Sunday, April 14, 2013


There are certainly times that try men's (and women's) souls; then there are the times that try gardeners' patience. There is a sense of order in life--the way things should be. Take for example the month of April. April is supposed to be warm, sunny, colorful. Mother Earth (at least here in Zone 5) yearns to absorb the golden, warm rays of the sun. The sleeping bulbs and spring perennials
are just beginning to awaken from a long, dry winter--if they survived. But then Mother Nature throws us a curve ball. I wrote last week about the the freezing cold and the snow, well this week I have pictures. 
I planted hyacinths in the court yard around the pond, pretty pinks and purples. They bloomed last spring and were so pretty and fragrant. This year nothing. The blooms are limp and black. Some of the daffodils didn't fare any better either. With their blooms just ready to open, the ice froze them, turning the buds black and the leaves limp. 

Not all of our daffodils were damaged, so some will bloom. In these last weeks of school, I like to take a few flowers to my office, the Writing Center, and the English office.

We have invested a lot in planting spring bulbs, so it is quite disheartening to see them wilted and damage. Most of the tulips have a lot of ice damage. The question is whether or not the buds were frozen. Some buds are earlier than others, so there is still hope that some spring buds survived.

The hydrangeas haven't ventured forth yet. I am out every few days digging in the soil next to them to see if there is any life. They can hold off for a while. They are well mulched and we have watered over the winter, so fingers crossed. I planted 3 new ones, determined to grow hydrangea! The peonies are just sprouting and they seemed to have weathered the cold last week. However, according the weather reports for the coming week more snow and temps as low as 9 degrees F. I will certainly have to cover some tender shoots. I do worry about the fruit trees, hoping that they have not yet budded. The rose were going crazy with new leaves budding, but I think they got froze too.

You can hardly kill iris, but look at this one. Last year we went to our favorite iris patch an bought six new colors. I really didn't expect them to bloom this spring, though I had hope that I might get lucky, but I am afraid that now most of their energy will have to recovering from a mid spring freeze. 

Before Man With Chainsaw

After Man With Chainsaw

The water feature project is really going to happen in this our 4th year at the Garden Spot. I am so excited.  For an old guy, the head gardener does a pretty good job of getting things done--when he is not off having coffee with his little social group. Oh don't worry. He doesn't read the blog.

So the lilacs are removed and the paving stones are gone. Next week will be very exciting. Heather and the boys will be up on week end to help. The plan is to rent the mini excavator to dig out the lilac roots and dig the hole for the pond. We are guessing 750-1,000 gallons. The one we had at the old house was 750 gallons, but here we have more room so I'd like to go a little larger. My water lilies are still living the horse tank. They have survived for 4 years in their make-shift home.

With all of moisture we are finally getting, hubby fertilized the hay field and the lawn yesterday.  

And he scoffed when I said, "We need a golf cart."

 Inside, the tomatoes are struggling. They got off to a good start, but I suppose being in the basement they got a little neglected. He replanted, and they germinated nicely, but then got too big, growing too close to the light. I had him move them upstairs where we can tend them more efficiently. Tomatoes are a hardy lot, so I think they will snap out of their slump. I told him to plant more seeds. We have time, since they will not go into the ground until Mother's Day. Our farmer friend Russ has a green house start his tomatoes and he does not plant until June 1. So we have plenty of time.

We had rain last night. Today it is cold and windy. I would like to be outside working in the yard. The darned weeds are coming on strong, but instead I am inside blogging about it all. 

I do hope that I do not sound like a whiner. I guess I am to some degree; however, I think I am just sad that after all the had work Mother Nature has to be contrary. Not sure just what is going on with our weather these days, but we just have to take it all in stride. Writing about the trials tribulations of garden provides so therapy, doesn't it?

Have a wonder week, everyone.

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  1. Hi Ann, I am so sorry Mother Nature has not been the least bit cooperative, but on a positive note, when she lets the sun shine, you are ready! Your space for the pond is awesome and your seedlings are looking good and ready to go come fair weather. Who knows, you may yet have the prettiest flowers ever!

  2. Hi Ann!
    Thank you for your prayers for my dad.
    I pulled a weed or two yesterday, but today it is so windy and cold. It's pretty out but too windy.
    I have my big blank slate of dirt and I am going to wait a bit before I decide what flowers to plant. Are you going to plant pumpkins?
    The flowers at the grocery store are pretty. I guess that's all we've got, right?

  3. Yes, nature is very erratic. We also had a bad long winter and I am happy weather is changing the last few days, spring is really in the air. But.......I planted lots of tulips last autumn and it looks if they never will flower, there are leaves but no buds. Normally the tulipfields in our country are in full bloom at this time of year, this year we still have to wait another 4 to 5 weeks I suppose. It is strange! Next weekend are spring flower parades planned as usual, but they have to import tulips from other countries.........

  4. Ann I understand exactly how you feel, you're not whining, you are just having a anxiety attack.. or is it just me who has it when I'm waiting on spring to arrive. When I lived in Michigan I'd thought I was going to need therapy waiting on it. We couldn't plant anything until the 3rd week of May because it took forever for the earth to warm up!

  5. Ann, I think it's the saddest thing when spring bulbs freeze...all that work, and money, down the drain. How sad...hopefully some will bloom.

    When I saw the before pics of prechainsaw I was freaked....but it's all for a good cause, then whew....