Monday, November 11, 2013



Once again I find myself on chore duty. The Head Gardener has been out in Northeastern Colorado helping our friends with their corn harvest for the last week. I wrote about their wheat harvest in July; now they are combining corn. They have had a rough harvest with some of the normal expectations--equipment breaking down, corn not dry enough to combine, wet weather--then one of the brothers injured himself, so he is out of commission for the remainder of the harvest. Hubby got the call at end of October asking if he would be willing to help. He is driving Petunia (the John Deere tractor that the 14 year old Kaitlyn drives during wheat harvest), pulling the grain cart. He is in it for the long haul until the last kernel of corn has been stored. He left last Wednesday and will probably be gone all this week. Gladly the weather here has been quite pleasant so I don't mind doing the chores around here. The boys always greet me with sweet mumblings, at least they sound sweet to me. Actually, they are hungry and impatient for their breakfast.

I took my camera with me this morning. Keeping in mind that it is November, there is still a lot of green left at the Garden Spot. This little peach tree is nearly undressed. Daughter aborist Heather wrapped the little peach tree trunks while she was here over the week-end. Many of the trees around are in various states of undress, so there is still fall color about the country side.

I have so enjoyed seeing your fall colors across the country and over seas. The mid-west, east coast, and Canada have such a gorgeous variety of vegetation that colors the countryside. I am nearly left breathless by your wonderful photos. The photos from Netherlands, Brittany, and England are gorgeous as well. We just do not have the variety in plant material here; although landscapers and gardeners are finding more varieties of colorful trees and bushes that thrive in our climate, so the Front Range does have more variety in fall colors. One of my goals for the Garden Spot is to plant more deciduous trees such as red maples and the burning bush like the ones we have in the front of the house. 

I planted sage and parsley last spring. I love sage green. I painted my bedroom a soothing, sagey green. This sage will look taste best in turkey dressing. I think I am cooking this year. The girls cannot make up their minds about what they want to do. I am the default cook, I guess.

And fresh parsley. The strawberries haven't died back yet either, but are not producing. 

Just as I lamented the last of the roses, look at St. Patrick. November here can be really mild, so mild that at least the Saint has been fooled in new growth. 

All of the grand kids were here Saturday, so of course they had to ride Pop. They gave the old boy a pretty good work out. They have to remember that he is an old man at 24. Elinore brought Pop a gift, a sweet picture that she drew for him, insisting that we hang it in his stall so that he can see it as he eats.

I am surprised that it is still there because the push pins would hardly penetrate the hard stall panel.

                                                         I think Pop likes the picture. 

Elinore professes her love for Pop and wants him to come live with her. Of the 4 grand kids, she seems to be the one who will take to riding. She is the animal lover of the group. I have to laugh because so was her mom who was always dragging home some wayward cat that we had to find a home for.  

With November in full swing, the month is peaceful, but I hear that nagging voice in the back of my mind that is time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the first year in so many years that I can actually decorate and shop and plan and prepare without the worry of school interfering with my excitement for the holidays. 

We have one more celebration this December. Our college girl who has been living with us while she has attended UNC (N.Colorado) graduates December 14. Her family lives hours away and she lost her mom over a year ago, so I want to have a big bash to commemorate her great accomplishment. She will be traveling England and Europe in June (so jealous) then she will attend graduate school in some far away European school (England or Germany). She has several schools that she is applying to. We are so proud of her. So naturally I want my house all decked out for the holidays and I want her to have a grand graduation celebration.

And now it is time to fire up the sewing machine. I have been making pjs for the kids for Christmas. I go in spurts and spells, but I really need some self discipline. I have had set aside my glasses because they are giving me a headache, so I am relying on my readers until my new glasses come in. Sewing does require some vision.

With this mild, warm weather here, there seems to be little really good stuff to blog about.  I will be looking to you guys for some blog inspirations. I am running dry. There is just so much Gee Look At the Green still hanging around that a writer can embellish upon. Not that I am inviting a snow storm or anything, but a good blizzard would make for an interesting blog post. 

I do wish you all a good week.

 Today we honor our Veterans. God Bless them, especially your children and family members who serve here and overseas both past and present. 

We will honor them and keep them in our prayers. 


  1. That photo of Pop looking at his gift picture is adorable! You should enter it in a contest, Ann!

  2. Is it late to harvest corn, or is this the normal time of the year for silage? Here it was done a few months ago, which make me think we must be way cooler then you.

    Cute pic of the drawing and are going to have to keep that one for when the grandkids grow up.


  3. Our neighbor hasn't yet harvested his corn too wet yet. I love the photo of Pop checking out the picture, too cute. We got snow yesterday not that much tho, I wish it had been a bit more.

  4. Your herbs look so good and will be so tasty. We had a windy and chilly day here in Florida!

  5. Hi Ann,

    Beautiful sunny photographs from the garden spot! It must be such a joy to have so much space around you. I enjoy the glimpses into your life. The drawing by your grandchildren looks lovely. So does Pop!

    Madelief x

  6. November here in Ohio is a bit milder than I remember back in Michigan, but maybe I just pay more attention now that I'm older. The trees are empty, but the lawns are still very green, as are some of the weeds and such. It always amazes me to see the random flowers here and there at this time of year!

  7. You've taken lovely photos, with the rays of sunshine coming through. This is such a busy time of year. Already I'm finding it hard to keep up with my favourite blogs!