Sunday, March 8, 2015


It was a long weekend, but what a great one. Youngest daughter and I loaded up the little SUV for a trip to visit the older daughter in Denver. Since we left at 4:30, we had miserably heavy traffic all the way traveling I-25. A drive that should have taken a little over an hour took 2 hours. We had great plans for Saturday, a day long of thrifting and shopping in the Big City.

   Heather has the most amazing little garden in the middle of the big city. She lives in quiet cul-de-sac with quiet neighbors who admire her little garden, as well I do. So we saw pretty little signs of Spring poking through the cold soil, which seems to be gradually warming, bringing forth the early spring flowers.


Back home, a walk around the Garden Spot reveals little. The boys standing at the pasture gate beg for us to let them out in the pasture. The garden awaits the tough rototiller tines to break up the soil. While I was gone, the Head Gardener sorted seeds, so as I fixed lunch we went over our stash of seed packets to decide what to plant and what to fore go. We always end up with way too many tomato plants, so we narrowed down the choice 8 varieties of tomatoes and decided on 15 plants. We will plant bell peppers--orange, yellow, red, and green-- and Anaheims. In the next few days, the HG will plant the seeds to start them inside. And this is just the beginning. More to come.

Baby chicks are doing well, growing, with a nice growth of wing feathers. 

I am tired tonight. I didn't sleep well last night and now with the time change sleep may be difficult tonight too, so tonight's post is skimpy. Batteries on both iPhone and Cannon are dead, so I didn't get the photos downloaded, and I am relying on the iPad for tonight's post. I even downloaded PhotoCollage (an app to make this week mosaic) so that I could work on the couple of photos that did make it to the Cloud. I think I need far more practice to figure out how use it. None-the-less, I did manage to get a little mosaic for Judy's Monday Mosaic. Make sure to swing by Lavender Cottage to see what everyone is up to. 

As for me, I am calling it a day. Perhaps I will get out in the garden this week as the snow has melted, the weather will be warm, and I am anxious. Digging out vinca tops my list. 

Will you be out in the garden this week? I do hope so. We still have a few days before Spring announces her official arrival, but her preview this weekend was grand. 

Have great week and thanks for taking the time to visit. 


  1. Always nice to go out with both daughters I think, I also have two of them so I know. We had this weekend our first sunny warm spring days, but almost no gardening, sun in law celebrated his birthday and youngest grandson celebrated his 8th birthday too, so we were out and about, but we had pleasure together. I hope to do some gardening this week, but I start with nursing home visits this afternoon and on Thursday too. Wednesday we´ll visit with the gardenclub a Japanese friend in The Hague, she shows us a DVD of a special Japanese garden. I have a constantly short of time.
    Wish you a happy week in your garden with the horses, chicks and dog.

  2. I'm ready for spring too - even though we've had such a mild winter here in NW WA. I bought some pansies and got most of them in the pots on the deck railing. Vinca grows wild along the roadsides here and sure does make it pretty. We rarely see it in gardens though.

  3. Sounds like a great outing with your daughters..And thrifting and shopping is a girl thing. I am so ready for spring but we need some warmer temps to melt all our snow.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. You didn't say how the day of shopping went - another post I suppose! Still lots of snow here but with warmer temps in the high 30s for a few days, the melting has begun.
    Looks like iris reticulata in your daughter's garden, they're always first to pop out in mine too, such pretty little things.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Ann.

  5. I've spent hours digging out vinca, as it does seem to spread like wild fire. Hope you get some lovely weather coming up to St Patrick's weekend. I'm hoping to get my potatoes planted!

  6. We still have much snow (as we are supposed to have), so no outdoors gardening yet. Fortunately there are many signs of spring approaching.
    Have a beautiful week!

  7. Hier ist der Frühling schon angekommen. Aber sicher musst auch du nicht mehr lange warten.
    Gruß, Anette

  8. We actually had a warm day today so I was able to do a bit outside but I am taking it step by step as I don't want to overdue it straight away. Glad you enjoyed your time at your daughters.

  9. Dear Carolyn,

    Hope you slept better the last two nights. Not sleeping well can make you so tired.... Your visit to your eldest daughter in Denver sounds good.

    Hope you will be able to get out into the garden this week. I spent some time in the garden today, adding compost to my raised beds.

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  10. It is finally nice and in the 60's here today, so I should be out in the yard but instead inside doing some housework. So glad to see the bulbs popping their heads out of the ground!

  11. Thank u momma. I started spring cleanup on Sunday. And already had to take out some dead stuff. Here's to happy gardening 2015!

  12. what a nice post!