Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Cheer Just Keeps Coming.

Are we having fun yet? Well, of course we are. I thought that when I retired holiday preps would be easier, but with more time I seem to be less productive. There is something to be said about working under pressure. No pressure, now, but first we had to get our girl graduated.

Saturday was Shey's big day, her college graduation. She is my best friend's granddaughter who lived on the far side of the mountain six hours away, an only child of a single mom who wanted to go away to school. So she lived here with us to complete her studies, a Bachelor's of Arts with an English major and a Film Studies minor. She lost her sweet mamma in 2012, so she has had a rough road, but she has not been alone. We followed Commencement with a small gathering of her friends and family here. We are so very proud of her. Now she will travel to England in June, work at the Walmart pharmacy, and make applications to grad schools in England and Germany.

I wanted the house decorated early for the party, so here is a quick iPad grand tour.

I wrote about my village last year. It is one my favorite parts of Christmas--sort of a little fantasy land that I create. I would like to add more pieces, but I am out of room and nice pieces are becoming hard to find. If you want to read the little story that I wrote about my village follow this link: My Town

I have decorated a pink tree for years. It is full of pink ballerinas, angles, and glass snowflakes. This year I used my 8 ft. fat tree instead of the tall narrow one that I have used since we moved it. 


I had hubby drag the mirror out of the barn where it has been since we moved here. My walls are white (soon to be remedied), so it is very hard to make the mantle decor have pizazz with bare white walls. I thought that the mirror might add some depth. I like it. The Santa dates back to Heather' first Christmas in 1975. My mom made it for her in her ceramics class. It is signed "grandma 1975."


Another tradition is my hobby horse that I bought at a used furniture junk store. I saw it outside as we drove by on our way to Jen's.  Not being an impulse shopper, I went back a few days later, hoping that it would still be there. The tip of one rocker is broken off, but I don't care, nor did the lady who owned the shop when I ask what her bottom dollar was; she would only take $5.00 off when I pointed out the imperfection.

Love out of focus lights.

I spent hours trying to make glitter putz houses like the gorgeous ones on Pinterest. I have a cricut that I used to cut out the houses. They are cut from a light weight poster board, so they are not real sturdy. I decided not to glitter them because the glue was too heavy and wet, making the paper wrinkle.

I had planned a totally white village, but as I began to add some accessories, I liked  the bits of Christmas color that gave the vignette depth and interest. Can you tell that I have a thing for snowmen -- people?

When one of the guests left the party last night, she commented that she was leaving the present. I liked that. There ought to be some sort of grand metaphor that I could write about the gifts of life, enter my door and receive my gifts of love and friendship. I'll think about that, but I do not need to wrap my door to give those gifts.

We put a a star on the chicken coop. Somehow the picture on the box does not really represent what is in the box. None the less, the lights are pretty. 

                                         My gift to you: the joys of the season, peace, and love.
Well,  not bad for an iPad post. Not polished and perfect, tis the season when I ( we)  am lucky to post. I so enjoy seeing your Christmas and holiday traditions and celebrations. I keep reading and trying to post comments. My day just cannot get off to a good start without a cup of coffee and a visit to my favorite blog friends. 

Have a good week. Only 9 shoppings days left. Nope you are done.


  1. At first Congratulations on the Graduation of Sheyanne. So nice you had a party for her at your home.
    You had a lot of Christmas preparation work, so many beautiful things to decorate the home. Love the village and can imagine you feel like a child playing with the pieces to create the most beautiful scenery.
    Enjoyed reading this fabulous post, I have just started Christmas preparations.

  2. Hi Ann! You should give yourself lots of grace as you ease into retirement. You do not have to go, go, go just yet (or ever). Your house looks absolutely toasty and welcoming!
    All of your decorations are beautiful!

  3. Congratulation to Sheyanne, what an accomplishment! I love all your photos and your tree is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Wow - what a festive treat - you have done yourself proud with the decorations it is like a Christmas grotto. Here's hoping you have a lovely Christmas Ann and I wish you all the best for a happy new year.

  5. What lovely, and cheerful decorations you have put together. Christmas lives in your heart, and at your house.