Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello. Just dropping in for a second to show off my asparagus spears, proving that the home gardener can indeed grow asparagus. I don't know why I doubted myself since it grows wild along ditch banks and road sides. This is year two, so by next year I should be roasting a few on the grill. I have the little girls week. They are going to Vacation Bible school in the morning. Yesterday we played with Pop, today we sill see a movie, tomorrow perhaps we will get grandpa to take us to the butterfly pavilion or the aquarium in Denver. I'll be popping in and out all week.

I would have had a decent harvest had I been paying more attention. The sunflowers have sorta over taken my two little asparagus plants.

First cucumbers of the season chillin' in cider vinegar,water, fresh dill, garlic, red pepper seeds. Refrigerator pickles are the easiest. They will be yum.

Garden Challenge: What are your garden challenges? Plant something new that you never thought you could grow. (Still can't seem to master hydrangeas! They don't over winter the best and I know people grown them in Colorado.)


  1. How lovely to grow asparagus! We tried in France but it was very patchy.
    Now, hydrangeas do very well in Cornwall and mine are a lovely deep blue this Summer.

  2. I've tried hydrangeas too and never had any luck. We planted asparagus for the second time here, hopefully we'll have better luck, the voles got to them over the winter and we lost all but a few plants...grrr.

  3. Nest year you should have lots of fresh asparagus. Your cucumbers look yummy..how long do they have to chill to be right and ready for eating?

  4. Your cucumbers look delicious and once you will have lots of asparages I think. My challange of this year are the mini paprikas, never sown these before but there are already little fruits on the plant. May be Hydrangeas are a challange too in Colorado, very cold winters but also hot and dry summers they dislike. They want lots of water and love a shady position.
    Wish you success!

  5. hello
    your cucumber pickles looks good. have you a recipe for the pickles?
    great blog.
    wish you a wonderful day,

  6. Hi Ann! I'm so excited about my pumpkin and just waiting for the beans to make beans! I like your asparagus! Well done! Don't be sad about not going back to school. You are still an ambassador of reading and writing and your grands will benefit greatly from that. Enjoy your home and your garden and you can be my ongoing mentor when I start school again.

  7. Hi Ann,

    Those cucumbers look good! We don't have any yet...still waiting! Your aspargus spears look impressive. I hope they tasted good!

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  8. I'm hoping to fit in asparagus some day; yours are looking good as are the pickled cucumbers. I've found pok choi and kohl rabi a challenge to grow and I've always wanted to grow them; i'll keep trying.

  9. My garden challenge right now is finding a way to beat the Black Spot Battle. But I have a plan that I think will work well. Those pickles look tasty! :o)

  10. I don't have room to grow asparagus unfortunately but I can grow cucumbers which have done pretty well this year, my challenge would be to grow Echinacea - I have tried many times and have only once succeeded but they never came back after winter.

  11. Your pickles look delicious! Just made a batch myself.

  12. The asparagus berries look very festive. Asparagus is a plant i've never grown, maybe some day!

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