Sunday, November 1, 2015

Roses Again, More Trees, and a Birthday Boy

The days shorten with the sun setting sooner each day. We turned our clocks back this morning. I always forget to reset them the night before. The weather here remains mild, cooler, but lots of sun. Jack Frost has been slinking around in the early wee hours of morning, leaving his tell-tale icy blanket covering the lawn and garden. So far he hasn't done much damage. The roses are the always the last to go, so last week when the weather predictors cautioned that the temperatures would sink below freezing, I went out just before bed to snip off the last of the roses.

Veteran's Pride. What a grand rose. Using my iPhone, I photographed her outside placing her on the thin ice that covered the bird bath. That's how cold it got that night. I had the roses in the house a couple of days before I took this photo, hoping that they would open up more.

I was quite surprised this time with the color of the red. Out front where she lives, I am never able to get the red the right tone in the photo.

Isn't she just grand?

Inside  I caught First Prize basking in the late afternoon sun as it filtered through the kitchen window.

Again using my iPhone, I took macros of this delicate pink rose. There were just two blooms left to pick.

I am still impressed with that little camera on the iPhone and it is an older phone, too.

The roses outside aren't done yet. They show new growth with new buds forming. I doubt they will be able to bloom again. I'll let you know. It is hard to tell them good-bye for the winter, isn't it?

With our mild weather, the fall colors continue to astound us. This week's mosaic shows the beautiful Autumn Blaze Maples trees at the university. The first photo I shared with you a couple of weeks ago in the parking lot across the street from my university office. Now in the trees are in their full color glory. Once again, using my phone, I was able to capture them.

Finally The Very Bad Dog celebrated his birthday yesterday. No, I didn't bake him a cake as his daddy tried to get me to do. Instead, I took his photo for Facebook and the blog.

See how nicely he stays while I take his photo. I followed him as he went about his morning. He is a busy boy. He runs like the wind, looks for mice in very odd places--here a pipe in the wall in the barn--, he helps feed the hens, and does his share of work when it's time to feed the horses. When he is not trying to dig Mo the cat out from under the bed, tearing up the bedding and other destructive little antics (like chewing up socks), he keeps us entertained. 

Surrendered by his breeder at 4 months along with 4 other siblings to a small vet clinic in Grant, Nebraska (a teeny prairie town), he got lucky when the Head Gardener picked him from a photo on the clinic's web site. Handful that he is, he is a sweet, happy boy that keeps us company.

So that's the way it is here at the Garden Spot. this week. I'll be linking with Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday tomorrow. Thanks, Judith, for hosting.

Thanks to you for visiting. 


  1. Aw! Brown doggie is cute as cute can be!
    Your roses are lovely, Ann!
    We have three about to bloom. I think I'll email the neighbor and tell her to clip them before the freezing weather arrives this week.

  2. I love the close ups of the delicate and such a pretty color. I bet it smells nice too! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. The roses are lovely - and the color on the tree is magnificent.

  4. Wow! Beautiful red rose. I love them to have! The sunlight penetrating the rose shot also looks good. Enjoy the climate.

  5. Belated but congratulations Boone! Is n't it wonderful to be able to rescue a dog and give him the time of his life. Their loyalty and friendship is the best there is including their mischievous tricks.
    'Veteran's Pride' is a beauty I never heard of before, there are so many roses. The macro photos of First Prize indeed deserve the first prize, so beautiful!

  6. Hello, what a pretty rescue dog. He reminds me of my old chocolate lab named Maui! I love your beautiful roses. Lovely images and post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  7. Happy Birthday to the 'pup.' What would we do without our dogs! Those roses are outstanding. I've never raised roses and always admire those who can - and do. :-)

  8. You were right to pick the roses before the frost sets in. Beautiful colours! Happy birthday to your sweet looking dog!

    Have a good week Ann!

    Madelief x

  9. Ann, the autumn blaze maples are gorgeous, and so are your roses!! I just love maple trees, especially in the fall. I'm SO impressed with the macro shots you took of the pink roses -- Wow!! I couldn't manage that with my DSLR camera right now, never mind with an iPhone camera. I have heard that they take very good pictures, though.

    Boone is such a cutie!! :-D He is indeed very photogenic and I can see what a big helper he is. ;) You recently asked me about Duncan; he's doing very well. He's finally starting to learn some things and has settled down (somewhat). He still has a ways to go. I'm always amazed how smart he is -- when he wants to be. Happy Birthday to Boone and I hope you all have a wonderful week!



  10. Your roses and foliage are fabulous...frost has made a few appearances but the garden still goes on in spots. Warm this week.

  11. Very bad dog. Hmmm. We have had a few of those. Ginger eating krautbergers. Chestnut eating the Scottish roll i wanted you to make so badly for Christmas. Bark for rolling over the meter man. Dogs are bad. But they give us so much. And your house without a dog, it just isn't mom and dads house. Happy birthday dear Boone!

  12. Stupid auto correct. Not bark but baron.

  13. Beautiful roses, beautiful colours in the trees, handsome dog.

  14. Those naughty dogs do tend to steal our hearts! I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the right reds and purples, even with my good camera!

  15. Hmm, don't know how I missed your post but here I am visiting a few friends while hubby watches hockey on TV. Since I got my iPhone the camera is so good I never use my point and shoot any more. The DSLR still comes out for serious photos though.
    Your furbaby sure is a busy boy, but he's young and full of energy. I have to admit, the shredded dust ruffle is still fresh in my mind so bad boy does seem appropriate. :-)