Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back up the Time

Time to go back in time. I don't know about you, but I much prefer standard time. It just feels comfortable. I do wish government didn't mess with our circadian rhythms. However, regardless of what the clock says, the seasons have a way setting our pace. The coolness of Autumn quickens our footsteps, helps us to take deeper, cleansing breaths as we prepare for the slowdown that winter brings. Here, the first week-end of November we change our clocks. So Saturday night I set about the biannual routine of changing at least the important clocks. Some I must be a mechanical engineer to figure out, like the car clock on my new car. And there is always a clock that I forget like the one that stares back at my while I am working here at my computer. Then there is my  father's flea market clock that sits on the fire place mantle for purely nostalgic beauty, its voice mute and  hands still. (I did get it fixed, but when I got it home I didn't set it correctly and I never took the time to take it back to clock repair man to get it set. Need to that. It has booming loud Westminster chimes). I like 7:39 be it AM or PM. It is just a nice time of day at either end of the day, Standard time or Daylight Savings.

So the time has come to put the garden to bed for the season. Pop soaks up some sun, while the garden absorbs some rays, too. 

We still need to dig the last of the potatoes, and hubby will get around to tiling the raised beds sometime before the ground freezes. And put away hoses. And install a gate as a short cut to the pasture to 
by-pass the mud hole that forms just in front of that green gate. But there will plenty of time to those little project over the winter.

The Head Gardener finally got around to weeding the asparagus that we planted last spring. Then he filled in the trench where the roots grew all summer. We planted 16 roots; 13 grew to maturity. It will be exciting to see the plants come along next year. The two older plants that are 2 years old will be harvested next spring. (above photo) I have been of the mind that if the asparagus across the road growing wild thieves, mine should too.

While most of the trees on the property are pine trees, these two crab apple trees bring fall color to the pasture. 

Along the front drive we have 4 crab apple trees that produce mini crab apples. They sorta look like maraschino cherries, don't they? They are fun photograph. 

 Fishing Anyone?

With fishing season coming to an end (until ice fishing, I am told) the Head Gardener has to get his fishing fix. The gold fish in the court yard water feature are not that easy to catch, either.

They will spend the winter months in the garage in a plastic tub in dormant mode just hanging out, literally suspended in time. They won't need food or any special care, although we may have to add a bubbler to help oxygenate the water. The water garden will be drained for the winter. Next spring we need to work on the water fall because it has a leak someplace. One of those little projects that we never seemed to have time to do.

The water plants will be moved to the horse tank for the winter, too, where they can be submerged deeply so that they do not freeze. Look at the root system in this lily. Seems that it grew more roots this summer with little leaf growth and few blooms.

The lilies do well in the horse tank. The black thing is a tank heater to keep the water from freezing, but it freezes anyway. The boards are for the birds so that they have a place to sit on if they want to drink; otherwise, they land in the water and end up drowning. Can't have that.

It is also holiday craft show time.

I went to my favorite show Saturday at the Greeley Wesleyan Church just to buy these homemade noodles. A couple of packages for the girls, some my for friend out at Haxtun, and some for me. Best homemade noodles

I adore home made, home spun crafts, especially dolls. I really don't need more stuff, so I picked up these little angels, Santa, and snowman for the grandkids' Christmas packages.

 With the garden put to bed, I have turned to my indoor projects. I am crocheting another afghan for Ellie. I love the colors that I saw in a Pinterest pin: sage green, mint green, light lavender and dark purple. And I am sewing pajamas for Christmas for the little girls. I chose the easiest pattern that I could find. And making the Holly Hobby dolls, too, if I have time.

I am finding that retirement does require good time management, so I try to keep busy. Along with my friend who also retired, I joined Silver Sneakers, an exercise program for seniors sponsored by our insurance provider. So we get to use the Fun Plex facilities for free. They have a full gym, but we have started by walking the track for about 45 minutes to an hour. We may venture into the weight room, too. So I walk 3 mornings a week, meeting her at the track at about 7:45 after she has dropped her granddaughter off at school.  I have also returned to the university to work as a volunteer tutor in the Writing Center where I worked as part of my teaching assignment for so many years. I go in for 2 hours on Friday. It felt so good to get back to the university and see old friends and be with students, even better to put my mind back to work.

Please share with us how you spend your time once your garden has gone down for a long winter's sleep.

Hope your are having a great week.

"Let every man be master of his time." Macbeth


  1. Hi Ann! That's so nice of you to help at The Writing Center!
    I still have a few things to pull up in my garden. I like the slow tidying of the outdoors.
    Good for you joining the Silver Sneakers! That's really FUN!

  2. So glad your enjoying your retirement. How nice to have time for hobbies and that is wonderful there is a exercise program you can join with your friend. Now go enjoy!!

  3. The exercise will be good for more then just the heart. Time spent in the company of good friends is time well spent. I'm saying good bye to my garden, it's time, there is snow flying...
    And when I look at your photos of the mini crab apples I wonder is that's what is hanging on the tree down the street. I must have a closer look at it, but not until the snow stops.


  4. I'm sure retirement is a huge adjustment. I'm glad you're going back to the University even if it is just volunteering you need to keep busy somehow. I did learn real fast when I quit my job here in Wisconsin that you can only do so much much of one thing, that is why I do many things, I don't get bored then :)

  5. You are a busy girl making all those pjs, but what a nice gift for each one! Those noodles you got at the show look great. I love going to craft shows, too. I participated in one this past Sat. and have one more to go. My studio is a mess with all the crafting and painting! Keep doing all the things you love! Happy Thanksgiving, too.

  6. Those little handmade dolls and ornies are so sweet. I would love to find some like that around here. I'm retired but so far I stay busy all the time. It sure helps to work some exercise in when we can us more energy in the long run! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs!