Sunday, October 25, 2015

Their Last Glory

We have had a busy week. Perhaps the best part of the week for the garden was rain, much needed rain for two days. Previously, October had record setting heat. The lawn had started to brown just as the deciduous trees were beginning to change color. So while the lawn greened up, the wet leaves heavy with rain began to fall to the ground, dusting the ground beneath each tree with a blanket of gold. The two ash trees are two different varieties, each with their own personality. The first one in the row is full bodied tree on fire with reds, oranges, deep browns. It is probably my favorite tree. Second in line, the yellowed ash is the slowest to bloom and the first to shed her leaves. We have 3 ash tress on the property, which I treasure because they bring on the color.

Standing tall next to the  with patio, the honey locust isn't a bit shy with her color; bright with yellow, her leaves easily find their way into the house, especially when damp with rain, sticking to the bottom of our shoes, the dog's feet, the cat's paws. The largest of the leafy trees, it had immense  growth over the summer due to the large amount of spring rain. Soon these lovelies will be bare and asleep for the winter.

With the rain pouring down, I drug out my old London Fog rain coat. Oh, such good memories. The coat has been around for a long time. I bought it in 2001 for my first trip to England. It was water proof, light weight, easy to carry or pack. It traveled again with me when I packed it again for a wonderful tour of Ireland in 2003 and once again when our tour returned to England in 2003. At the university where I taught, one of the tenured professors whose field of study was the Romantic Period of English literature put together these tours for the  English majors studying English literature. They were wonderful tours so well planned to trace to steps of England and Ireland's great writers, the highlight of my life. So now to take out the old coat when it rains, I wrap myself in sweet memories, protected from the foul weather. The zipper doesn't work any more because Mo the cat went through a fabric chewing phase and the coat fell victim. He ruined so many of my favorite garments. The London Fog has a row of snaps, too, so I can snap it shut if it is really cold. I wore my old friend this week. It felt good. We had a bit of a chat and decided that perhaps we should travel again.


The roses are in their last flush. Gertrude Jekyll looks amazing here at the end of the season. Drenched in rain with the dust washed off, she looks as sweet as she smells. Next to her, First Prize, blooms, proudly displaying her huge blossoms. It seemed to take all summer for the roses to reach their full potential. They were slow to break through in the spring, slow to bloom, and slow to reach their mature sizes. Well worth the wait, I'd say.


Veteran's Honor out did herself again at the end of this season. Huge and red with perfect rose buds. For some reason a camera just does not capture the glorious shade of red. In fact, I used my iPhone camera for all of tonight's post.

 Glorious in their mosaic, I hope they look good for Mosaic Monday. Be sure to check out all of the great mosaics at Lavender Cottage.

Desperate for interesting stuff to add to the post this week, I'll share my Facebook post titled "We have a very bad dog."

This Boone Doggle will go to any lengths to root out the cat, even destroy the bed skirt. Shame on him.

There you have it. Another week down as we move through Autumn. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather, the gorgeous colors, hot soups, and a slower pace. 

Happy Halloween, too.

Thanks for taking time to visit.


  1. Yes, roses still bloom here too. My Zephirine Drouhin never ceases to amaze me, still covered in flower, albeit smaller than Summer blooms. Gertrude is such a lovely rose.

  2. Loved the story of your old London Fog raincoat, we often cannot give up our comfortable old clothes. Hopefully you can take it with you on another wonderful holiday.
    I could not help laughing when I saw the destroyed bed skirt. Boone is still young, The first four yearsSnarf was destroying all kind of things, as biting chair legs, holes in curtains. You can understand I was not amused.
    You still have some lovely blooming roses, enjoy them as long as you can.
    Regards, Janneke

  3. Very nice colors in your photos.
    If we had a cat, Lucy would do the same.

  4. Hello, lovely Autumn colors and the roses are gorgeous. So glad you had some rain! Bad doggie indeed!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. Isn't it something how a piece of clothing can bring out such wonderful memories? The colors were not too good until this week here, no rain yet for us. A neighbor at 1515 was mowing and there was so much dust I thought he was burning leaves!

  6. Oh I enjoyed your outdoor autumn and floral pics. But I must admit I loved the 'bad doggie' photo. Had a good chuckle.

    Coming to you via Monday Mosaic today. Thanks for a lovely visit.

  7. Oh I liked how you mentioned your London Fog coat as an old friend, especially since it travelled with you on some wonderful tours - lucky you!
    Gee, that is an extreme to get at the cat - mine just likes to wipe his face and when coming in from rain, his back all over the dust ruffle.

  8. Oh my a bad dog is the foliage there and glad you have rain....but oh those roses are gorgeous....I love that they bloom right until a killing frost.

  9. Lovely post, Ann! I too enjoyed very much the story of your raincoat and your roses look so beautiful. I like especially the photo of the bud, indeed it's that lovely dark red colour I never manage to capture with a camera!

  10. Beautiful pictures of fall around your home, and especially the roses, so gorgeous! And oh those doggies and kitties, we love them, but they sure can create some major havoc, can't they! Enjoyed your story behind your London Fog coat, and do hope you get to travel with it again soon :)

  11. Lovely to see all the colour of the trees in your garden - the leaves here seem reluctant to fall but the weather is still quite mild at the moment. Nice to see the roses still in bloom too - they have done well. Nice to hear of the memories that your old coat brings and that it is still useful for you. I don't expect the Boone Doggle realises what he has done in his efforts to root out the cat - can it be repaired do you think.

  12. Hi Ann,

    Your mosaics are lovely, as are your roses!! You know I have an affinity for the Gertrude Jekyll -- my favorite English rose at the moment. :) You have so many pretty roses in your garden. I'm glad you pointed out the ash trees and the honey locust tree; we don't have those in our yard, so I'm not familiar with them. They really do have beautiful color in the fall. :) I know what you mean about fond memories of your trips to England and Ireland. I feel the same way and wish we could go back someday. Hopefully we will. Oh, I had to laugh at your last picture. I'm sorry -- I know it's not funny, but those dogs of ours. Such rascals! I can imagine if we had a cat here too, Duncan would really be wild. :-D

    I enjoyed your post, Ann, and hope you're having a good week.