Monday, February 6, 2017

Blogging Organically

A dull, gray dawn greeted us this morning, reminding us that it is February, still winter. Yet here this week the temperatures are supposed to work their way up to 71 F by the end of the week. Every year I promise myself to get out early and lay down the pre-emergent granules that will prevent those pesky annual weed seeds from germinating. The pre-emergent is on its way through Amazon.

Meanwhile we wait for spring. We wait for our favorite spring flower, the daffodils; we wait for the crocuses to emerge in the center court; and we most anxiously await the blooming of the eastern red bud to confirm that it survived another cold, dry winter.

I spent Saturday with Heather who lives in Denver 60 some miles south of us. She has the most amazing garden in the from of her home and indeed she has one sure sign of Spring, a yellow crocus.  

So while the weather plods along or rages, remaining predictable for the season, we amuse ourselves inside. Thrifting, one my guilty little pleasures amuses me on some dull days. I make myself become very selective with what I put in my cart, so for those of you who love dolls, I hit the jackpot again, finding Eva at ARC thrift store for 2.49. She was, of course, naked. Now she models one of the prairie dresses that I am sewing. She is so cute and in near perfect condition with only a smudge of make-up on her face that some little girl applied. It wiped off with a wet cotton ball. Of course I looked her up on Google to find that she is an Our Generation doll, Target's brand of 18 inch doll.  At first I had the thought that I would dress her and offer her for sale, but I can't. She is too cute. 

Another find this week was Julia. She is a German made doll by a Gotz or Goetz, a German company known for it's exquisite dolls, both play quality and collector quality. They are now very rare in the States, but Goetz does make Pottery Barn's 18 inch doll. They are very expensive dolls. On eBay this doll sells for $110.  On the website she is priced at $75, but she available now only through second markets, such as Tuesday Morning where I found her. Still pricey at $50., She had been on the shelf since August 2016. I gave in. She will go to daughter number two. Goetz introduced her in 2015. 

I was even worse earlier in the week. Jen texted me that Goodwill had a dollhouse with 5 bags of furniture for sale. I said "no." Then slept on it. The Head Gardener took me to town the next day 
and. . . .

It is pretty cool dollhouse, a mid-century modern, which I like very much because it is contemporary instead old fashioned and Victorian. I am leaving it as it is, not doing a remake. If you'd like to read more about it, visit Ann's Dollhouse Dream.

With my favorite dollhouse store and the only one the Denver area--in all of Colorado for that matter--closing, Heather and I made our final trip to the store. The store has been open for 39 years and with the aging owner, dwindling customer base, and a hobby with lots of completion on line, the  80 year old owner decided to close. So that's one reason that prompted me to buy this Brookwood by Green Leaf.

I most certainly need Spring to make an early appearance so that I can get outside and play in the dirt.  We have lots of projects on our list, which I will save for another blog.

Winter blogging when your focus is on gardening does get difficult, doesn't it. But we all do it, throw in tid bits about live around the home and that's what we love about what I suppose some would call natural or organic writing, writing inspired by our life. So what inspired you this week?

Thanks so very much for visiting. It is always wonderful to read your comments and it is always a treat to visit your blog. Have a great week.

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  1. You've had a good week finding those dolls and treating yourself to new houses, a lovely way to lift the February gloom. Eva, the Our Generation doll looks adorable in her handmade outfit I can see why you'd want to keep her.
    Happy Mosaic Monday and keep those thrift shop finds coming, I always enjoy seeing what you discover.

  2. Oh, I love these beautiful dolls! I have a few Gotz dolls but I don't think they are the 18 inch...they sit instead of stand. I'm just trying to catch up today. We've been out and about a lot lately! Hugs, Diane

  3. Such pretty dolls. I love the way you have dressed Eva, and I'm sure she wants to stay with you!

  4. Wow! You hit the jackpot! The dolls are sweet and your outfit for Eva is perfect. Have fun with the doll house. Happy Monday!

  5. Nice mosaic, Have a good Monday

    much love...

  6. The glimpses of spring in your photos are inspiring, especially today when we have an unexpected snowfall - and a snow day from school! The dolls are so cute and I love that others in your family want them, too.

  7. Hello, your new dolls are pretty. I like Eva with the prairie dress. Sounds like you are enjoying some warm winter weather in Colorado. Spring will be here soon. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  8. Great thrift finds. When I go to the thrift store these days I put all things that call out to me in the cart and then spend time walking about the store and talk myself out of buying most of them. Daffodils are a great prelude to Spring! They always make me smile. Happy week to you.

  9. You picked up a couple of nice dolls and a good bargain on the house, Ann. This year I've been doing some gardening at our Florida rental house and it feels good. It will be tough to go back to snow for another 4 weeks or so but with the promise of spring soon, I'll try to be patient.
    It's been an extraordinary month so far in Florida with temperature near, or in the 80s every day.

  10. Hello Ann, all what you can find in your thrift stores, I am in awe! Luckily I am not bitten by the doll bug but I can imagine that it must be so hard to not to keep them all. I have only my old Kรคthe Kruse doll, Ursula, and another one I had as a child. No sign of spring here yet neither but we had a friend's visit and did not miss it. Usually we cannot start really in the garden before March anyway. I feel guilty having been so lazy this winter, not one quilt, nothing painted in the house and the hedge and trees still need cutting. I hope this is going to change with more daylight soon. Have a great week!

  11. 64 and sunny here today...but might snow tomorrow! Midwest winters. I keep looking for daffodils poking their heads up but so far no. I need something to help keep the weeds down they seem to be worse every year. Let me know what u got.

  12. I also love dolls and love the little outfit you made, it so suits the doll. I know from experience it's so hard to part with them once they come home with us. I have just sold a doll and crib after decorating my doll/sewing room. The lady is picking it up Thursday,and now I'm having second thoughts. It's like parting with a dear friend,but I know some things have to go because like you I can't say no when thrifting. We are into a heat wave down here in Australia so too hot for the garden. Good time for blogging and sewing and I've just baked a batch of bread. Can't sit around doing nothing hey :) Have a nice day
    jeanette ann

  13. Lovely dolls and as you know I like your new dollhouse very much.
    However, again I was most charmed by the lovely flower photos. I do hope your wonderful eastern redbud has survived the winter. I didn't know that plant, googled it, found its Finnish name and read it is the state tree of Oklahoma. How lovely is that!
    Wonderful photos. When you have sunshine and flowers, you have everything you need. :)
    Wishing you a happy and sunny weekend!


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