Monday, January 16, 2017

Cheerfully Pink

This is one of those days when you stay inside, light the fire, and get out a good book, or you blog. I have already been downtown this morning; now it is time to get this post written on published before Mosaic Monday closes.

Cheerfully Pink: these supermarket carnations
and baby's breath add a warmth and cheer
on a cold winter's day.
Yes. We have snow. Not much, a skiff, but it is a cold, slushy snow. I have plenty to keep me occupied inside. This time of year we have to find indoor projects to keep us entertained. The Head Gardener caught the "clean out the closet" fever, and now I am no longer fearful of opening up his storage for all of his guy gear. You will glad to know that order has been restored to the crafting/sewing/office area, only to mess it up again with my latest sewing project. I enjoyed reading your comments, and I hope I inspired or encouraged some of you tackle that out of control closet or drawer.

At the November DAR meeting, the Colorado president came to speak to us and brought her American Girl doll that travels with her. Word went around that our local leader would like to have a doll dressed to reflect the Colorado pioneer spirit, so I am making a dress that I will submit or donate if it is good enough. Today's mosaic tells that story:

Just before Christmas I found this beautiful Madame Alexander 18 inch doll at ARC, our local charity thrift store, face down on the pile of donated stuffed toys. I love her. I could not believe that someone would donate such a beautiful doll. She came in her original costume, a lavender ballet tutu. Her hair in a messy pony tail brushed out very nicely with out needing any washing. Her skin is a bit soiled, but will be easily cleaned. Her head is a wee bit wobbly and not as tight as the first thrift doll that I bought. None-the-less, she was a great find for $5. And no I will not donate her with the dress. She will be my model. I think the lady who wants the costume already has a doll.

My sister-in-law purchased the pattern book at JoAnn for me. It is really is a great book with wonderful patterns that come on a CD and great "show me"  instructions . All I had to do was to find the pattern on the CD and print at 100%. No sizing. No sweat. The book is expensive, but can be purchased when JoAnn puts such items on sale.

I have chosen the little blue prairie dress representing the 1870s, which seems rather appropriate since Colorado joined the union in 1876, thus, known as the Centennial state for having become a state 100 years after the union was formed.

I found two very nice pieces of fabric from ARC as well. I have not decided which piece I will use. The bonnet and the apron will be white.

I ordered the sweet little boots from from Silly Monkey, a website for 18 inch doll clothing. By next week I should have my practice outfit finished so that I share it.

 Other Projects

I have also been crocheting. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of each of the projects that I created, but here are two. Top: first pair of mittens that i have made. The thumb, by the way, is rather hard to get correct. The mittens are very warm.

Needing to pass time, keep my hands busy while I watch TV, and use up odd bits of yarn, I am finding these simple patterns that I found through Pinterest severe all of these purposes. Ellie got this set.

On last Christmas left over. I have to share my new teapot and mugs with you. I will keep it in the china hutch and not hide it away with all of the other Christmas serving ware. I especially love the mugs because of their size and they have great balance, feeling comfortable in the hand. I drink coffee first thing in the morning then herbal or decaffeinated tea later in the day, do these mugs are perfect. I had seen this lovely set in our favorite kitchen gadget store in Ft. Collins last year and again this this year. The HG is an amazing shopper for a man, so when I fussed over the set this year, he  bought it me for my birthday. Thank you sweet heart.

And there you have it. A quiet snowy day. A holiday to celebrate Dr. King. Peaceful and quiet. I hope your day is the same. Thanks you for visiting. 

I'll be linking with Maggie for Mosaic Monday. Join us. 


  1. Lovely doll. You will have fun making her pretty dresses.

  2. Beautiful teapot!
    You love dolls! I do, too!

  3. Ann, What a lovely teapot and mug set. Subtle winter pattern. I love the bottle brush trees. I had hoped to find one this season but no luck. Glad the doll turned out very well. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see the doll dress you will make. I have a doll pattern of an old fashioned dress that I should try to make. I know it would be harder than the simple ones I made last year but it would be a good challenge. I haven't done much sewing lately. Enjoy your week and indoor projects! Hugs, Diane

  5. Hello Ann, what a lovely project and it sounds straight forward with the CD and pattern and dress making for your doll. I often think how blessed we are now with new technology for anything and even in the house(hold) anything is possible without too much of fuzz. I will be looking forward to see the finished dress (well choosen!). And Pinterest of course, what would we do without? In the meantime, my paper craft room is still in a mess ;-)

  6. I'm so happy that you rescued the Madame Alexander doll, she's going to look lovely in her new clothes. We had a day by the fire yesterday as the weather outside was frightful (as the song goes) hope yours improves soon.
    Lovely to have you with us for MM again this week.

  7. What a sweet find in the thrift shop. Will you perhaps make new clothes for her as well as to give away? The tea pot is lovely with those snowmen on it. Enjoy the week.

  8. I've been enjoying crochet this winter too, made two afghans for Christmas gifts, two scarfs, and now I'm making an afghan for myself. I started a fisherman style afghan five to eight years ago, and foolishly didn't buy all the yarn in the same dye lot. The cream colored yarn is so different now that I couldn't even finish, so I tore out about two feet of afghan and have started another simpler project that I will have enough yarn for. It was quite funny to see the resulting ball of yarn, because it was the size of a basketball! It's actually tricky to work with at that size.

  9. I have thought about buying the snowman pot a few times so I'm glad you have it and can share photos when having tea. Nice big handles on the mugs too.

  10. I love your tea pot and your crocheting.

  11. Hello, What a great thrift shop find. My mother used to make doll clothes, she enjoyed sewing. I would like to see your Colorado pioneer dressed doll. Your tea set is pretty. I has been sunny and near the 80's lately here in Florida. Sounds like you had a nice day. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!