Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just as was I starting to stress about what to blog about for my Thursday post, something wonderful happened in the Garden Spot thanks to the head gardener.Take a walk with me out to the garden to see what he was up to today.

The garden beds have been tilled and doctored with shavings and chicken stuff from the chicken house. They will simmer all winter and be ready for planting in the spring.

Tool of the month: Post hole digger. 
Can't believe that we have lived here over 3 years and haven't yet invested in post hole digger. 

We planted the blackberry summer 2011. This last summer it really took off, unlike it's raspberry sisters that it shares the row with. Some of the blackberry canes are nearly 5 feet long. With some research, hubby found that they can be trimmed and trellised. Here is his shipping list:

3 cedar 4'x4' cedar posts 8' long
1 standard cow panel 52''x60''
1 box galvanized staples
1 post hole digger

I am quite excited to see the trellis. It has added a lot of character to the garden. Right now the garden almost looks like a Pinterest perfect garden (with all of weeds gone). I have all kinds of ideas besides just the blackberry climbing on the trellis.  Morning glories, maybe, or a clematis. A bird house on top, perhaps. Shhh. Don't tell him.

The two raspberries that have been in for a couple of years  just have not really taken off, especially the one. We may end up moving them. See how long the blackberry canes are?  We will prune them to a more manageable length then use plastic slip ties to attach them to the trellis. Some growers weave the canes through the wires, but I think I like the idea of tying them in place.

The center of the plant is hearty and thick. 

 We were really surprised to find that the canes had rooted themselves at the end of canes. I didn't know that they would do that, so I think we will plant them back in ground and prune them off. If they don't grow, no big deal. 

Last week ended with Miss Mother Nature's 6th birthday party. Her mother made her a ladybug cake that turned out so cute. It is pink because Ellie has a sensitivity to red dye #40 (the USDA refuses to admit that some children have severe reactions to it), so mamma used a more natural food coloring made from beet juice. 

Week 10 at the university is nearly done. We have a month of classes left. The comp classes are working on their argumentative essays. Outlines due tomorrow. The advanced writing class turns in their annotated bibliography tomorrow. Lots of week end grading. The lit class will be reading Emily Dickenson. She is my favorite. I hope they enjoy her, too. We will see a great video ( I hope the library hasn't purged all of its vhs, otherwise I'll have to have plan B.) 

Oh hey. We had a trick n treater last night! Yes, I was so excited when the doorbell rang. Our first and only since we moved to the Garden Spot. He is the grandson of an old neighbor. I gave him extra candy. And some for his brother. Hope your Halloween was as exciting.

Let's keep our fellow Americans on the east coast in our prayers. They need all the help and support that we can send their way.

And remember to just 



  1. That cake is awesome! Cute photo.
    I am glad you had at least one trick or treater. We have NEVER had one. It's good, I don't buy much candy anymore. :)

  2. Boy, you guys are really making headway for your spring garden. How nice to be ready for that when the time comes. I know you will love the trellis!
    Love the ladybug cake!

  3. If you lived in England, you'd definitely plant sweet peas! They seem to be the favorite flowering vine. The Spencer variety is the most common :) You must be so excited!!

    Good luck on your Dickenson class - all your professor speak almost made me break out in hives thinking of my old English lit days in college :)

  4. P.S. If you need any help with your header still, I can help you while it is still fresh in my mind (just changed mine yesterday)

    1. If you email me, I can give you some more information -

  5. I have a plan for a rusty trellis in our garden just like the one that you planted...never thought to get a shiny bright one. And then I am going to frame it in with weathered wood.

    Love the new addition to your garden...


  6. Doesn't your garden look neat and tidy! I hope your berries do well with their new trellis. Very cute birthday cake too!

  7. Hi Ann!
    I wish I could view the Emily video!
    Your garden prep is impressive. I was reading An Angel in the Garden's blog and she has lovely spring blooms in New Zealand! It makes me happy about next summer!

  8. A beautifully tilled garden hope everything you plant will be successful. The trellis is a great idea - it will also help as a windbreak I should think.

  9. I loved the little ladybug cake - what a nice mama!

  10. I love it when the garden is neat and tidy like this, free of weeds :) The cake is adorable.


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