Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Love it When a Project Comes Together: The Great Reveal

We have been working on this project ever since we moved to The Garden Spot.
What a nightmare. I hated coming in the front door.

Pretty Pathetic. Now a rose garden.

Preformed tub for the water garden with a waterfall.

Hubby has such a good eye for digging holes.

I was so happy to see water

This water lily was able to escape the temporary home where my water lilies have lived since we moved to the Garden Sport.

We used nearly a pallot of moss rock. 

I planted the plants this morning and still want to add some grasses to naturalize the area. 

The project isn't totally finished, but I am pretty happy with the results.


  1. What a welcome home!! How lovely and worth all the hard work. How nice to just sit and see and listen to the water with a cup of tea or maybe something stronger. Enjoy it and well done to the master gardener. Jackie in Surrey.

  2. Excellent - much better than it was - and once the plants have filled out it will look a treat. Wel done you.

  3. Hi Ann!
    Beautiful! It will sound so peaceful, won't it? Your dog is big and cute! I think he/she could substitute for a goat! The Garden Spot is looking super summery! Yahoo!

  4. YOur little pond is looking great! A lot of hard work but it will be worth it. What a pleasant welcome home garden.

  5. It is looking much nicer and it will only get better as the plants grow up.

  6. It must be such a thrill to see , and to hear the trickling water. So relaxing.

  7. What a lovely pond and such a nice area to sit out in and enjoy the sound of water. Hope you're enjoying your rains, love Sharon x

  8. Ah..very pretty, Ann! Your husband did a wonderful job. My children live in Colorado so I know how dry it can be there and a water feature like this is so perfect to add to a yard to enjoy when it's warm.

  9. Well done, Ann and hubby! You will enjoy the sound of the water and the beautiful plants! It will be a haven of peacefulness! I would love to have a pond, but it would soon have an alligator, I'm afraid!

  10. Hi Ann,

    This is such a pretty water garden! I really love your wrought iron trellis, garden table and chairs, and your other garden art. The flowers will be really pretty as they continue to grow. Your husband did a great job!

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm sorry I'm just now getting back to you. I'm trying to catch up on my visits this week.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. Oh what a wonderful transformation - it looks just soooooooo good and so much potential for filling that area with loads of plants.

  12. Lovely pond! Seems everyone has one these days but me!

  13. Oh how beautiful. I would be grabbing a spot to enjoy it.