Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shhh, It's a Secret

Good Morning, friends. I hope I have caught up all of my commenting for the moment. I have been away for couple of days. I would like to welcome 2 new followers: Simple Love Gardening.Com  in Charlotte, North Carolina with so much good information. I have just started a herb garden in pots so I will have to read their article on basil, And welcome to  Lavender Dreams who comes to us from Florida. She has a huge following and I am honored that she has joined the Garden Spot.

We have had rain. Sweet rain along with lots of loud thunder and lightening nearly every evening. Very nice. The garden and lawn love rain.

I have so much to share. I have several blog ideas that I need to develop, but let me start with the Big Secret that the Garden Spot is keeping.

Upon my return from grocery shopping last Saturday, the Head Gardener greeted me by telling me about a phone call he had received. A former neighbor's friend had a free pony. (Remember that nothing is ever really free, especially when it has to eat). I got really excited and said, "We must go see this pony."

A friend once asked me if I could have any animal, which one would I choose. Well, I am a not dog person, really, although we have had dogs all of our married life and have enjoyed their company, but the dogs have always been hubby's buddies. Dad would never allow us to have a dog. He didn't like cats either, but a neighbor gave me a kitten when I was about 10, Sir Christopher Kitty Kat. But that is another story. I have had cats ever since. 

The same old man gave me my first parakeet when I was very young, so I have always had birds, but my cockatiel died last year and I haven't replaced him. I could tell bird stories, too.

My choice of animal would be a horse. My friend scoffed. She is a cat person.

I got my first horse when I was in 5th grade. I belonged to the Lakewood Westernaires, a precision drill team, for while, a wonderful organization for kids with horses. They travel world wide showing their precision riding. In 9th grade I got the grandest horse, Sailor, a huge red steed--quarter horse-thoroughbred cross. We were the best team. I showed him in  the western pleasure class, western horsemanship, and we did a bit of barrel racing, but mostly we just rode the trails of Table Mountain west of Denver. 

I gave up Sailor when I became a mom and had babies to feed. We had been pardoners for over 20 years.

Long Story Short: Meet Pop, a POA, Pony of  the Americas. A champion show pony. POAs were developed in the 1950s in Iowa, a cross between the Arabian, the Appaloosa (the original Nez Perce Indian pony), and the Shetland pony. Known for their gentle nature, they make the perfect horse for children.

Pop has spent his life as a show pony. His girl has grown up and he needed a good home as his family's life circumstances changed. He has come to a good place where he will be babied and pampered and he will live out his days with 5 little kids feeding him his favorite snack, Gold Fish crackers, giving him baths, and hopefully learning how to ride. He was a world champion in his hunter jumper class, so he will teach the kids how to ride, he will teach them responsibility, and hopefully they, too, will become horse people.

Pop, a pro at trailer riding, jumped right in the trailer and made the 45 minute ride to his new home calmly.

Isn' the cute. For a pony is his early 20's, he has plenty of energy for little kids. The Head Gardener leads him to water, but you know how that ends.

Sun Dance put on quite a show when he discovered the new kid in town. He has over the last few days shown some dominance, so there has been some screaming by both, laying back the ears, fence charging, and yes, some jealousy on SD's part. 

Today Pop will be free to roam the corral, while Sun Dance grazes in the pasture. It will several more days before we turn them loose together. Sun Dance still seems a bit aggressive and wants to be boss. He is Head Horse, after all, and he has to make sure he lets Pop know.

We haven't told the kids yet. We are waiting for a time when they can all be here to introduce them. So he is a Big Secret.

Busy week here. Ellie and Lucy will be here for the week attending Vacation Bible School, so once again I will go MIA as they get up very early. Hope you all have a wonderful week end. The gardens are putting on their July show. Let us know what's blooming in your garden. I"ll try to at least read and comment. Have a great week end.


  1. A new pony...what fun for the family! I guess the horses will become friends eventually.

  2. I hope the two horses become great friends. They look so pretty together. Everyone where we live has horses...well, the Florida natives. The northern transplants, like me, don't really. I have room, but I am so afraid of horses after being kicked as a child. I like to watch them from afar!

  3. A pony, that will be great for the grandchildren, hope they will become horse lovers too. When Sundance and Pop are used to each other they I suppose they will be friends because horses are real herd animals. Wish you all a lot of pleasure with Pop.

  4. Oh how wonderful, and what a treat. I bet it's going to be a fun surprise, and he is so cute.


  5. What fun, and what a cutie! I'm sure they will get used to each other eventually.

  6. How sweet of you to mention me on your blog my friend! I love your blog and look forward to getting to know you better! Of course I'm a horse lover and love this post and these beautiful horses! What a great place to live...and play! Sweet hugs!