Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Cheer

We are still in the grips of Winter Cold, sitting at a sunny -4 F. After having spent most of the week indoors last week, we ventured out yesterday do a bit of shopping and visit the granddaughters.  Are you finding the stores to be picked over already and the things that you really wanted are gone? I found that to be true the Monday after Black Friday, so I came home and finished my major shopping on Amazon. I feel so good. Now the baking will begin.

I do have more trips to town. I'll go today to do most of my shopping for the graduation party. I have discovered a wonderful place to get photo projects printed, as I discovered on Pinterest: Office Depot. I will share later my project for the girls 16x20 prints made at Office Depot. They charge $1.49 per foot, so two large prints were under $7. Suitable for framing. I had worried that my 12 pixel Canon was good enough for large prints. Surprise. So I will make another stop at OD to get a banner printed for the graduation party. Tonight baking: Ginger Moose and Ginger Chickens and Ginger Horses. Maybe some ginger people, too.

Here are my iPhoto shots of the week. A bit out of focus, but cheerful none the less.

Each year I buy a pair of poinsettias. I used to buy them from a little antique store here in town. Now I have to go to my favorite garden center. I chose the pink this year because my tree is pink and gold. 

And nothing says Merry Christmas like friendly, very friendly reindeer. Our neighbor actually owns the  reindeer. She bought them last year when the owner had to get rid of them. She works at the garden center, so I guess you could say that Bath Nursery has its own reindeer. They are very soft and oh such sweet creatures.

A country inn (in the middle of town) decorated for the holiday brings more Christmas cheer. Our UNC English faculty held its annual Christmas party there last Friday. I ventured out on such a cold night because my dear friend was being recognized for her retirement. 

We are in the final countdown. Lots to do in the coming days. I hope your days are filled with peace, joy, and good tidings of the season. Have a great week, everyone.

PS I am loving your Christmas traditions. 


  1. Hi Ann, you are smart to already be finished with Christmas shopping! I still have a bit to go. The pink poinsettias are so pretty. Thanks for you comments on my poinsettia painting, too! Love the sweet reindeer...could you pet him? Enjoy the season! Egretta

  2. Reindeer? Oh we wanted some of them at the nursery where I worked...but in the end we didn't get them. And one nursery had pot bellied pigs, so we used to use antlers on them, they were very popular.

    I've gone to Staples for prints, but not OD, will have to check them out....they might only be in the big city, and that's over a hour away.


  3. Oh Ann, I love this post!! The pink poinsettias are beautiful. I used to buy pink ones when we lived in our first house years ago. They really are pretty. The inn in the center of town is so charming; with all the snow, it looks like a Christmas card. What a great place to hold a Christmas party.

    My very favorite thing in your post is the reindeer picture; I don't know that I've ever seen a closeup picture of one. He's just precious!!! Such big, gentle eyes, and he looks almost too small for his big antlers. How I would love to see one in person! :)

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics, and I hope you have a blessed week.



  4. I would love to have bought pink ones instead of the usual red ones, and a ginger chicken and moose sound yummy :) I'm all done except for Jim and now it's baking time, except we're both sick so that will be put off for a few days until I start feeling better.

  5. What a lovely Christmassy post - so nice to know someone is full of Christmas cheer - I am still waiting for mine to surface. Beautiful pink poinsettias by the way.

  6. Hi Ann, your temperatures are souding almost a little scary to me! I just checked the weather forecast here and we are supposed to have 68 F at daytime and 36 F at night. What a difference. Love the photo of the reindeer up close. I have never seen one in person. Wishing you an ongoing nice Christmas season!

  7. I get a poinsettia every year as well, they are really festive looking and last ages. Sounds extremely cold, hope you stay warm and cosy over the holidays.

  8. I've never seen a reindeer for real...but he does look very soft and cute. I love the poinsettias. I usually buy one but I didn't this year...well, not yet anyway! Enjoy your week my friend! Happy baking!

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