Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Talkin' Turkey

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are still talking turkey, or should  I say, still eating turkey.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday with Jennifer and her family and my father-in-law. A small group. Heather's boys had had the stomach flu and by Sunday she was sick, so they didn't make it.

I made these cute little pompom turkeys for the kids. The instructions are on Martha They are goofy looking critters, but the girls enjoyed them.

I roasted a 15 lbs. turkey. Not a huge turkey, but it was done in about 3 1/2 hours. Tasty and tender. I spent most of Saturday cooking and preparing all of the food so that all I had to do the day of feast was roast the turkey and bake the dressing. I was proud of myself for how organized I was. None the less, the kitchen was a wreck at the end of day. My organization sorta went by the wayside as the dirty dishes piled up.

Did anyone venture out to shop on Black Friday? Not I. I did go to town to get groceries and went to Michal's to some craft supplies, but no heavy shopping on the war front. Nor did I participate on cyber Monday. No. I am not a Grinch, just slow to shop. Once I get my grading done, I will hit the stores. I did shop a bit on the Wednesday before. 

I pondered for a couple of days debating whether or not I wanted to buy space on google. With encouragement from a few of you, I decided that I should go ahead and buy my storage. I pay $2.49 a month for Picasa storage, just a little under $30.00 a year. To have not made the investment would have meant the end of my blog. I am not ready to give it up. So I am here to stay.

Week 14 of fall semester is ending. Next week will be the last week of classes with finals week following, so I have boat load of work to do. The comp classes will turn in their final essay next Wednesday, the advanced writing class will turn in research papers and are doing their presentations,  and in the lit class we are reading Shakespeare's Much A Do About Nothing, a comedy. We will watch the film beginning Friday. We are all tired and grumpy, but the semester is nearly over, then we can rest and recharge our batteries for second semester.

Let the holiday season roll on. 


  1. You'll get all that grading done and have a nice long break! Yay!
    Your felt turkeys are adorable, Ann!
    It seems like a lot of people have either the stomach bug or the cold that lasts forever. Boo!
    Take care of yourself. Don't let anybody breathe on you.

  2. Those are too cute...I was trying to think of something to make for the grandkids to put on the table but couldn't come up with anything, I need to check out Martha next time. Your turkey looks wonderful! I didn't venture out to fight the crowds, I actually have only done it once and that was enough for me. I hope everyone who was sick have mended.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, to bad that some people were sick...

    Those little pom pom turkeys are too cute. Really.

    Funny, you are about the 8th blogger in the last few weeks mentioning that you needed to buy space for photos, what's up with that?


  4. love the pompom turkeys I loike the idea of Thanks giving and glad you had a good one.

  5. Glad your Thanksgiving went well for you I am sure you are ready for a break now you have been working hard. Take it easy.

  6. Hi Ann, glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I loved the little turkey made of pom-poms and felt. Did you and the grandchildren make those together? Have you started Christmas decorating? Looking forward to seeing that! Best Wishes, Egretta


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