Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy Birthday

The Boone Doggle turned four Halloween. It's hard to believe that he has been with us for nearly four years. You may well have been with me when I posted about his coming home back then. We had lost our dear, sweet Max and had decided that we really couldn't replace him, so we would not get another dog. The Head Gardner, however, just had to look and you know what happens when you window-shop--or surf the web--you find something, and you go buy it. He found Boone on Pet Finder. com at a kennel in Grant, Nebraska just the other side of the Colorado boarder. In the photo, pictured with his brother and three sisters, Boone was the big male in the back. Gerald called and said, "I want that one, the male in the back, sitting tall."

We drove the two +hours to Nebraska to pick up him. Today he is the Crown Prince of the Garden Spot. Big. Strong. Fast. Smart. Funny. Sweet. Stubborn. He loves to chase the rabbits, play with the grand kids, and harass the poor cat, Mo.

The collage shows him sleeping on the sofa, only because it was his birthday. He even got a Birthday Cake, now his favorite toy that we have to take away from him or he will shred it minutes.

He is a handsome dog, that dark chocolate color with the ticking on his chest. He is across between a weimaraner and a German Short Haired Pointer. He has the build of the weimaraner--larger than the the typical short hair. but he has the color of the short hair. 

He came home with us February 10, 2014.

It was love at first sight at the little animal clinic that also did dog adoptions. He was one of a litter of 13 pups, five of which were surrendered for adoption.

He was so cute and such a handful. His very favorite thing to do: Steel my sock and give it up only when offered a cookie. I said he was smart.

The Head Gardener is still out east working corn harvest. Because we don't have a fenced yard and Boone is inclined to run off, he has to go to the boarding kennel while his daddy is gone. It is a long spell for him. 

It is hard to believe that November is ticking away. The weather has changed dramatically here in Northern Colorado. We are expecting snow all night. 

I am glad to be back blogging. I'll be joining Maggie at Normandy Life. See you there. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


  1. Glad you are happy with your dog companion. Time does pass by quickly.

  2. Hi Ann! He is a handsome boy! Stay safe in the snow!

  3. Yes I still remembered Boone came to your house. He indeed has grown up to a very handsome dog. Brrr already snow over there, hope for Boone the headgardener will be soon back from the corn harvest for Boone wants to play in the snow....

  4. Hello Ann, how good to see you back! Boone is a nice chap, remembers me of our chocolate dog when he first arrived and had nothing else to do than to escape... Since, he stayed for long days attached to the wheelbarrow when I was in the garden and when eventually he could come off I had always special treats in my pockets and always always looked for where he was. The garden is not really fenced but it has boundaries like hedges and horse paddock, so easy to understand. I looked after a special device for his collar at one point and would have put connectors on the fence posts but then found out that we could rely on him and could avoid such investment. Will you enjoy the snow? I would not but it's inevitable.

  5. Ann - those eyes, those eyes! How could you ever say no? I know that I am much more lenient with my pets than I ever was with my kids! Hope the Head Gardner gets home soon.

  6. What a good looking boy Boone is and so lucky to have been hand picked by the Head Gardener, gorgeous photos in you collage! Hope both your fellas are back home with you soon.

  7. He is the most beautiful color and he's so shining and healthy...indeed handsome. I'm glad to see you here. Hope the harvest goes well too. Happy Fall my friend. Hugs!


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