Thursday, December 11, 2014

Let There Be Light

Inside the tree is lit, the village sparkles, and the mantle dazzles. You would think that I would be satisfied. But I am not, much to the Head Gardener's dismay. I love Christmas lights, so much that I watched the TV show that featured its outside lighting contest. One home owner boasted a million lights. Me? I just want a few lights outside not so much so that I enjoy them, but so that passers-by can.

You don't see this part of the Garden Spot much because it is a pretty drab part of the place out front right by the main road into town. The previous owner tried to dress up that part of the pasture when he planted these pine trees at the front of the property in a pretty much haphazard manner. They are not a pretty sight. They don't get enough water so they are scrawny; in addition, Pop the pony gets an itch and uses the poor trees as back scratchers so they are full of dead and broken branches. 

Perhaps a good pruning would help.

Instead, we will throw a few lights on four of the trees to make them look festive for the season.

The sun is setting. I am getting excited, so as the the Head Gardener heads the EZ-Go to the barn, I get a bouncy shot of the part of the garden that you never see, but everyone else does.

Add a few jewels to scrawny trees and they become glorious beauties after dark.
 I hope the neighbors like them.

The day began with cookie baking. Jen and Lily come over to help make a few cookies. We really didn't get a lot done because we wandered downtown through the antique shops. Then it was time for her go pick up the older girls from school.

Two year olds are such little dears. 

Tonight I am downloading my Christmas CDS to iTunes. I have them on an old iPod, but I never put them on this new computer (nearly 2 years old now). There is lots of Christmas music in the air at the stores and on the radio, but I have yet to hear "Silent Night" or "Joy to the World."  Look, I love Santa and Frosty, but I also love Jesus and I'd liked to hear those songs that praise Him and remind us what the season really is all about, so I am creating my own play list. I'll get it on the iPod then I can take my own music.

Tomorrow I am actually going go out to do some Christmas shopping. The Head Gardener will be going along to help make the tough decisions. It will be warm, the traffic will be awful, and we will have lunch together.

I am enjoying so much reading about everyone's Christmas traditions, seeing your gorgeous trees, your lovely homes all dressed up the for occasion. Isn't it fun to share such joy and happiness as we prepare for own celebrations? I love the stories, the memories, and the inspirations that you are all sharing.

I'll be back Sunday for Mosaic Monday. We still have lots to do, so we must pace ourselves and enjoy.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely, sweet comments. You made my day.


  1. Your Christmas trees are very pretty! To have several of them is especially lovely.
    The last photo is simply adorable.
    Enjoy your shopping day! :)

  2. I like the shot of the trees lit up at night. But, you have made my day with that adorable little granddaughter peeking in the oven at the cookies. I hope somehow you can share this photo in your mosaic Ann.
    Have fun shopping, see you Monday!

  3. So cute the little Lily, standing on a box or so to be able to see the cookies in the oven, and then your different lighted trees, is not that wonderful, your Head Gardener did a great job, it looks quite spectacular.

  4. I love to see outdoor lights strung around trees - good job HG.

  5. I love the lights on trees...the colors are so beautiful. Good for you for putting the effort into it.

  6. Merry Christmas Ann! The trees look fabulous! I love the pic of your little one looking in the oven at the cookies. Such a sweet reminder of what we all should embrace during the holidays; the simple pleasures of the season. Sounds like you and the head gardener will have a wonderful outing, too.

  7. AAahhhh 2 year olds are so much fun at Christmas time...everything is so new for them. And they are happy with every little thing. I love the beautiful lights on your transforms them for the holidays! I hope you found everything you needed today. Holiday hugs, Diane

  8. Your Christmas trees shine bright and likely make the passersby smile a lot. How fun to bake cookies with a two-year-old! I hope you've enjoyed the shopping and lunch with your husband. You are right - pacing ourselves is the way to go!


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