Monday, October 8, 2018

Fondue Friday

Most days here at the Garden Spot are pretty quiet, but some days get wild, like last Friday. Sundance has a lot of problems, now. Lameness in his front, soreness in his rear, and last week Jennifer noticed a snotty, smelly nose, so she called the vet to come give him a good going over.

 This is my favorite photo of the week as she leads him to other side of the barn, out of a different gate than what she usually uses and led him across the the lawn, but what I like about the photo is Brody trotting along side the dog like he knows exactly what he is doing. Not so long ago he was scared of the giant animals that he had never seen before. Now he has made friends with the big boy and they are quiet comfortable with each other.

Today's mosaic tells the story

Doctor Wendy began by giving Sundance his chiropractic treatment to help his soreness. I stayed out of the way and took other photos.

A spider has been very busy on the patio building webs around the fuchsia. Early morning sunlight made it the perfect subject for a a lot of photos. Here are the best.

The spider was working on another web, but he wasn't awake yet as he is all curled up in a ball. 

The buds almost look like berries. These won't get to bloom. 

How does a photographer capture a sunbeam? Quite by accident. Almost you can see the iridescence in the delicate web.

The fuchsia will be gone in the next couple of days. Today it is cold and maybe it will rain by day's end, but certainly we will have a freeze and all the plants will be gone.

The next morning I went out take more photos, but the webs and spider were gone. Vanished in the night. I was disappointed because I wanted photos of the second web. 

BUT. Jennifer did return at the end of the day to treat Sundance. He was sedated earlier in the day so that Wendy could examine him, thinking that he had bad tooth. Instead, he has a sinus infection and is now a ten day antibiotic regiment. So Jennifer returned later in the the day to give him his first dose--not just a simple pill, but a powder that has to be reconstituted with water along with molasses added to sweeten it. The Head Gardener is now administering the meds twice a day. 

Of course the girls were with her, so I was happy to host Fondue Friday for after school snacks. She has been working on providing sugarless snacks to help change of behaviors, so the fondue is a chocolate that is largely cacao which is low in sugar and wonderful fresh fruits.  

I am close to Mosaic Monday deadline, so I'll close here, leaving with a beautiful flower garden at the University of Northern Colorado. I am thinking that I could plant such a garden here, simple stuff: Saliva lots and lots of colorful zinnias, and come cock's comb. It's located at the cross walk of busy city street for all of the passer-by to enjoy. I wonder if they do? 

I do have one more thing: I am having trouble logging onto Blogger on my desk computer. I can access it on my lap top and my iPad, but not on the big computer. I have no idea why. Any suggestions?

Have a fabulous week. Thanks so much for visiting. Pop over to Maggie's for Mosaic Monday. See you there.


  1. Lovely bright colors in the University gardens. Hope Sundance will recover and the chocolate fondue with fresh fruit must be delicious for the ladies.You made some beautiful spider web photos together with the fuchsias.
    Regards, Janneke

  2. What a stunning array of colour in the University harden. I love Salvias especially the blue ones.

  3. I haven't seen a Fuchsia in beautiful! And love that big old spider web. Enjoy your week my friend!

  4. Hello, Prayers and well wishes for Sundance. Brody looks happy! The fondue with the girls looks great, yum! Your Fuchsia is beautiful. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. I love the fuchsia and the spider webs -- natural Halloween decoration! Hope Sundance is much better. Fondue sounds delicious!

  6. Hi Ann! I thought of you when I was in Victoria, BC at the Butchart Gardens. The fuchsias there were glorious! The dahlias were amazing, too! I'm glad the horse is getting his sinuses sorted.
    Fondue! YUMMY!

  7. Aren't the spiders webs amazing …
    Lovely to see the fuchsia, and all the colourful flowers.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your shots of the spiderweb are truly stunning. Especially the sunbeam. I do feel sorry for the spider - all that work and poof! Gone. Sorry I don't have any suggestions on what might be happening with your desktop and blogger … Hope someone else can offer some advice.

  9. Beautiful Fuchsia! Interesting blog!


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