Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Blue Skies and Sunshine

Fall most certainly is in the prairie air here in Northern Colorado these mornings. The early morning air, fresh, crisp and cool, is a sure sign that Summer's end nears. As we walk about the Garden Spot, there are more hints that Fall has begun her take-over. We will look for hints that Fall has been sneaking around in the garden and no doubt we find some surprises that perhaps She has left behind.  Come with me as we take an inventory of Fall's sneaky hand. 

The roses are in their last flush. Large clumps bloom on the tall stems. I am wondering if a dose of coffee grounds and egg shells in addition to a mid summer feeding had any effect on them? I think so.

First Prize always blooms in abundance
I think this is Midas Gold. I've forgotten, It didn't do so well this year, but she is much better. If the coffee grounds and egg shell didn't help, the repaired drip line to her roots probably was the reason why she had a late summer rally. This really is a pretty rose. 

I do wish that the camera could capture the true red of Veteran's Honor. The iPhone comes close to  capturing the brilliance of the dark red. The bloom is as perfect a rose could be. Makes me happy.
This was one of the first roses planted here. It lives in the center circle where it has plenty of room to grow. She blooms in abundance. She was a Mother's Day gift, a gift that gives year after year.

I don't know why I was surprised to see Gertrude Jekyll blooming, the flower somewhat hidden behind the tall stems. She blooms early in the summer and again late in the summer. 

A real surprise in the garden was this late summer second bloom of the gerum. I cut of the dead spring blooms and wished her a good summer. Also planted in the front center circle, she adds so much color. I think I more next spring.

The butternut squash plant took a beating with the one hail storm that we had, but it has recovered nicely and is loaded with wonderful squash. I prefer the butternut to other winter squash because of its sweet, buttery flavor. We also have acorn growing, but it is so covered up the wild sunflowers that have taken over one end of the garden that it is hard to tell what squash it has if any. We picked one so far.

While one peach tree ripened its fruit earlier, the second tree has a few peaches are just about ready. I picked up windfalls from the ground; even green they were delicious. A pleasant surprise that they survived the hail.

Not a surprise, however, are the apples ripening on the tree in the front.  Soon we will pick them, invite a couple of friends to pick, and make apple sauce and pies--a sure sign that Fall is in the air.

The apple hang in heavy clumps on the branches. They will not be perfect for there will be bird pecks, worms, and hail wounds, but they will pesticide free with no waxy covering. They well be delicious.

The yellow warbler pecking bugs in the locust trees is a sure sign that the bird migration from the north has begun. They are very hard to photograph because the flit around so much in the thick branches. There will be other warbles coming through. I'll try to get photos of them for you.

Pop wants to say "hi." He's actually begging apples. He looks so good after a long summer of nursing him back to health. I wrote earlier that he didn't winter well and was sick and thin. Once we figured out a good feeding regime for him and put him on mediation for Cushings--an auto immune disease--, he has gained weight, and acquired a sleek, shinny coat. He feels good again.

I love to photograph the horse, trying to get a perfect photo that I can edit and frame as nice piece of art. I like this one of both of the boys.

Horse are is in vogue now. Just the eyes, or ears, or muzzle. This a good one. I took with the 300mm, a nice way to get good close-up photos, especially when the subject does not to cooperate. I did crop this one get the eyes. Not perfect, but nice.

No post about Fall's slow descent at the Garden Spot would be complete without blue skies and sunflowers. Look for this mosaic at  Normandy Life with Maggie hosting Mosaic Monday.

Other signs that Fall sneaks around hinting that she is one way: All of the grandchildren now back in the school--the granddaughters started today. They looked so smart in the blue tartan skits and white shirt uniforms. Lily will start pre school tomorrow. The boys started new schools. Jacob is in 8th grade and Nathan in 2nd. They left their little Lutheran School to attend public school, and both love their new schools. I have started my volunteer tutoring at the University Writing Center on each Wednesday. 

Football begins. Are you a fan? Can't say that I am an obsessed fan, more of curious one often listening to the game as I do something else--a sign of Fall, none-the-less.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Make sure to Mosaic Monday.


  1. Aw! The horses are very photogenic, Ann!
    I'm liking the cool evenings.

  2. Hi Ann,

    What a beautiful and unique mosaic!! Love those gorgeous sunflowers! I am ever amazed at the garden you and your husband have; it just seems to have everything one could want in their garden -- fruit, vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs in abundance. You are blessed, but I know you also work very hard to keep this lovely garden growing. I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous roses, Ann, and your apple tree just loaded with apples! We are very much looking forward to fall here; we had a nice summer, but it was terribly hot. It was one for the record books I read earlier this week. Whew!

    I hope you have a great week!



  3. Lovely to see your gorgeous roses. I also give mine coffee grounds and they have had super late blooms during the last month.

  4. Love the picture of the two horses! Well done to have found a remedy for Pop's problem, he looks great now!

  5. Hello Ann, your roses are all beautiful. I have heard about coffee grounds for the plants, do you just spread on the ground? Your Horse Pop is beautiful, I am glad he is doing well. Fall is coming whether I am ready for it or not. Beautiful photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  6. We had some fall-ish weather for about a week, but now it's full summer again. Ack! I'm over the heat and humidity!

  7. Oh Ann, once more there's almost too much beauty in one post! :) Your wonderful roses, fruit and veggies, beautiful critters big and small... and of course blue skies and sunshine.
    It's interesting what your wrote about the colour of one of your roses. I feel terribly frustrated because I don't manage to take good photos of some of my favourite roses, pelargoniums, cyclamens etc. Their colour would be such a lovely deep, dark red.
    Have a lovely weekend! xx
    PS Are you Lutherans? We are! :)