Sunday, March 31, 2019

Blink and Wait

I know, an odd title, but I couldn't decide between "Blink and They are Gone" or "Still Waiting." Either title would do to aptly describe the post. What do you think?

Most of the time, when I leave the house, I go through the garage to get into the car, or I go out the back door, so I almost missed the crocus. If you blink, they will be gone because they don't last long. Actually I think they are rather late this year. In a discussion with my horticulturist/tree hugger (or more appropriately, arborist daughter), we were talking about how late Spring is and how cold it has been. She mentioned that for Denver the forsythia usually have bloomed by the first of March and now they are month behind, so I suppose we can expect everything else to be behind, too.

The coccus are coming up amid the dianthus, but I think the pinks have winter killed this year. I always enjoyed their spot of pink amid the roses. They were good companions.

Yes. The snow shovel is still in place. Who knows? We may have to use it again before Spring really arrives. Nor have I pruned the roses back yet. Usually I do that Spring Break, the second week of March--a hold over from my work schedule, but the yard was under snow then. Was that the week of the bomb cyclone? Then the next week we had a heavy rain storm, with a tornado just east of us. Spring is certainly undecided this year.

I always cut back the clematis, too. This week, I hope. I'm taking the hedge trimmer to it.

One bright note: the daffodils and tulips are arriving.

Still wearing her winter brown, Spring does offer a tease of green: those pesky hollyhocks. Yes, I called them pesky. They self seed all over the place. 

One could really be depressed with all the brown. A bad April Fool's joke.

But we know that once we take the hedge trimmers the grasses that we will find new growth--we hope. We never know what will winter kill, especially during drouthy winters.

These poor dears. What possessed me plant them on the north side of the house? I'll see if any of the roses survived the cold.

At the back of house, this garden shows life.

The bleeding heart will bigger and lovelier this year year. 

I have decided to clear out this bed this spring. Grass has crept its way in and what was once a cool succulent garden is now just a jumble of stuff. So it needs a good cleaning and a new plan.

Probably too many late day shadows to see the what lies beneath the brown. The peony needs its dead stalks removed. 

The butterfly bush will get a good cut back too.

The fish are slowly waking up. I think they need warmer temperatures to stimulate their appetites. 

So there you have it. Still brown here. It is a routine that I'm used to: Blink and wait

And look at three little characters.

Brody will be a year old tomorrow. He has grown up to quite a big dog, bigger than most German Short Hairs. Last time he was weighed, he registers 88 pounds. He's made a new friend with Nathan who will 10 next week. My, how they grow. Lily came to spend the night, too. Nathan who, after seeing a film about Jackie Robinson, has decided that he wants to play baseball, so he taught Lily all about the game--Brody had to be kenneled because he can't field a ball worth a darn. 

So glad that you dropped by. I appreciate your visits and your comments. Have a great week.


  1. Ann - I think your blog title is very appropriate. At this time of year, it seems like everything is in slow motion, but that is an illusion. It is slow with RAPID acceleration. So, if you blink, you do lose out. Every day, I am making notes about my observations of the changes, and new arrivals/appearances by birds and animals such as the chipmunks. I like comparing it to past years - earlier? later? It's so exciting to anticipate what will happen next! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday and sharing your Spring happenings with us!

  2. Love the three little characters.

    I enjoyed your Post, thank you for sharing... happy MosaicMonday. Have a good week.

  3. Hello, I wish I had planted some crocus here. They are beautiful. It is still mostly brown here, I am seeing some daffies. We have had snow on the opening day game In April. So, I can expect to see a dusting of snow still in April. Love the kiddies and Brody images. Happy Birthday to Brody! Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead!

  4. Hello Ann, all what you observe in your garden is so much like what we experienced in the past: a lot of brown and thread of snow and ice until late. Here in Wales now everything is different, the clima, the colours, the smells and even the weeds are not the same than what we had before. I hope that you are soon in full swing with warmer days now and can enjoy watching the clematis and roses grow. I love the last picture of your grandchildren. And Brody growing up, what a lucky dog he is to have found you! xxx

  5. Well, in my garden it looks quite same - brown and depressing :) But if only we got a few warmer days, the sight would be different. We need patience :)

  6. Aww … just love the three little characters.

    All the best Jan


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