Sunday, January 4, 2015

Time Travel and other Adventures

For some odd reason I am really struggling with this morning's post. I actually wrote my Mosaic Monday post last night, but I didn't like it last night and I didn't like it even more this morning.  The Year in Review thing just isn't working for me because as I go through my photo library of hundreds if not thousands (but who's counting) of photos, I am having a very hard time selecting which photos best represent last year.

So I decided to start by looking forward because it seems a bit more manageable to look at the next few months.

I will be doing a lot of reading. I am half way through book 4 in the Outlander series. My dear friend has read all eight books in the series twice, if not more, insisting all the way that I should read them. After watching the Starz mini series last summer, I was hooked. Clair, a nurse in WWII gets launched back in time to 1745 Scotland and there her adventures begin when she marries the handsome clansman Jamie Frazier. The books are lengthy, 600-800 pages each, so they require long periods of non-stop reading. Okay by me on these snowy days.

My reading list also has a plethora of catalogs that feed my passions, some coming unsolicited. These will do until the gardening catalogs begin next month. I am working on dollhouses, so of course, I study the Miniatures.Com catalog. Now looking for lights for the farmhouse that I am renovating.

After seeing Diane's Madame Alexander 18 inch dolls on her blog other other day, I am thinking that perhaps. . . .? Maybe? The American Girl Doll catalog intrigues me, but I am leaning towards the Madame A doll.

Speaking of dollhouses. The ballet studio needs it roof shingled. 

 I purchased this farmhouse at an antique-junk store. Don't ask me why. I just had to have it.

I feel like the HGTV show Rehab Addict with the pretty, perky blond woman who buys old houses destined to be razed for $1.00 and restores them to their original grandeur. I am neither pretty, perky, nor blond, just an aging woman reverting to her childhood. 

Once the old walls are stripped and sanded, I will feel that I have accomplished something. I am also working on the electrical system, thus the catalog page turned to light fixtures. You can catch up on my dollhouse adventures on my other blog Anns Dollhouse Dreams. I haven't spent much time with that blog. I need to work out some Google bugs. If you sign on, your comments are emailed to me so that I can keep up with the one or two followers who  have probably given up on the blog since I don't post to it regularly.

My dear friend sent me a box full of her departed aunt's hankies. I have seen those beautiful hankies made into Barbie dresses on Pinterest, so I have grand plans of doing the same. So grand daughter Lucy and I hit ARC Friday to look for suitable Barbies. We came home with several @ 99 cents apiece. I wonder how these dolls end up in the thrift store. I picture some college age girl home for the holidays becoming nostalgic for her childhood best friend Barbie and goes on a frantic search of the basement storage looking for her childhood dolls. When she can't find them, she asks her mom where there are. Donated. What? She cries, yells. Swears never to forgive her momma. Oh please. However, I do have my first Christmas doll, Susie. I understand. So if Barbie is lucky, she will be rescued by an old lady who was too old for Barbie in 1959.

She will look smashing in this pretty pink gown.

Crocheting always remains on my TO Do List. I made dozens of the fingerless gloves as little gifts for friends. The dark blue pair will go to my son-in-law's sister. When she saw what I was crocheting, she raved about how perfect a pair would be for her job. Another pretty, perky, little blond woman who is a roofer, working along side her dad and brother.

Looking Back over the best of 2014:

 Sunny days with golden horses with sweet little girls.

And pretty pink summer flowers

Sweet Berries and Golden Butterflies

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, too.

And a new puppy joined the Garden Spot Crew
Boone Doggle, a rescue pup half German Short Hair Pointer and part 
A rescue pup, one lucky dog, I'd say.

We said a sad good-bye to dear, sweet companion Country who had been with us for 18 years.

And then woke up one morning to see that the Gnomes had taken over the Toad Abode.

It was a year to get some projects done:

The water feature began to take shape

And the old patio was transformed into a beautiful pergola

The house got painted and what a chore that was.

There is plenty to do today: I'll put way the Christmas Cheer. All the pretties will go back in their boxes and crates for another year.


I'll take time to enjoy the little things in life this year like the joy of watching the winter birds at the backyard feeder, spending time with the grandchildren, and maybe we can take a trip or two. Certainly work hard in the garden, hoping to do better this year. Staying healthy, counting blessings, helping others, being kind and loving and trying not to get so depressed if the Broncos don't make it to Super Bowl or worse lose if they do, praying that our leaders can make our lives safer and simpler--well I can hope, can't I?

To you my dear readers and friends, I wish the same for you: happiness, joy, peace, tranquility. That you keep busy and that your garden grows sweetly and with good cheer.

Thank you so much for visiting today. Join us at Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday hosted by Judith to see more great mosaics.

Happy New Year. 


  1. Hi Ann, first, I am as enamoured of the Outlander show as anyone else...even my husband watches it with me. I have not read the books, and I am not so sure I will, until the series finishes...the wait at the library is in the hundreds.

    Your doll houses are a creative outlet, and what's wrong with that...they are miniature worlds that mimic real houses, and decorating is much cheaper then the real thing. I hope? Changing up a room can be done quickly, and with less effort...what's wrong with that.

    Your collection is so are going to have to do a photo shoot of the finished interiors one day. Do you read Claudia's blog, Mockingbird cottage? She has a beautiful doll house also.


  2. Hello Ann!
    There is so much to admire in this post that I don't know where to start.
    Your dollhouses are adorable and I would love that farmhouse too.
    The photos of 2014 are all beautiful, but the pink flowers are even more beautiful! :)
    Have a lovely new week! See you soon!

  3. Wow, Ann - if your life is as busy as what is shown in this post, I wonder when you get some sleep?First of all, I love the pictures of that Golden horse... *swoon* Second, that mixture of dog between Shorthair and Weimaraner must be deadly. My grandfather did breed German wirehair, the perfect all round hunting dog in our climates and he trained them for mostly until they were 2 years old. But if there is a Weimaraner in it --- oh boy! Hope you will get out of it a 'good' dog. And I love the dolls houses, have still my old Barbies in a wicker basket tucked safe as in lack of any granddaughter. Garden project: great, too early right here, winter is arriving now. Christmas decoration: shall hang on to it a wee bit longer, the daylight only increases by 1 minute per day and I love and need all the lights. We restart the year as how the old year went: EG going to travel around Europe (thanks God no Russia for this time) and me watching the furniture until he comes back ;-).

  4. Hi Ann! You have certainly been keeping busy these winter months! I'm sure your granddaughters love your doll houses and that you can make pretty Barbie clothes for their dolls. My daughter had a wonderful doll house when she was a child--we had such a good time decorating it. I packed it all up when she went away to college. We had to buy a special moving box for it when we moved from NY to CO! I'm glad we moved it as now my granddaughter will be able to play with it one day when she is a little older. They are sweet heirlooms!

  5. Your photos are wonderful my friend. I tried to do a review but pretty much gave up on finding the best photos of the year. I started feeling overwhelmed with the task. It made me want to play with dolls or sew for them! hahaha! I love my MA dolls and they sure are fun to sew for. Barbie is precious in her pretty hankie dress. This is a sweet idea. Maybe I should put doll house on my wish list this year. I'm enjoying your new blog. Keep on playing and Happy New year my friend! Hugs, Diane

  6. Happy new year! You've taken some really good photos over the year. You seem to keep quite busy with creative projects like the doll houses and the garden. I do enjoy creative projects and reading as well; I just need more time (or maybe I need to better plan). Hope 2015 is another productive year for you!

  7. Happy New Year, Ann! Your photos are lovely.. The Doll house is great, I plan on doing more reading this winter.. I love the cute rescue dog, I am glad he/she has found a good home.. Have a happy new week ahead!

  8. As I'm reading your text about HGTV and looking at the dollhouse renovations I'm thinking what a great idea that would be for a show! Well, how about at least a weekly series on your blog? :-)
    When we look back at our photos, we can see just how much we did accomplish and if things didn't get done, at least there's a reminder staring at us from the computer screen.
    I hope 2015 finds you as busy and surrounded by pretty blooms in the garden.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Ann.

  9. Hi Ann, you've said a lot in this post. Looking back, looking ahead, projects, gardening and more. Just like a fun chat over tea.

  10. I read the Outlander series years ago and loved it so I was very excited to see it come to life on Starz! It was even more exciting to see what a wonderful job they did. I have started re-reading the series on my kindle and am about half way through dragonfly in amber. I have joined a few reading challenges this year so I will not be able to go straight through the series but will take a few breaks between the books.

  11. Wishing you all the best in the New Year Ann...and you certainly are having fun with your winter projects...

  12. I had to read this post twice before commenting, so many things, looking ahead, a lovely fun project with the dollshouses, the old farmhouse is a beauty, and looking back to 2014. with a new puppy, a dead Country, great horses and of course garden projects. I enjoyed your writing very much!

  13. Isn't it fun to read like that? I love it when I find books I can't stop reading!
    The weather is so cold, Ann! I am wondering if we could meet at the Longmont exit for lunch this month and then when spring is closer, you could come down to my house and give me some garden counsel.

  14. My girlfriend is also hooked on the series. I must get out to the library and find the books, too. Love your dollhouse renovations and the Barbie doll hankie idea is so sweet. What a great way to use vintage hankies. I have also seen them used in quilts, just sew them all together, I may do that with the ones I have from my Granny. You did a great job on the mosaic for 2014, something I always seem to forget to do. I always enjoy your posts, Ann.


  15. Oh you must get a Madame Alexander doll - or two. I'm the one that got Diane hooked on them - she now has four. I love making them clothes and cute little things.

    Your doll houses are wonderful - wish I had the room. And your review of the year is grand - I'm about to finish up the review with autumn - then back to the present.

  16. Oh your so enjoying your retirement! Great plans you have, I am anxious to see the doll house progress. I would love one but think...where would I put the darn thing! I am blessed to say I still have all my Barbies, clothes, everything. My Mom knew not to get rid of them and we even spent a weekend once when she finally brought them to my house, sorting the outfits and putting them all back together. Looking forward to seeing the handkerchief dresses.
    For 2015 I just want health and less financial stresses. I am not asking for much am I?
    Happy New Year Dear Friend!

  17. Hi Ann,
    I am pleased to meet you. I just love your Dollhouse Dream Blogspot. Dollhouses are so magical! Your mosaics are lovely and I especially adore the pink roses - I must try that when mine are in bloom this summer. Our Christmas trees are similar with the pink balls! Happy New Year! Karen

  18. You sure know how to keep busy Ann! Happy New Year!


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