Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Quick One

Good Freezing Cold Morning to Everyone. A quick iPad post just to say "howdy". Did we all survive the holiday? I am still trying to catch up. The office where I wrapped packages remains buried in Christmas cheer. The kitchen, thanks to the Head Gardener, this morning is tolerabable. And did I mention that it is cold? Brrrrrr Toldy, as a little Heather May said as two year old decades ago. We did end up with a White Christmas when it started snowing around noon Christmas Day. We were on the road returning the HG's dad to his home about 45 minutes away. It is a real Winter Wonderland around here with crisp white, sparkling snow covering the landscape with the sun shining, making the sparkles dance in the glow. The mercury hovers at 5 degrees F.

We are headed to Denver today to deliver a gift to Heather and her family. It will be an adventure. Jen called early this morning asking if she and the girls could tag along. The Ford F 250 pick-up will be loaded.

Out the front door, wind has already blown snow over the sidewalk that was shoveled yesterday. 

Out the back door, the snow is pretty well tracked up as Boone loves the snow, so he is in and out just like any little kid who runs in and out of the house to warm up cold toes. 

Jen and the girls will be here soon. I will be back tomorrow for Mosaic Monday.

Thanks for taking time to stop by. 


  1. Beautiful sunny and snowy pictures Ann. We have a tiny layer of snow too, but no sun. Have a nice day in Denver!

  2. It sure looks all frosty and sparkly! I hope you have a good day....glad I'm not having to drive! lol I never learned to drive in the snow. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Stay warm, Ann! It IS very cold. Brrrrrrr!⛄️

  4. You must have got our share of snow Ann. We had a green Christmas with double digit temps - today is up to 41F. I'm sure old man winter has not forgotten us though and we'll get hit in the new year. Safe drive!
    See you for MM.

  5. Beautiful snow. I always long for a White Christmas and it rarely happens. We've had a rather warm early winter and I wonder what the next couple of months hold, weatherwise. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Hope your trip went well.

  6. Such pretty pictures of the snow - amazingly we have a light covering of snow too. Glad your Christmas went well. Happy new year Ann.

  7. Looks like just the right amount of snow for a White Christmas. Please be careful on your travels and have fun! Sorry I have not been to visit my laptop had been in the shop since after Thanksgiving!

  8. Nothing quite like a little snow for Christmas. You sound as if your Christmas went well and I'm sending best wishes for 2015.


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