Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snow Angels

I feel good; in fact, I feel fantastic. For the first time this semester I am caught up my grading. Alas, not for long since I collect 50 argumentative essays tomorrow. However, I only one day of classes next week since it is Thanksgiving. The university powers that be just cannot bring themselves to close for the week. Students begin leaving the tomorrow so attendance will be low. Anyway I'll be there for the ones who don't have to go skiing or travel far away. Tuesday is a light day--tutoring and office hours which I might cancel.

Sincerest thanks to you all for your supportive condolences for dear, sweet, little Jasmine. She was such a part of our lives for so long. We do miss her.

Hubby has taken off on his annual deer hunt in eastern Colorado. He hunts with a bow, so he does have a challenge ahead of him. He calls to let me know how he is doing. Good news for the deer--they are elsewhere. So while he enjoys his quiet time communing with nature and himself, I am here doing his chores. Actually, feeding Sundance isn't all that hard. I feed him in the barn so I don't have to venture out in the muck. This year's hay was fantastic, so he snarfs it all up. He gets a bit of grain and a flake of hay twice a day.

The hens bask in the warmth of red glow of heat lamp. They are anxious to get outside to scratch in the dirt, though. They get a scoop of cracked corn in addition to their mash and protein.

Still munching hay, Sundance seems satisfied and I feel that I am doing a good job of looking after the livestock. On my day off it is not such a chore, but on work days I have to get up a bit earlier, adjust my schedule. He thinks he is going to get a couple of goats or a couple of sheep. We are still in the negotiation phase.

Snow Angels

Last week end we had snow. Glorious wonderful snow that we so desperately need to keep our plants vital over the winter. The mountains are getting plenty; not yet record amounts yet, but a goodly amount which is so necessary for an ample water supply next summer.

So what do little girls do when it snow? 

They make snow angels, of course

Little Mother Nature isn't quite ready for winter. No heavy winter coat, no hat, no gloves, no boots. Instead pj bottoms, a borrowed hat and scarf.

A nice way to end the post today: toasting cold toes by the fire.

Now, a bit of lunch and off to do some shopping. That's what hunting widows do, you know: he hunts, she shops. A new store has opened in Eaton,  shabby chic or country French decor. I drive past it every day and can't wait to go check it out after lunch. 

For the week end: peace and quiet, I hope. And the same for you, dear friends.


  1. Well I hope you enjoyed shopping today Ann - always great to find a new shop in town. You certainly seem to be enjoying being a hunting widow for a little while.

    You certainly had quite a bit of snow and the girls sure had a great time........I'm sure that fire was a popular hangout.

  2. Awe, look at her warming her little piggy toes by the fire. Have your kids ever played pie tag? We played it with the kids and now we play it with the grand kids...or I should say "hubby" plays it, I stay inside where it's warm ;0

    My husband will be hunting for the second time in his life on our land this weekend, deer season opens for rifle here on Saturday, he's very excited. He went bow hunting once when he was a teenager and plans to get his bow in shape to do that next year.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great day, shopping, a bit of toe toasting...


  4. Fascinating that you have already snow and loved to see your livestock, they will not suffer when you are looking after them while your husband is out for deerhunting. At the moment here the season is opened for hare, pheasant and duck hunting. So, we shall have dinner with hare coming weekend.

  5. Love your hens. Love your horse, and love those little snow angels! SNOW! Oh, my gosh. It is 72 here and sunny! (But I would like to see snow for a few minutes only)

  6. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I do hope we get some snow this winter. After the drought, we really do need the moisture. Toasty toes by the fire sounds wonderful to me!

  7. Now this is how I remember Thanksgiving in WI. We always had snow. Just stopping in to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ann. Hoping you all have lots of goodies to eat!


  8. Cute photos of the girls. I'm looking forward to seeing snow, maybe in the next month or so. You must be a quick reader for all the grading you do. I'm quite a slow reader so would take me ages. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow; have a great day!


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