Monday, September 12, 2016


A new week. We woke up to the house smelling like smoke and the early morning air hazy with a lingering, smelly cloud.  We haven't a clue to source--a forest fire in the mountains that has been burning since mid summer? Perhaps. Weed burning? Burning trash?

I missed Mosaic Monday last week because I was so late in writing the post. I'll try to get the post in on time this week. It is a busy one. I look forward to fall because life is supposed to slow down. It doesn't. I've been cleaning the downstairs room, clearing clutter, putting way dollhouse building materials since the major work on the blue farmhouse is finished, and organizing. The carpet cleaner comes tomorrow, so everything needs to be put away.

The vegetable garden is all but finished, not worthy of any photos. Just trust me when I say it was pathetic, a miserable failure this summer. Seeds didn't germinate (carrots), the green beans that we planted weren't the right ones, and the tomatoes grew diseased looking, and beat up from the hail. While they did bear fruit, the tomatoes aren't worth harvesting. Even the potato crop failed. There are tiny potatoes that formed but no mature ones. They were planted early, too. Poor watering? Tired, worn out soil? Once again we have some thinking to do. Some changes to make.

Not much to celebrate here, except that:

There are a few things things to pick: squash, red beets, cucumbers, nice cabbages, and peppers. I'll get what I can.

Outside of the garden, we stay busy, too. I'd like to share the most exciting news. My sister-in-law, my daughters, and I all turned our applications for the Daughters of the American Revolution. My aunt began the process for our family when she was accepted in 1976. As a single woman, the DAR was her life. She researched tirelessly the family history. I inherited her boxes of family research. So all of the research was done so that we could join. On the other side of the family, my sister-in-law also worked tirelessly trying to prove her lineage, which she has finally done. She invited the girls to go in  on her side of the family then I decided that I should join too. So we attended the local meeting, submitted or papers, and now will wait until we are hopefully accepted.

For some, like my own mother, the DAR doesn't hold any special significance. She hadn't and I probably won't trace her family to the Revolutionary War since her ancestors came from ireland and Germany after the revolution.  For those unfamiliar with the DAR, members who prove their ancestral lineage to a soldier or woman who served in the war for American War of Independence in 1776 with England are eligible to join the special organization. I am just learning how extensive and active the organization is; for example, it raises funds to fund college scholarships and continues to support veterans of all American wars.

As the meeting opened, I soon realized that it is a very formal, proper organization that emphasizes patriotism and love of country. I feel that it is especially important that we pass on this great heritage to our young families, the love of country, and the importance to not just remember but to honor those who have fought and those who have given their lives for our freedom, regardless of the century.

After all of the serious business, the girls and went to Target shopping, followed by lunch with some of the DAR women at a restaurant that is visited by many locals who both live in the area or who are on their way to the mountains.

And this is how we showed up for lunch with some of the DAR members (serious minded, gracious, proper elder ladies). We wondered if they would consider us worthy of such a prestigious organization after showing up wearing our new hats:

 These daughters tend to get a bit goofy and silly when they get together, which unfortunately isn't often enough. So to take them shopping can be an adventure. This time $3. Halloween hats. That's Jennifer on the left, Aunt Karen in the middle, and Heather on the left.

Head Witch who believes that life has to be celebrated with a bit whimsy and silliness now and then. 

If nothing else, we had a few laughs, people smiled when they saw us. Some even wanted to know where we bought the hats. We laughed at lunch about joining the Daughters of the Witches. The lady who is processing our applications laughingly let us know that there is such organization. We won't be joining that one.  We will celebrate our gratitude for the our heritage and our family.

Once home, the Head Gardener grabbed his daughter to do some tree pruning. The sunburst locusts that we planted just beyond the pergola are growing so fast and out of shape that they do need a good pruning so that they grow with a good shape. The HG has built a seat for the EZ-GO, which also makes for a good platform to stand on.

A Blogversary

Weeks have passed before I realized that Welcome to the Garden Spot should be celebrating its 6th anniversary. What a good time I have had with you reading your blogs, reading the comments that others have left for you, and, of course, getting to know you as you leave gracious comments for me. I call you all friends. I've met one, PomPom who is witty, cheerful, funny, spiritual, inspiring, and a whole lot of fun. We met two years ago when we decided that we meet at the Denver Botanical Gardens where we wandered a good share of the morning, had lunch, wandered some more, and left friends.

Kellie in Northern Ireland  has been with me from the beginning along with Elizabeth. Maggie and I joined up early on, too. Janneke and Madelief from The Netherlands were there in the beginning, along with Carolyn in Canada, A Brit in Tennessee joined early on, Diane in Florida of Lavender Dreamer. Casa Mariposa, Elaine, Judith came aboard a while ago, too. My list of followers isn't a very long one, but I treasure each and everyone. I had a hard start because it took so many weeks to get one comment then another and another and one more. I got very discouraged and deleted all ofmy photos. Darn it. I joined Blotanical blog where I found so many of my friends, but it is now gone. It was great way to get new friends. Then I joined a garden party, but I have forgotten both the name and the host. There I acquired more friends. Now I am having fun with Mosaic Monday where I have discovered more new friends.

To celebrate I thought I'd share some of my favorite mosaics and old banners.

This was my first banner. We had just moved to the Garden Spot in 2009, so this was the second spring that we enjoyed in the garden. I had this fairy statue at the old house. She looked so pretty among the red tulips. Weather worn, she finally had to be retired.

Another spring banner with apple blooms, daffodils and tulips. I love spring here.

This mosaic is the essence spring at  the Garden Spot in the spring: iris, tulips, daffodils (Minnows), and spring birds that stop on their migration north.

This one didn't make the cut as a banner, but it is the Heart of the Garden Spot--well, one ventricle.

Sundance, pine cones, hens, and butterflies on the hollyhocks, help define us here. The horses are another ventricle.

While I deny being a football fan, I do watch the Broncos play or listen to them in background as I do something else. None-the-less we are in Bronco Country, home of the 2015 Super Bowl champs and I do celebrate them.

And I play around a bit on the computer, too. I went through a phase where I was entranced with using textures as overlays to my photograph. I'll leave on an inspirational note:

I was looking to create some sort of spiritual meme or framable art for my granddaughters with a good a lesson.

I never finished them. I should.

So friends thank you for being here. We are having so much fun, and I celebrate your friendship. I'm in for more years. I hope you are, too.


  1. I always enjoy visiting the Garden Spot, there's always something interesting to learn (DAR) and be encouraged by (my vegetable plantings weren't all successful this year either!.
    It was fun looking back at your headers and mosaics too.
    Remember the link up is open until 7.00 pm on Tuesdays (French time) so no need to stress about a late post.
    See you next week.

  2. Hello Ann, Happy blog anniversary. It is great news about the DAR acceptance, congrats. I love seeing all your old banners, they are pretty. I like the witches hat and fun photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Happy Blogversary my friend. We've had a lot of fun these 6 years sharing pics of our very different areas of the country. But we have so much in common...our love of family, gardening, DOLLS and dollhouses! I love seeing the photos of all of you in your hats! What fun you always have. I enjoy every post you write...especially when you show your garden and the horses. Here's to the next 6 years of fun! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  4. I didnt now about DAR, and it has been very interesting to hear about it.
    I agree with you that this strange world of blogging brings so many friends, even if you never meet in person. I always enjoy visiting you!

  5. I celebrate your blog anniversary with you, Ann! So much writing and photos deserves an award of it's own!

    Love this post, the flowers are gorgeous! Where did the smoke come from?!


  6. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, Ann. Looks like you had a lot of fun with your family! Wonderful flowers, too bad about the produce in your garden.

  7. This must have been great fun, shopping together and buying Halloween hats. My daughters and I love doing silly things together too. Six years of blogging must be celebrated, congratulations, I´m not yet that far, almost five, but I know that I´m following you already more than four years and I always enjoy reading your variety of stories.

  8. I received an award when I was in high school called The Daughters of the American Revolution Citizenship Award. You made me think of it!
    You look cute in the witch hat, Ann.
    You do so much! Busy BEE!

  9. What a beautiful and interesting post, Ann! Belated Happy blog anniversary and many cheerful blogging years to come! ♥

  10. Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  11. Lindas as imagens.
    Prazer em conhecer seu blog.

  12. Wow 6 years! Happy blogaversary! I don't seem to get onto the computer as much as I used to but I do love checking out your blog and what you've been up to! You are a very busy woman with lots of activity & that's the best way to be! Good to see the witches hats and a good day out as well! Take care, and keep blogging!