Monday, March 23, 2015

Wakey Up

When the girls were little, I'd wake them up with a little kiss on their sweet, sleeping foreheads and whisper, "Wakey Up"--the first time.

The rhubarb looks promising for this year; the Eastern Red Bud has been proclaimed alive by our tree hugger, though it still snoozes. The daffodils will soon brighten up the garden with their yellow as the little white crocuses fade away.
The Spring plants are hearing my gentle whispers as I sweetly call to them to "Wakey Up." It seems quite odd that the first begin to show signs of life other than the crocuses are the succulents. I doubt that they really went into to deep REM sleep, for it looks as though they only slumbered a bit over winter. We have such odd weather here during the winter ranging from sub zero to balmy sunny days. Little wonder that plants get confused. The crocuses are nearly done blooming; as they wither away, the iris are sending up strong, pointy shoots, soaking up the glorious sunshine. The spring bulbs now seem to be in a race to see who can send forth its first spring bloom. So far it looks to be the daffodils are in the lead. I have missed them.

We have two new chickens to replace the sweet little blue laced red wyandotte that didn't wake up yesterday morning. We were very sad that it didn't make it. The two of them were doing so well. We don't know what went wrong. The other six are doing so well. They have been moved from the brooder to small pen in the chicken coop. 

I finally got the roses pruned back, but it doe not look like they survived the winter. Once the drip irrigation is turned on, perhaps some water might bring them to life. They should have greenish stocks coming close to the ground and enven a hint of leaf showing, but nothing so far. 

The clematis needed a harsh pruning, but it does have some green already, so I didn't take it back as far as I wanted.

Neatly pruned back, the rose looks pretty dead to me. A bit of water today may bring it to life. No rain in the forecast, so I will start the drip irrigation.
Our grandsons are here for spring break, so  we will have a busy week. There is still lots of spring clean-up to do, potatoes, onions, and garlic to plant. Sweet peas and green peas, too. 

I look forward to seeing your spring garden wake up.


  1. Oh, too bad about the little chickie that didn't make it Ann, likely wasn't meant to be I suppose. Your roses might be waiting for warmer temps to start greening and the clematis looks like a couple of mine but without the green sprouts. I'll have to whack mine right back - they're all group C pruning anyway so it won't matter if I do.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  2. Hi Ann! I'm going to be up your way, in Ft. Collins from Wednesday to Wednesday. Granny fun! The chicks are so precious! Peep!

  3. It is time to wakey up and the plants seem to be responding. Your rose does look a bit past living, but who knows, plants are quite resilient. Happy Spring!

  4. It's always amazing to me how the garden wakes up after the winter. Even here, where winters are so mild, many plants sleep for several months. I'm behind on my pruning - need to get out there and start whacking.

  5. Fun to watch the garden waking up - even when it is a little slow. Hope everything has survived your winter.

  6. We had a little shower this morning and things look so green now. The grass needed a drink! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane