Monday, February 20, 2017

Windy Days and Mondays

Another windy morning at the Garden Spot here in Northern Colorado. I just took a walk outside to get a few photos of this late February weather. We have had unseasonably warm temperatures with no moisture now for a month, so the fire danger on the grassy plains is high. Even on the outskirts of cities in the undeveloped grassy fields fires burn at random.  While California gets saturated, we are drying out. And that sums up February.

I am glad that so many you of enjoyed the violet post. I am glad to report that the newly transplanted violets thrive--so far. I do lack sufficient sunny spots to set them, but as the sun continues its journey toward the Spring Equinox, we will get more direct sunlight.

With a long list of things today, mundane stuff like fold laundry, clean out the refrigerator, make breakfast burritos for the the freezer, this will be a short post. I think I am way behind in visiting, but I 'll get around.

A spot of red in the garden is a welcome sight, especially when it is the rototiller, signaling that the gardening will soon begin. The Head Gardener got in the mood last week and tilled the garden beds. Next he will add the compost then the potatoes. The garlic was planted last fall, so when we get some moisture, it should sprout.

We wondered if we should even try potatoes this year since they were such a miserable flop last year, but the lady at the garden center assured us that every one else had poor yield too, always blaming it on the last year's wacky weather. Pop and Sundance, though the HG fed them, begged to go out in the hayfield. Once you understand the language of horses, you will get the idea that he is pointing in that direction. I turned and walked away telling not today, but caved to his soft nicker--you know the one, the mournful pleeeeease. Okay. You win, Sundance.

Here is the last doll dress finished. I had a really hard time with the collar on this one, so the finished dress does not have the collar. The dresses turned out pretty cute, I think. A lot of work.

Speaking of which, ladies, I do need to get busy.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Hello Ann, seems you have already the garden season well started - here not so. I adore the blue of your sky and the horses so dry and clean in their paddocks, ours is mud. Your dress is lovely and very neat. I always read that collars are most difficult to sew, hence I have a huge collection of vintage ones - could send you one if you wished to. Have a great week!

  2. I'm looking at your soil ready for tilling and can only sigh. We can't even think about gardening until about May 24 when we'll be free from a last frost. A few cold weather crops can go in but no annuals.

  3. You have beautiful blue skies, soon the grass shall be green. Happy week!

  4. Hi Ann, sorry to hear about the fire risk to the plains, at least the warm weather is helping you to prepare for the growing season. I have decided to clear out my potager and turn it into a lawn with flower beds, saving just one small bed for growing herbs. The SP has no interest in growing vegetables and I found it all too much last year so it must go!
    Hope your week is wonderful!

  5. Hi Ann! The sewing is wonderful!
    Isn't the warm weather amazing?
    I went to the Botanic Gardens again!
    As soon as the danger of snow is past, we should plan on a get together!

  6. Aww!!! the doll is so adorable ...

    Please visit:

  7. Hello, I guess the weather is crazy all around. Maryland has had warm temps while we are in Florida. We are having a rainy day today in Florida. I like your Pop and Sundance. The doll dress is pretty, you are talented. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  8. We had the most beautiful weather last week, warm and sunny like true spring. Friday was 78 degree, smashing the old record of 72. It actually felt like summer! But the weekend was winter again, and now we're rainy. I never know what to expect from day to day. All my blooms are coming early.

  9. I hope you have had rain by now!
    The doll and her dress are really pretty.
    Happy March!

  10. What kind of doll is she? She has a sweet face. The clothes you made are lovely.