Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Carnival and Pen Pals: To Judy

I had so much fun with Fer's World Carnival of projects and resolutions. With 50 participants, the Carnival offered a great opportunity for participants to share their gardening inspirations for the new year. I had great fun reading and commenting on all 50 (the ones in English, anyway). As a kid, I had two pen-pals. I'd hurry home from school each day to check the mail to see if I had letters. I had found their names through my favorite magazine Western Horseman. One girl lived in California and the other in Illinois. Judy in California and I became great friends through our passion for horses. We had so much in common and got to meet each other twice. In 9th grade my dad took my brother and sister and me to San Diego to visit relatives. I took a train to Fullerton where I met Judy for the first time. She was a year or two older then I was and could drive. She took me to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Certainly one of the best days of my life. Quite sadly, Judy died in an awful car accident when we were in college. We had lost contact with each for a bit then we reconnected in college. She was at Brigham Young University in Utah and I was at a junior college in Northeaster Colorado. She was studying to become an elementary teacher and I was in journalism. We vowed to renew our friendship. I think we would still be friends today.
Using my point and shoot Olympus digital camera, I caught
bumble bee in flight. I was so amazed

The gardening blogs take me back to those days of hurrying home to read my letters and to answer back. While not quite as obsessive as I once was, I think I am settling in quite nicely into a a new community of friends who cheer me, entertain me, inspire me. I hope I do the same for them. I have a Face Book Profile, and while in the beginning it was great fun, I am finding it be less than a nurturing environment. While it let me connect with some long lost friends, the fun and uniqueness of it has worn off for me. I much prefer my gardening community. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my garden project. It will be such fun this summer to watch everyone's garden grow. 


  1. How nice that you actually met your penfriend, how sad that she died.
    I agree about Facebook and deleted my account. I wasnt happy with it at all, and have read that so many people misuse it.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That is sad. I often wonder what happened to old friends that I am not in contact with anymore. Somehow Facebook seems a bit invasive. I signed up once to view a profile of a dog that we were looking at adopting. Before I knew it all these emails from people were coming out of the woodwork and it was a bit overwhelming so I deleted it. It seemed like Facebook figures out a way to suck all the information out of everything on your computer and used it for marketing.
    Anyway, I am glad you started a blog. I am enjoying it!

  3. What beautiful photos you posted, really special. I agree about the blogging, I'm fairly new to it but its been great so far, very positive & constructive. I'm not a fan of facebook either.