Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Lingers On

The house is quiet this week. The Head Gardener has our fourteen year old grandson out in Eastern Colorado deer hunting. My 8 year old grandson is here keeping me company. He is very good company, too. We have stayed busy. His favorite thing to do is go down the road to the Rec Center and swim. I enjoy swimming, too. He also enjoys spending time with the the nine year old boy next door.

As you can see, "Welcome to the Garden Spot has a new look--a temporary one. I dumped Picasa because I have so many photos that it bogged down. I just updated my Mac laptop os and the Photos Ap has been improved, but still does not offer a collage maker, so I found one in the App Store, Collageit Pro, only $9.99. I downloaded the free the version first to try it out, finding it limiting, but liking it, so I decided to buy the Pro version.

If you have a Mac, you might like it. I have tried some of the on line collage makers and sometimes they are very slow and I am cheap so I didn't want to spend the money for on line access. So if you are Mac user and are looking for a new collage maker, I think you should take a look at Collageit.

I could name this mosaic "Signs of the Season" with the skim of ice on the surface of the pond and the Canada geese moving from one field to another by the thousands, honking and talking to each other along the way. Then Nathan hanging upside down to show me his new trick on the swing set on our way to feed the horses and hens, bit of morning sun filtering through the  pine tree. Last, the odd looking thing attached to the chimney on the play house is a bird house that John and Nathan built and installed. John is quite the little character with his power tools.

The merchants around town have their Christmas decorations up and this is my favorite window at a little Antique store here in our little village, Blooms and Heirlooms. Ann creates the prettiest Christmas trees. I love this all white display with pretty tree and the lovely white deer statures, but my favorite is the beautiful angel. Ann purchased a mannequin and found a very inexpensive wedding dress at a thrift store for the angels beautiful gown. The photo really isn't that good because of the glare on the window and sometimes I am thinking that my phone camera doesn't focus as well as it should.

I wish you all state side a Happy Thanksgiving. Will you be cooking? This year Jennifer will prepare the dinner. I'll make the pecan pies for our son-in-laws. I nearly fainted when I saw the price of pecans, but I make the pies once a year. My goal is not to over eat. I promise. 

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  1. Hi Ann, I noticed your new look straight away and thought how clean and minimalist! I do like the effect achieved by the new mosaic maker, the blurry edges add a nostalgic feel to the images which suits them perfectly.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

  2. The window is so pretty, gentle without being to glitzy.

  3. Hello, sounds like you are having a great week with your grandson. I like the shot of the geese, I have not seen any big flocks yet. The Christmas decorations are pretty. I am cooking for a small group this year, my family is going different ways this year. I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  4. I love looking in the windows of the downtown stores. And I'm glad you have a buddy to stay with you this week. Happy Thanksgiving sweet lady! Hugs!

  5. Ann - your week sounds so ideal - simple activities with your grandson ... especially as a lead-up to Thanksgiving. We have been invited to our neighbor's house (I think they took pity on us since we are newbies to the area with no family for 100s of miles ...) Our contribution will be Bourbon Pecan Pie!!! I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day with your family.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Ann. Sadly, we don't have this tradition here. I could do without the turkey but all the rest of the menue you create is certainly fabulous.

  7. So good to spend the week with your grandson and nice the two boys can get on so well. I also love that white display of the Antique store, the angel looks heavenly..... We have no Thanksgiving in our country nevertheless I´m going to make a pumpkin pie of which I saw the recipe on one of the American blogs. Saturday I have a filmday with friends and we all make a dish, hope the pumpkin pie will succeed.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I did cook this year, even though we usually eat out. With only two of us, it’s not much work. We decided on pot roast instead of turkey though, and I enjoyed it much more this way!


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