Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sun Dance's Story

   Sun Dance seems to be getting a bit of attention. I thought perhaps his fans might like to know a bit about him.
Years ago my brother in law went into the horse business. He gathered a small  herd of quarter horses. For a short time, he had them pastured out on the Wyoming prairie where Sun Dance was born. His mother died out in those harsh grasslands, leaving the little colt to fend for himself and he survived. Some how he ran through a barbed wire fence, damaging his left ear, literally breaking it so that the top half flopped backward.

   My girls were raised in a small town, but their dad was raised on a farm. Jennifer, whose grandfather still had his farm, always wanted him to buy her a pony. but grandpa gave up farming, sold the farm, and moved away. Jennifer grew-up and went along her way without a pony, but always wanting a horse. Her uncle continued to raise his quarter horses. With the bum ear, Sun Dance was just a homely little colt. Uncle gave him to Jennifer when he was 18 months old. By then Jen had grown up, had a good job working for Hewlet Packard and was able to take on the responsibility of caring for a horse. One of the first things she did was to get his ear fixed. Today the injured ear stands straight. A close look will reveal the scarring, but the ear stands erect.

 She boarded the little colt at a facility where she had help breaking and training him. He is now 13 years old, living the life a prince. She moved him to The Garden Spot last spring where he and her father have become great friends. He has two lush pastures to graze, preferring the pasture grass to the hay. He's a tough kid. While he has a stall where he can get out of the weather, he prefers to stand with his back to wind and weather the storm. He is gentle enough for the little ones to take a bit of well supervised ride with careful tending, but still skiddish enough that he requires very careful and watchful handling. While he lives alone, he can see his next door neighbors. On one side he can visit with 3 young black Angus steers, while on the other side he shares company with 5 other equines. He lives a quiet peaceful life, spoiled and pampered where he prances and dances his days away.


  1. How sweet! It seems to me that Garden Spot is a rather big spot considering that it can accommodate the dances and prances of Sun Dance. My daughter has requested for a pony. Haha! We don't normally see horses here.

  2. Hi Ann!
    He is lovely, and your daughter is one lucky lady to have him too! I loved your horse story too.. Now I see why you enjoyed mine. :) So glad to meet you!
    PS. I love his name!

  3. For all those who are interested, his full registered name is Star's Wild Sundance. I named him after his father Hesa Star Chick and his mother Wild Lemon Peal. He is built likes his father, color of his mother, and wild like his blood line. He is a decendant from Three Bars a legendary Thoroughbred, hence the "Wild" title in his name. He was and is one of my pride and joys. Now being a mother my self I don't have all spare time I need to spend with him. Therefore he is semiretired at The Garden Spot,
    but may be comming out of retirement this summer. We will just have to see. He is spoiled rotton by my father but it is well deserved.