Thursday, August 8, 2013

Proud Momma

Hello everyone. I just have to share a very proud momma moment. Our daughter did a very brief interview with the local Denver news, 9news. She answers the question that I guess some seem to be asking: Why are trees turning colors so early? For her, this is a high point in her 10 year career in the green industry.

She graduated from Colorado State School of Agriculture with a degree in horticulture. She did an internship at the Denver Zoo where she worked in the gardens. Her first job was with a lawn and tree company where she sprayed lawns and trees and learned so much about chemicals, treatments, and diagnosis of diseases. She did a short and unrewarding stint working for a small city, and then went to work for American Arbor Care where she consults with clients on their tree problems. Not only is she a certified arborist, but she is certified to handle the chemical products used to treat diseased trees and she does some landscape design.

View her video on 9news
American Arbor Care

I told her that her that her fame would spread far and wide. And tomorrow she will be back to reality serving her clients and I will be grocery shopping and cleaning house.

Thanks for indulging my proud momma moment.


  1. That's great! After the heavy rain last night, I'm happy my trees got a big drink! Your daughter is very smart. Like mother, like daughter!

  2. Fantastic! Your daughter deserves your praise and you have every right to be proud! Ann, isn't it ironic that we both have daughters who love horticulture.

  3. Thank to those who have viewed mom's blog and my video. It was a bucket list item for me and it happened so fast! A shining moment.

  4. I love to hear when younger adults go into the agriculture field. I home more will follow her.

    Send her West, I can use an arborist.

  5. Ann, I just watched your daughter's video on your local news channel; no wonder you're the proud momma! It's obvious that apple didn't fall far from the tree -- a horticulture major. :) I know you taught English and literature, but you and hubby are such avid gardeners. You must be so happy!

    We've noticed the last two or three years when we take our annual trip up to the Great Smoky Mountains that the Hemlock trees are dying in vast numbers. We've seen them at a distance on the side of the mountains, and we got a more close-up view this year. What a shame. They have some sort of insect that has infested them and is killing them off. My husband's uncle said they'd probably wind up going the way of our American Chestnut trees. I think that's so sad.

    Thanks very much for your visit -- I'm glad you enjoyed my MIL's garden.

    Hugs to you,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. Forgot to tell you I love your new header! :)

    Denise at Forest Manor