Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Week That Was

Monday, April 15: Tax Day. And this is how the week started.

6-12 inches predicted. It was a very wet, heavy snow. Now resigned to the fact that our spring flowers won't be blooming, we now rejoice in the amount of moisture that the snow has left behind. It has all but melted as today was warm--in the 50's. Not only did we have snow, but we also had rain that then froze with more snow snow on top of the ice. The roads were horrible.
More snow continues to fall in the Colorado Rockies; we need the snow and moisture so badly, so these spring storms will help, but the state still is not out of the drought. We will see what sort of snow melt there is to fill the reservoirs. 

A regular winter wonderland out there.

The pine trees look larger, more magnificent with snow on the bows.

April ice cycles on the barn.

A sharp-shinned hawk feasting. 

Needless to say, the pond project got postponed. Perhaps next week end. We are beginning to really suffer from cabin fever, wanting so badly to get outside and dig in the dirt. 

Oh. more snow for Monday.

Week 14 of school. We have 2 weeks of the semester left, then finals week. Gosh it went by so quickly. I am ready for a break, ready for summer.

Hope you all have a great week. 


  1. Morning, wow, snow!! In fact I have just seen in the news that five snowboarders have lost their lives in an avalanche in Colorado Loveland, was that near you?
    I am pleased to say that although the temperatures are quite low at night here and a frost in the morning, we have had sunny days so have been able to get some gardening done with cutting the grass and deadheading the hydrangeas.

    The weather everywhere seems so strange this year, our Spring has definitely been a lot later, just have to hope we all have a good long Summer!!

    Have a good week, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  2. Today is nice! I hope to go out and pull a weed or two!
    I'm so happy that summer is on the horizon. I'm ready for house and garden time!
    I hope the last weeks of the semester are good, Ann.
    Your snow photos are awesome!

  3. Not more!! But your photos are so pretty...they almost look like black and white film. Hopefully it won't be long until Spring.

  4. Mother nature needs to stop that right now and hurry spring your way! I understand how you feel.

  5. Oh snow...I mean snow? Really sorry for that.


  6. Wow, the snow is a bit of a shock. Looks like a winter wonderland rather than spring. I do love snow... but seems like the wrong time of year for it, doesn't it!?!

  7. It sounds like Mother Nature decided you needed water more than spring flowers. I hope this helps relieve your horrible drought. Hopefully, this snow is your last.

  8. Wow, you did get a lot of snow, I think we've seen the last of it here in the UK.

  9. Augh! I think I would cry if I got that kind of snow in April when I was counting on spring. I know you need the moisture, but please, not in the form of snow! We've had a cool, late spring, but no snow and plenty of rain, so it's okay. I just hope the rain continues all summer, but I know better.

  10. Just popped in to take a look at all the snow you're still getting.
    Wish I could send you some of our lovely spring weather to brighten your week but until the snow melts you're welcome to visit Normandy and share with us.