Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For the Birds

Forgive me. I am behind on blogging and reading blogs, for I have become obsessed with finding my roots. We are hosting a family reunion here at the Garden Spot in July, so I have been devoted to discovering the family history. Obsessively. My dad's genealogy is complete, but my mother's was never done, so now I am trying to create a family tree. Not easy since everyone is gone. Her roots are in Ottumwa, Iowa. Anyway, that's what I have been doing.

Here at the Garden Spot there is little else going on. We had snow late Sunday and Monday. The sun came out yesterday and today, but more snow is predicted for tomorrow and Friday. It ha also been very cold with temps hovering just above and a bit below 0. Brrrr.

Poor Robin Red Breast was getting a drink when one of the nasty ring necked doves chased him away. He patiently awaits his turn.

Mr. Flicker waits, too, for his turn at the suet. At least he has some manners.

Mrs. Downy has her turn at the suet.

I really wonder what the juncos find to eat in the snow since they are ground eaters. They learned to eat at the suet feeder last year when I served the good stuff: homemade peanut butter suet. They always look so cold.

The unsightly abandoned grain elevators even look grand surrounded by the hoar frost covered landscape I should have put on boots and tromped around to see what else I could shoot, but I did not feel like wandering out in the sub 0 early morning. So life around the Garden Spot is pretty much for the birds these days.

And one furry cotton tails; even he looks cold.

Okay, Bronco Fans are you all geared up? Do you have your Supper Bowl meal all planned? No? Me neither. I will throw something together, chili perhaps. We have a friend who is doing missionary work in India this week, so if he is home we may have him and his wife come watch the game with us. Denver is all Blue and Orange and the Governor has renamed the 54 mountain peaks in Colorado known as the Fourteeners because they are all over 14,000 feet after the starting players. So we have Mount Payton Manning, Mount Champ Bailey, Mount Eric Decker. You get the point.

So whom do you pick? Former coach John Madden has predicted a Bronco win; he has been correct 8 out of 9 predictions. Another prognosticator has chosen the Sea Hawks. They say defense wins games and Sea Hawks has the best, but hey we have Champ.

Look at me go on. You'd think that I was real football fan. Like I said before, I don't even own a Bronco shirt. Still we cannot help but get excited for the home team. We have watched all of the games and we are psyched. PS: thanks for indulging me.



  1. Your birdie photos are beautiful, Ann! I don't own a Broncos shirt either. I need to get one because we are supposed to dress accordingly on Friday. I am excited about the game and I predict a Broncos win!

  2. It looks icy cold there, and thank goodness you feed the poor birds. We have seen all of the birds eat whatever there is, Flickers picking at the seed on the ground, and the quail gulping down bits of fallen suet.


    1. Such beautiful pictures with snow and birds, I should like to have some snow but I think no snow for us this winter. This winter we had only yesterday the first time temp. of about 0 degr., extra ordinary mild.

  3. Yea, Go Broncos! Can't wait til the game, although I get possibly as nervous as the players do.Got my Bronco blanket out to keep warm in (yes, in Florida, it is the 50s and for us that is cold) and probably will just have a few snacks during the game, as my eyes will stay riveted on the screen. Ann, I love your bird photos and the bunny is really neat!

  4. Hi Ann, very nice birds shots! I love especially the first one of the robin. Brrrr, temperatures around 0 F that is really cold for animals and humans. I am glad to see that you are feeding the birds. Hope you manage to stay warm! Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  5. I feel so sorry for the little birds in winter - it must be such a hard life for them - keep on with feeding I'm sure they appreciate it - lovely frosty pictures Ann - we have hardly had any this year.

  6. Hi Ann,

    I'm kind of late to the party, but I wanted to comment on your post. I LOVE, LOVE the bird pictures! We enjoy watching birds at our feeders, too.

    Welll...about that game. I can't stand to watch another minute. I really wanted Peyton and the Broncos to win -- I am not a Seahawks fan. I think John Madden definitely missed his prediction this time. I think it's true that defense often wins the game. Oh well.

    Have a good week, Ann!



  7. Really good snow and bird photos!