Thursday, November 21, 2013

What a Difference A Day Makes: Thank You Canada

Hello everyone. Yesterday we were riding around in the car looking for a TV console. The day was warm, sunny, calm, a balmy 55 degrees;   however, today just as the weather people predicted the Canadian Cold Front finally reached Colorado.  Thanks, guys. I rather enjoy these snowy days, especially now since I no longer have to get up before dawn and drive to work. I can sit at home and appreciate the beauty in the garden. Take a look:

We don't have much snow. Can you measure a skiff? An inch or two were predicted. Because the roads were warm and the temps dropped so dramatically, they are very icy today. The thermometer reads 16. BRRR.

More than frost on this aging, sagging pumpkin. 

With the garden put to bed for the winter, I am doing what I love to do in the winter. I am crazy over the colors in Elinore's afghan. I saw the colors in an afghan on Pinterest. The yarn is Caron 16 oz. skeins. It is not a very soft yarn, so hopefully once washed it will soften. I have one more set of colors to add then it will be finished.

I had plans for making the '70s Holly Hobby dolls for a couple of little girls, so I have the dresses made, but much more to do, including some handwork, but the dolls take a lot of time and I may not get them made.

I do have the flannel pjs made for the girls. The top one is little Lily's night gown. They turned out so cute. I have to buy more material to make pjs for the boys. 

So there you have it, a snowy day at the Garden Spot. Quiet, peaceful. Projects to finish, more to start. 

Next week, we will have Thanksgiving at Heather and James'--their first year to host. As the mom, I am being good not to offer all of my secrets and letting they discover and learn and plan all on their own. I will take pecan pie, fresh cranberry sauce,  and mashed potatoes. 

I'll be popping in no doubt with pie photos, but just in case I don't,  I hope you are all snugly and warm with dreams of Thanksgiving feasting.  And to our Canadian friends, we will gladly take your left over snow. 

Have a wonderful week end.


  1. The sweet little gowns are adorable. It really takes me back in time to remember making little boy's pjs...I have four sons! And I love the little dresses...hope you have time to make the dolls. Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Stay WARM! Sweet hugs!

  2. The colours of your afghan are beautiful, but the night gown and pjs for the grandchildren are really cute. Such fun to do some handcrafts in wintertime, but I am glad we do not have any snow yet.

  3. Oh you are more then welcome...nothing like the Canadian north to make you feel welcome. Would you like some -11 cold and sunny to go with that? Have no idea what that is in US temps...but it's beautifully sunny, and cold.

  4. Lovely snowy pics and love your afghan what a clever girl you are.

  5. The layer of snow looks beautiful Anne! So does your afghan! Such pretty colours. Your granddaughter will be happy with their pj's. They look very sweet!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  6. That snow does look so peaceful and just right for working on cozy projects indoors. That afghan is gorgeous and I, too, love those lush colors. The little flannel night time dream wear is so pretty and the trims add just the right touch. The girls will love them! I hope you have time to finish the Holly Hobby dolls...the dresses are as cute as can be. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. The pj's looks darling I'm sure the girls are going to love them. I love the colors in the afghan, and I remember Holly Hobby. Since I quit working, at least outside the home :) I don't mind the snowy weather, I now can sit back and enjoy it cause I don't have to be anywhere. I love the snow shots.