Friday, November 9, 2012


The week has been brutal. I guess the little empty kitty bed says it all.  We had to say good bye to sweet Jasmine Tuesday. She had gotten sick Sunday and it was apparent that she was probably bleeding internally, so we made the decision that night that it was time.

Jasmine turned 15 in the spring--a long time to have a pet companion. She was the quintessential kitty with a sweet little girl face. Not very big, she was a fatty with a waddle of fat that hung from
her belly. Dainty and picky, she never ventured too far from the door. After we moved to the Garden Spot, she stayed even closer to the house. Her favorite outside activity was rolling in the dirt. In side her favorite pass time was eating although as she aged she was no longer able to jump on the dryer where I keep the cats' food to keep the dog out of it. As a result, her little fat waddle began to shrink. Then she got horribly thin. She suffered from thyroid disease and didn't respond well to the medication the vet gave her last spring.

Jasmine decided years ago that her favorite spot to sleep was at the end of the sofa (or on my lap in the evenings), which was fine until we bought a new sofa. I found a little kitty bed and placed it in her sleeping spot. Of course she refused to sleep in it. You know cats. They have a mind of their own and tend to teach us how to run our home. Grandma came to supper every night and took it upon herself to teach Jasmine to use her little bed. She gently placed her in the little bed at the end of the sofa and kindly explained to her that she must sleep in the bed--and she did, until this summer. As her health began to fail, she began to nap in dark corners of the house, keeping to herself except when she wanted food.
Good bye, Sweet Jasmine

She came out a night to play when the house was quiet and dark when the bully cat Mo was safely locked in the garage for the night and when the dog slept soundly next to our bed. I'd find bits of chewed paper laying about. I didn't dare leave students' papers within her reach. I hated that excuse "the dog ate my homework" and I certainly didn't want to have to apologize to my students: "My cat ate your homework." When I sewed, she find scraps of ribbon, string, cloth to drag about the house during the peaceful safety of the dark.

Now the house is a little quieter. There is one less to look after. Tuesday we had to let sweet Jasmine go. The vet comforted us that her pain had ended, which helped a little. We still have the 3 boys to keep us company (the cats Country also 15 and Mo 5 and Max 14). They all became family members about the same time, so now we love them and enjoy them even more as we all grow old together, all suffering from the same aches and pains of aging.

The granddaughters will be here tomorrow. I have developed a little scavenger hunt for the girls -- a nature search for leaves, and grass, and seeds and such. Should be fun. Hope you have good plans for the week end. Give your pet kids an extra treat.


  1. Sorry to hear about Jasmine, she was such a pretty cat. Good luck with the scavenger hunt with the girls, sounds fun.

  2. I know how sad you must feel at the loss of a beloved pet. My tabby was 18 years old and had suffered similarly to yours. It is good when they no longer suffer.

  3. Oh Ann, I am so sorry. It's not easy letting a beloved pet companion go. My daughter the one who'll be moving there had to put their cat down because of illness as well. The grand kids had a hard time with it, but knowing that she wasn't in anymore pain they were able to deal with it better.

  4. Ann, I am so sorry. They sure do leave us feeling empty when they are gone, esp when they are as enduring as Jasmine it sounds. Thinking of you.

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, Ann. She was precious, so gray and smooth.

  6. What a lovely ode to jas-a-meanie as dad I and called her. When jenn first gave her to me she had that little bobcat growl. And it took me weeks to train her to sleep on the sheepskin bed I made for her on the waterbed. I adored that little cat. She always took my weekend naps with me when I can home from college. She was a great girlie kitty. I have photos of her with a red feather stuck in her collar as if she was a dancer. She is missed. Losing her and captain so close together makes me so sad. I miss them both. It is never easy to lose a pet.

  7. It's always very sad when we have to let go one of our beloved pets. Very nice how you told the story of the beautiful grey coloured Jasmine in your blog. We have wet and dark weather overhere, so I am looking forward to sit in front of the fire with a book tomorrow and of course we shall make a long walk with our border collie Snarf. Have fun with your granddaughters tomorrow!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Jasmine. It is so hard to lose a pet.

  9. I am so sorry about Jasmine. We have dogs and have been through this many times but it never gets easier. I still call their names on accident sometimes. Hopefully some time with your grandkids will make the day seem sweeter.

  10. I'm so sorry that Jasmine was too poorly and you had to make that awful choice - though of course it was the right one.
    She was a truly beautiful cat, and I'm certain that she has left a whole chunk of love in your hearts.
    RIP Jasmine.
    Rose H

  11. She was a beauty, and is sure to leave a hole in your heart for a long time. It's not easy when they have to leave, it's a hurt that never really heals...

    It's comforting to know that she had a loving family, and all the creature comforts a cat could want.


  12. Oh Ann, I really feel your pain. We had to do the same for our dog earlier this year. It was heart-wrenching and we still miss him so much!

    Ive watched most of the Emily Dickenson video - thank you for the link. To be honest, YOU have inspired me to seek out literary locations in England. In fact, I've started a traveling book club where we read the book and see the locations. Next semester we'll cover Doyle/Holmes, Austen, and Shakespeare. Next Fall, Dickens, Flemings, and Carroll. Look what you started :)

  13. Dear Ann, I am so sorry to hear about your Jasmine. We have an older kitty too, Pippy. She is 13 and has had some serious medical problems which needed serious money to correct. I know how you feel letting her go. I hope my Pippy will be with us longer, so far she is doing well.

    My heart goes out to you. Keep the others close and on the lap as often as you can, they will help you through it.

    Take care,

  14. Annie, I am so sorry. It is so hard to give up something that makes you happy and smile. My heart is very sad today.


  15. I am sure the house seems empty. You gave Jasmine a good home, and she must have enjoyed it to stick around for so many years.


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