fellow bloggers come up with ideas when they suffer a debilitating case of writer's blog. Her post hit home as I was pondering this week's blog. Let's face it, there really isn't anything happening in the garden. And then it snowed. Before I settled down to a spend my free day grading on Thursday, I bundled up, grabbed the Cannon and went for a walk about.

A lone cotton tail seems bewildered at an early snow.

Sundance already out in the pasture early in the morning suns himself.

Winter evergreen and frozen berries.

The little ash trees are the first to lose their leaves. They look pretty lonely and lifeless without their greenery.

The pine bows wear their frosting naturally and gracefully, while the sunflower just looks sad.

Snow brings magic to the garden, adding a certain beauty.

Will someone get Barb her coat? Silly girl.

We love feeding the birds. This little feeder filled with peanuts attracts chick-a dees, blue jays, and wood peckers. We will have to keep if full all winter.

Our wickedly hot summer days seem seared into our memories; now these cool fall days with a bit of snow laden with a good dose of moisture have been a welcome change. So what's a blogger to do? Blogg it. 

Gratefully the week end begins now. I can't say that the week was long and tedious because it wasn't. The weeks fly by and there doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done. 

Tomorrow we will help little Mother Nature celebrate her birthday. Elinore will be six on the 30th. Years fly by, too, when we watch our little ones grow.

Hope you have a good week end, too. And if you do:



  1. Oh Ann, the snow looks wonderful. I have a feeling we may be getting some soon too as it's suddenly turned SO cold. I know snow causes chaos here in the UK but I do so love it.
    Have a great weekend - stay warm.
    Rose H

  2. Lovely snow shots Ann - it does seem a bit early for snow though - we have had our first hard frost this morning after a horrible week of foggy grey weather. Just off to scrape the car windows - here we go again.

  3. The snow was sort of fun, but I'm thankful for a mild weekend. Your photos are so pretty! I love the horse and the bunny especially!
    I got all my grading done at school so I don't have to worry about it over my break! Yay!

  4. beautiful photos...I've never lived where it snows..thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures

  5. Is n't it a bit early for snow? Your garden shows beautiful with this white carpet. I hope we also get some snow coming winter, there are years we do not get any snow at all. Your Sundance looks great on the picture, I love horses and from my kitchenwindow I look at our neighbour's paddock, from where the 2 horses Rens and Grandy greet me every morning when I open the door.

  6. The snow adds a glow touch to everything, it hides imperfections of the summer's hard to tell which is more beautiful.

    I love your it, that's what we all need to do. Blog about it, and then the ideas will flow.

    We had a second skiff of snow, not like yours, it hasn't even covered the ground, but it is snow...brrr.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. I think you had a bit more snow than we did. I enjoyed it. The trees look amazing in their snow coats. As always a lively blog mama.

  8. I love seeing snow photos, they are so pretty. I figured you would be the first to get snow. In Northern Ireland we usually get a snow in December, maybe 3 or 4 light snows all year. Very rare to get a big snow in Ireland. I think kale and leeks withstand snow and cold, do you grow them? I have to say I've notice alot of writer's blog/block going around; me included! Happy snow day!

  9. Oh my! I didn't know you guys had snow already. Nothing like that hear, but this week it has turned cold, cold, cold! Could have some rain and snow mix from Sandy. I'm not ready!

  10. I love the first snow photos! Sundance looks so cute. Enjoy your Halloween!

  11. Wow, I didn't really think you had snow yet, either! It was an awfully short Fall...only Halloween today!! By the way, Happy Halloween, Ann! Here is Florida, it is so beautiful this week, cool and crisp with no humidity and such a blue sky! The best weather since last winter, so I am really enjoying it.