Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

We must be careful of what we wish for: winter weather. The storm came through Northern Colorado Thursday so fierce and cold that we canceled our annual New Year's Eve with our dear friends from Haxtun. We received probably 4 inches of snow; in addition the wind came along to redistribute the falling snow, making it drift here and there. The moisture certainly is needed. Now we have temperatures that have hovered around 0 for last couple of days. According to weather reports last year between September and December we (Denver) had 37.5 inches of snow. So far this year during the same period, we  have had 1.5 inches. So it goes on the Plains of Colorado while our mountains have had record amounts of snow. 

So as I watch the sun rise this morning on a cold, white snow scape in the Garden Spot, I am drawn to my iPhoto library to seek out the warmth and companionship of my flower friends who are soundly sleeping, awaiting their Spring wake-up call. The seed and flower catalogs are arriving and I have already chosen the must haves. Top of my list: the David Austin William Shakespeare, a brilliant, prolific bloomer that resides in the garden at Will's birthplace in Stratford on Avon. This red beauty is a most appropriate edition to my yet small rose garden, as I spend a few weeks each semester trying to get my college students to love William's work as much as I do--I have moderate to good success. I have long, luscious lists of both annuals and perennials, including zinnas, sunflowers, clemetas, and more roses. We have a couple of major garden projects that will start as soon as the earth thaws and begins to warm. Top of the list are two water gardens--one in the front entry courtyard to our front door, which will be a preformed a plastic tub. The major project will be about a 1,000 gallon fish pond. Our fish from the old house have been adopted out to the neighbors and my beautiful water lilies are residing in a horse tank. The gold fish need to come home and the water lilies need to spread their roots.  

I have not been a blogger long, so it will be so much fun to see the beautiful gardens my blogging friends grow from Malaysia, to Denmark, to England, and France. From the Plains of Colorado, to the deserts of Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, the South, Canada, and the eastern coast. Can't wait. 


  1. I also started my blog recently, and there is so much fun and so many things to see. It is great isnt?

    I hope the weather treats you gently
    Happy new year!

  2. I think that like me you are passionate about roses? David Austen's roses are absolutely the best, and I have many of them. One of my favourites is Pat Austen, glorious bronze flowers.

  3. I have all my seed catalogs stacked up here, just waiting for time to curl up and study them. I can't wait!

  4. Ann, your proposed fish pond sounds wonderful! wish I could come see it when it's done -- my 10 year old son wants one so badly. We have a fresh water fish tank, a new saltwater tank ( hard to keep and many fish have died already but we're still trying!), a betta and two goldfish. plus a dog, a cat and a hermit crab. Our indoor zoo is almost as crazy and active as my kids! I have been so envious of the snow your mountains are getting -- we love to ski out there, but with three kids to pay for airfare for, we only seem to get to ski in mass and vt. not so bad but not colorado! best garden wishes to you this year...look forward to more posts and chats.

  5. Becareful what you wish for. That is very true since all wishes do come true. :)

    Your collage is beautiful. Can I encourage you to enlarge it to XL?

    May the weather be more pleasant in the days to come.

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  7. Dear Ann, Your collage is lovely and makes a good dream whilst the flowers sleep. We have three months to go with winters snow. Too bad your gathering to usher in the new year was canceled . . . hope you had a lovely New Years Eve in any case. Wishing you the Happiest of New Years! Best of luck with your fish!! Quite an operation to move their home. I am nearly two as a blogger . . . I hope you enjoy your journey along with your new David Austin William Shakespeare! I wish you luck with it and success with the minds you daily cultivate as well. ;>)