Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet the Neighbors

The days are quiet here lately, but in the weeks to come the Garden Spot will be alive with little voices--loud little  voices. Our grandson Jacob will be here next week, and when New Baby Girl arrives her big sisters will be here, so I am enjoying the peace and quiet. These quiet days are the ones I longed for as the school semester began to wear me down. We accomplished a lot over the Memorial Day weekend, especially getting the garden planted. We started tomatoes and peppers in early March inside. The tomatoes are pathetic, while the peppers looks pretty decent.  So come along with me as I take an afternoon walk around the Garden Spot.

Meet the neighbor boys. Cute, aren'they? But don't get too attached because they won't be around for long.

The boys go by their ear tag numbers; no names so we don't get too attached. There are actually 4 steers and they are bad boys. They have already escaped once. Two traveled miles away, but were safely located and returned home. They seemed to have learned their lesson: the grass really isn't greener on the other side.

The garden is planted. Now we wait for the goodness of Mother Earth--and the weeds.

The hay was cut today. This is our neighbor's. Looks pretty good.

Laid out neatly in rows, the hay will dry for a few days then be bailed for Sundance.

Speaking of the old boy. He's on his way to the front pasture. He only grazes for a couple of hours each day; he's carrying a bit too much weight.

Still, a handsome fellow.

The Girls are doing well, though they are a scruffy bunch. They molted early in the winter and just haven't grown their feathers, but they are happy, giving 4-6 eggs a day. Not bad for 8 hens.

Sundance's friends are eager to head out to pasture too.

I love horses. 

Sundance greets his friends and then they all get down to grazing.

I hope you enjoyed our walk about. 

Now, I'd like to walk around your garden.



  1. There are lot of things to learn in your Blog. I want to find more time to come and read all. Best Wishes... Nimal Perera ( living and working in Saudi Arabia-Originally Srilankan)Desertfrog

  2. Wow, looks a great place for the grandchildren with lovely fresh eggs for breakfast too!! Jackie in Surrey.

  3. Oh what a dream place for Grandma to live! I bet staying with you will be one of the big memories of your grandkids lives!

  4. What wonderful suroundings you have, plenty to keep grandchildren busy!

  5. We do have similar summers planned, Ann!
    I am going to REST on the quiet days because the munchkin days will be full!
    Your garden looks great! I have hardly had time to look at my peonies. There are four and a half more school days for me.

  6. Sundance looks a lovely horse, nice colouring. I missed a few of your posts but have caught up now. You have some nice colour in the garden, like the columbine plants and roses. Things look to be greening up in your area and sounds like you've a busy Summer ahead of you!

  7. Lovely post Ann - it is nice to see how the other half live. I love the smell of new mown hay - I remember many happy hours turning it by hand in our small field. My goats loved meadow hay and ate it all year round by choice.

  8. Ann, these are wonderful photos of the life you are fortunate to enjoy. So few people have the land now, at least in So. CA. Seeing these photos makes me yearn for my youth and the farm we had in WI.

  9. Sundance is beautiful, I love horses too. His color reminds me of gold. Glad to hear things are coming along in the garden. I get a dozen of eggs each week from one of my co-workers. Nothing better than fresh eggs, except fresh veggies, lol. I enjoyed the tour. Enjoy your granchildren.

  10. Ah jeez, ya just had to show me some more lovable horses didn't ya? It seems I'm on a horse high these days. They are greeting me on the way to a job every day and I'm just dreaming of winning the lottery so I could get one of my own!! Your world seems complete with all the critters to provide the necessities. Have a wonderful weekend with the grands. We did that last weekend and got plum wore out!! (seeking peace and quiet this weekend, gosh how'd we get so old?)

  11. Loved walking with you through the garden to see the cows, horses and chickens - the horses are wonderful - love to see them run and frolic! I have enjoyed my visit and am your newest follower,

  12. Hi Ann, loved your walk through the garden, especially seeing the animals! You are going to have a huge garden!! Have fun with the grandkids.

  13. What wonderful countryside. Love all the animals, too. Good going on getting your garden planted. And funny that you mentioned weeds - my garden is run over with them all of a sudden!

  14. our garden is not big enough for a horse...maybe a donkey!


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