Sunday, January 25, 2015

Seeing Red

Oh yes, the January Blahs are still with us. I haven't been taking photos outside
 because this is what I get: Brown--light brown, dark brown, tan, gray. Boring.

The vegetable garden is a massive mess. Sorely neglected last year just because we were so busy, the garden didn't do well; weeds thrived, tomatoes got away from us, and most of the other plants just barely survived. Generally at the end of the gardening season, the Head Gardener is out there with rake and tiller cleaning up the garden to ready it for the next year. Looks as though we both have a lot of work as soon as it warms up.

One of my To Do items will be to take out this rambling blackberry. We built this wonderful trellis just so that it would have a place to climb, but the plant is most uncooperative and unproductive, so it will be dug out. I am thinking that we will plant it out in No Man's Land, east of the hay field where we seldom venture. If it produces there, great. If not, no matter. Instead I will plant sweet peas and start a clematis to climb on the trellis.

There will be quite a bit of clean-up in the court yard, too. The water fall has always leaked, so I hope we can tear it down and rebuild it leak free. Most of the plant material is in, though I may add a some annuals this year. I want to refine the fairy garden, which I have put away for the winter.

Pond side, literally, we will work on landscaping and building this little garden. I have a few ideas. I would like to add one of those sweet little crooked trees. Nothing tall, but a touch of drama. I would like to design some sort of Japanese or Asian garden. Any suggestions? The pond still needs a lot work.

The trashcan filter froze late last fall, so now the water just circulates through the pump and hoses without the filter, so the HG will build a new filter. We are rethinking the waterfall too,  eliminating the little pool at the top if it.

Patches of snow and ice remain despite what the weather people are telling us. It is supposed to get up into the 60s. Really? Haven't seen the sun in two day. 

I called to Sundance, so he steps out from eating breakfast to say "HI." I called Pop,too, but he didn't come out to see me. I went in the barn to check on him. He was busy eating Sundance's breakfast, after having eaten all of his. 

Inside, it is warm and cozy and we are seeing lots of red and pink these day. Last year I made this paper Valentine bunting for the fire place. (You can see last year's decoration in the header). I changed things up a bit this year.

I told Jen that when we went thrifting again that I wanted to find a cherub or a Cupid to add to the Valentine scene. She reminded me that I had two cherubs in the bathroom. My mom made them in her ceramics class years ago. I have candles in them in the guest bath. The little vase does hold special meaning because my dear friend gave it to me when I was recovering from a badly broken ankle. 

One of my thrift finds this apothecary jar makes a perfect nesting place for a sweet little bird sitting on her Valentine chocolates. (That way they are out my reach--too much trouble to dig them out.)

This sweet lady dreams of her Valentine.

Instead of dollhouses, last year I built paper houses using my cricut machine. I made them for my daughters, granddaughters, and  friends. Now I am on to bigger houses.

Red was my mother's favorite color. Me. I love pink. I never decorated for Valentine's when I worked. I always loved Valentine's because it is a celebration of pure love. I don't know if school children still have Valentine parties at school when they make the Valentine mail box and exchange Valentine's. I hope so. 

This year I added a bunting to the kitchen window. I sewed these cloth hearts from my stash of scraps and fat quarters, using buttons and ribbons and bits of lace to decorate the hearts. They don't hang quite as straight as I imagined, but they do add a nice spot of red to the kitchen.

So while it is brown and blah out in the garden, inside it is warm and red and pink and cheerful as I hide away in my basement amusing myself until we can get out and get to working the garden.

I am working on a fun project now, inspired by things I see on Pinterest. I have printed photos on muslin of the girls and am trying to figure out how to embellish them and then frame them in old metal frames.

The printing process has been fairly easy. While directions that I found said to iron the fabric to butcher paper, I just taped my fabric to card stock with blue painter's tape and printed as I would on paper. I am using a $40 Walmart HP printer that I have had for years, so if the printer heads get clogged, no big deal. There are other ways to transfer photos to fabric, but I have taken the easy way out, hoping that they turn out. I printed the bottom ones in sepia, so they are very ethereal and vintage looking, which I like. But the color photo has that same ethereal vintage look as well. 

I will be joining Judith @ Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday, so I hope you take time to pop over there to see the other cool mosaics. I have found it so much fun to read new blogs and a few are discovering the Garden Spot. That is always fun.

I hope you have a great week. Nothing special planned here. We will celebrate Jacob's 12th birthday next week end, so I will be planning a little party for him. If the temperatures really do warm up then we can get outside and do badly needed tiding up. If not, you can find me here sorting buttons, bows, and old photos. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love reading your comments.


  1. You know what's going to happen? The roots of the blackberry will be shocked from digging it up and berries galore will probably appear for the birds and animals. LOL It had it's chance and a new clematis will be nice on the trellis intertwined with yummy smelling sweet peas.
    I like the Valentine bunting and I'll bet the chocolates under the bird don't stay there long.
    I asked at our Michael's why they didn't have many dies available and the woman told me they're not selling and inventory is being eliminated as women are using Cricut machines instead. Thank heavens for on-line shopping.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Ann. I hope Sundance got something to eat.

  2. This was a fun and varied post to read and I thought that if I ever had my photos printed on fabric that I'd have to order that somewhere....never dreamed you could do this on a home printer.

    Now with my luck, since my car broke down today, I think I'll skip taking a chance on the printer for the moment, lol! :)

    Love your pretty valentines and just think of this season outdoors as "neutrals" :)

  3. What fun projects - I need to get some Valentine decorations up too - but so far there is nothing showing hearts in my house. I've been busy sewing doll clothes so maybe I'll switch over and do something for Valentine's Day. I love your swags - great idea!!!

  4. I love the little houses you made last year and your mantle. You even have a new pretty banner for your blog. I should have decorated some today. I'm going to run out of time for hearts! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  5. I have tried printing on fabric, my printer wasn't very happy. I spray glued the fabric onto A4 paper and it sort of worked!

  6. It´s nice to have that perfect hide away in the basement when it´s cold and dreary outside. You have so many fun projects to work on. A few years ago I also have been printing photos of roses and of Snarf on fabric, which I used for cushions on the porch seats. Unfortunately the prints have faded away by the summer sun. I have to give it a new try and chance.

  7. Yes, it does look rather brownish-greyish outside, but inside your home the atmosphere is wonderfully colourful and cosy!
    I'm so much looking forward to seeing photos of your trellis and the sweet peas and clematis climbing on it. Sounds lovely!
    Your project of photos printed on muslin, embellished and framed looks very interesting.
    Have a great new week!

  8. I love your pond and your sweet Sundance. The banner and mantle are pretty! Your projects look like they keep you busy! Have a happy week!

  9. your outside world certainly does look blah! lots to do when the sun arrives again. In the meantime you have created a lovely warm and welcoming home. I love your creative space - I would love a space like this. I like the idea of printing the photos on cloth and then decorating them. I will look forward to seeing the finished products. Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week through Mosaic Monday. It was great to meet you.

  10. Even with the blahs your pond still looks wonderful as do the decorations in the house...very cheerful and bright!

  11. Hi Ann, Everything does look dreary outside this time of year, doesn't it? I love the sweet picture of Sundance!! I can't believe Pop ate his breakfast. :) Those pictures on muslin are wonderful, Ann; what a great idea!! They do have such a great vintage look to them. I especially love your Valentine's heart banners, and I'm also a big fan of pink. Love, love pink, especially at Valentine's Day. It's good that you know how to keep busy with projects when it's too cold and nasty to be out in your garden. I can always entertain myself, too.

    I enjoyed your post and pictures and hope the rest of your week is good. Stay warm, my friend!!



  12. Hi Ann, I love your hearts banner. I think that would be a good little project for my ladies who come to the Valentine tea...only 4 of us. We usually make Valentines, but this year, I think I'll copy your idea and we'll make banners instead! Love your photos printed on muslin and framed, too. That is a great idea!
    Won't be long until bits of green will pop up in that may soon spot snowdrops, too.

  13. You're ready for Valentine's Day! That's wonderful. I agree with you with the look outside. It's brown and dead and boring. I love when that gorgeous fresh Spring green pops out. It's like taking off dirty sunglasses and being able to see HD again. LOL! The birds already think it's Spring here in Texas. I hear the babies already!

  14. What lovely Valentine decorations. Can't believe its February already. It still looks chilly on your side of the world with ice. I was out clearing up in the garden today, some ice sitting about as well.


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