Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the Mood

We had a glorious week end with lots of sunshine. The spring bulbs are emerging from their long winter's sleep. We planted new bulbs last fall, so I am anxious to see them. Last spring the tulips and early daffodils were ruined by heavy, wet snow in April along with hard freezes, an unusual April. Today we have wind: cold, loud, bringing with it a skiff of snow which is supposed to turn to rain. I had planned on pruning roses and cleaning flower beds today.

We made our first trip of many to the garden center, Ft. Collins nursery. Planting early seems risky since we can get freezes as late as May. So we hold off until Mother's Day to plant the tender greens, even the garden although we could plant lettuces, carrots, red beets and even potatoes now. We planted peas early last year, but had bad luck perhaps because we soaked them first. Every year we say will do things different. Nor did our trip to Texas help when we planted the garden late and then left. This year we will be home paying attention. Their new spring offerings that have been forced to bloom early are so tempting.

 I want one of those, that one, a couple of. . . .You get the idea.

The primrose and ranunculus  are gorgeous, so big and healthy. 

We wondered through the indoor selection. The cacti caught my husband's eye, while I drooled over the fairy gardens and ended up buying a little fairy and a couple of little plants to make a small terrarium. How do you tell yourself "no?" 

I loved the spring bulbs. Such a delightful display of spring color. 

Love this! Caribbean Jewels: Sapphire Blue

A geek for pink, my heart skipped beats at this little red wagon display.

We eventually made our way to the tree sections outside. A nice young man greeted us. I asked to see the eastern red buds. They hadn't arrive yet, he didn't think.  We wandered back to the greenhouse.

Then back to the trees.

The nice young man told us that they had some of last year's red buds and he brought us 3 to look at. With the old weeping willow by the garden gone, we decided to plant cherry trees, so we bought two of these semi dwarf mesabi cherry trees and one eastern red bud. I have had red buds before and they seldom made it through winter. Jeremy gave us good ideas on how to plant to the tree. It will go in our center circle underneath a canopy of aspens and pines; however, Jeremy said that the aspen suckers will take all of the water from the red bud, so we must dig a larger hole when we plant it, making sure that we dig out any aspen sucker roots. And we must remember to water it over a dry winter. The red bud was $79 with 20% off. 

I had hoped to prune roses and clean flower beds today. The week isn't over yet, but the weather has been too cold to get out and work. I gave the Head Gardener his marching orders, though: get the Ez-Go ready for work. He changed the oil, checked the rear end then loaded it with my tools. He scoffed when I first requested a golf cart after our first summer here to help tote my tools, but we use it all the time. Boone had his first lesson riding the golf cart. Max learned that it was easier to ride than to run along side. As for Boone, it will be years before he is off leash to run any where.

Despite the wind and the cold today, we are in the mood to garden. We have our system set up for starting seeds. Not very attractive in the living room, but we decided to put the plants where we will be sure to keep a good eye on them. We will plant the seeds in the next few days.

So, are you in the mood? Silly question, huh? 

The granddaughters are on spring break. They have invited me to go the the aquarium in Denver tomorrow to see the mermaids. Friday I will spend the day with them to give the baby sitter--their other grandma--a nice long week end. 

Hopefully the weather will warm up and we can get on with the work outside. 

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Aaahhh...mermaids! That sounds like fun! Take some pics to share and enjoy your day my friend! Love that big window with lots of sunshine! Hugs!

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  2. Very much in the mood for Spring gardening, now that the weather is improving. How lovely the cherry trees will look.

  3. Oh man, I can't believe you are picking out flowers already, nothing is happening around here yet tho I can't wait. My flower beds are still under lots of snow :(

  4. Looks like you had some glorious Spring weather and the flowers look very tempting. I'm in the mood for getting things done and was out in the garden over the weekend. Its still very breezy here, but warmer and getting better for being outside.

  5. Every day is bringing better weather and I, like you, want to be outdoors and doing. Garden centres are mighty tempting - I try to keep my purse firmly closed but am never successful.

  6. Weather getting better here too and we too are spending more time trying to tidy the garden. Xxx

  7. I'm in the mood, Lynn, but it never seems to stop raining here. If it's not raining, it's sleeting or snowing. What a winter. The puppy is going wild because we haven't been able to walk him, due to the nasty weather. Oh well. It's one of the many things in life we can't control.

    Your garden center reminds me of one near us -- lots to choose from. I enjoyed the virtual visit; thanks so much for sharing the cheerful pictures with us. :) Have a wonderful day!



  8. Oh my goodness, a garden center that's open? We just woke to snow...everything feels dormant here, t the ground is still frozen, snow is in big piles everywhere...spring? LOL.

    I have a Cercis Canadensis that I planted last spring, it's really nothing more then a twig at this point, but I have hopes for it. This winter was a hard one on my poor roses, they are almost completely frozen....and those were the hardy ones.

    Buy a few Rannies for me, especially those hot pink ones.