Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fav Photos Part 2: Colorado Wildlife

As gardeners, we appreciate nature and not just the flora, but the fauna, too. This year I managed to photograph some of Colorado's most exotic mountain species.

The Shiras Moose was transplanted in the Colorado Rockies in 1978 and 1979 from Utah and Wyoming to start a breeding population. They had done so well in their new home that today campers and mountain travelers will often see seem. This mamma and her baby were getting an early morning drink at the mountain reservoir where we were camped. Ellie spied them first from the camper window, saying, "Look at the reindeer." 

The Wapiti, or elk, are native to the state. This grand photo was taken outside of Estes Park. Hardly a difficult shot for this big guy was grazing along the roadside. Our Texas guests got quit a thrill.

Also commonly seen on the way to Estes is the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. What a sight to see them and again, no big deal to snap a photos as they are tame and lunch right by the road side. 

Plentiful now in the Colorado skies is the Bald Eagle. I see them with regularity on my way to town. They migrate from Canada and Alaska to our area for the winter. Since I remember the days when we feared that nation's national bird would soon be extinct, it is still a thrill to see these magnificent birds of prey soaring above or perched on high tree branch. 

I cannot take credit for this photo because the Head Gardener took it: Rocky Mountain Goat, a ewe and her kid, high in the mountains west of Denver. Not really exotic here either, but really cool to photograph.

Now I did take this this photo. Do you see the two billy goats napping the sun on the side of the hill, just above the rocks?

The Head Gardener hunts Colorado big game with a bow and arrow. After sending for a license to hunt the mountain goat with his bow for nearly 20 years, he finally drew his license last fall and had a successful hunt. The Colorado Division of Wildlife and Recreation allocates only a few licenses each year as a way to manage the populations of all of its big game. Hubby hunts with a bow for the challenge and feels that he gives the animal the advantage by hunting with his bow. 

Of course these are just lucky photographs, but ones that I am proud to add to my library and to fav photos list. 

Next: Barbie

We have suffered the last couple of days with cold winds. Hate the wind. Makes me nervous and uneasy. We are still weeks, well, months away really from gardening. i don't think that we will 
start our seedlings as early as we did last hear. The tomaotes grew tall and leggy. So until it is time to actuwllynvet serious, I will focus on my indoor activities. I am crocheting an afghan for Lucy, now. I also want to start writing a family history for a family reunion. In the mean time, keep you will keep me entertained with your gardening dreams and plans and anything else that share with us. 

Have a wonderful week.


  1. So interesting to see your pictures of, for me, quite exotic animals. Of course we don't have moose, rocky mountain goats and sheep in our low country. The photo your Head Gardener took of the goats is so beautiful with the blue sky. Yes you are unlucky with the weather in the States this winter. We actually have no winter at all, or better saying it has not yet started. Wish you a lot of success with your writing and happy crocheting.

  2. Beautiful photos, Ann!
    I am thinking about the flowers already. I don't mind the wind. I like the cold on my face, but I bet it is much windier at the Garden Spot.
    I'd like to see that afghan you are making!

  3. Lovely photo's of the wildlife in Colorado Ann! Happy week!

    madelief x

  4. Wow such a variety of wildlife - if you could see me now you would see I have turned green with envy.

  5. How amazing! It's been a few years since we were out West and it sure makes me miss it. I love the wildlife and how huge everything seems to grow! You really have to look to spot it all, too. I just looked at your photos in the previous post, too. You take so many wonderful photos! Enjoy your evening my friend!

  6. Beautiful pictures! So much wildlife.


  7. So enjoyable to see the wildlife in your state, and they're all great photos. Moose are only found in the northern parts of Ontario and our hunters travel there to try their luck.

  8. It's so cool to see wildlife, I love your photos.

    We have many bald eagles around here, but not anything else like you do.