Thursday, November 13, 2014

BRRRRR: It's Cold Out There

Our Colorado weather is breaking all sorts of records. Norm for yesterday for that day of the year is around 53-58 degrees'. Yesterday it was 3. Of course I stayed in.

The heated birdbath gets lots of activity when it is so cold. Sometimes steam rises from the surface.

I'd say Veteran's Honor has said her final farewell to fall. She won't be back until spring.

She does look rather regal draped in her white hood.

We kept Boone inside all day, too. He has spent a lot of time in his outdoor run, but the Head Gardener  was supposed to head out east for the last of corn harvest. With the weather so cold, he stayed home and played with his dog.

Boone now 1 loves to play. He has an assortment of toys, everything from the expensive Kong toy which he destroys, to bones both real and fabricated, and a tree branch that he drug in, and old socks knotted, but his favorite is a balloon. He gets a good 15 minutes out of chasing it around.

He learned very quickly not to bite down on the balloon or it would pop.

So now he carries it by the stem, running around with it in his mouth. Such a character. 

The HG left this morning for Haxtun, where he has been for weeks, coming home on weekends; I am on chore duty feeding Boone, the horses, chickens, cats, birds. Boone stays in his run which while the weather is warm where he is okay, but now that it has turned cold, he will spend time at the boarding kennel down the road. They will take good care of him, he will be inside, warm, and will have other dogs to play with. So glad that we found the place. He is big, 62 pounds, very strong, and typical bird dog, hyper to the hilt, and while he does come when he is called, he is easily distracted. In short, I cannot handle him. He is half Weimaraner and half German Short Haired Pointer, making him a big, strong, smart dog--a man's dog for sure.

I hope he does not feel abandoned because that's where we found him when he was 4 months old in a kennel in Grant, Nebraska at a vet clinic. He and his litter mates had been surrendered, so I hope he doesn't feel abandoned. Without a fenced yard to run in and to be contained, he takes a firm hand and constant attention to keep him close. So he is safe and warm and the HG won't have to worry about him and I won't have to feel guilty leaving him outside.

At last check it was -6. I am headed to town in a few minutes. I thought about staying home, then I remembered that I while I was working, I'd be out in the weather. So off I will go to do my errands.

I sincerely hope that you are warm and cozy wherever you are, for this blast of cold has covered most of the continent. 

Thanks for stopping by. Love hearing from you.


  1. I would almost prefer your snow to our continuous rain!

  2. Oh no - snow already - your autumn was short and sweet. Keep warm my friend. Those shots of Boone are wonderful his coat is so sleek and shiny. He certainly looks like he's a handful. Have a warm and cozy weekend.

  3. Cold and snowy already!! I think Florida is the only warm state and it was up to 80 today and gorgeous. Autumn was too short this year, wasn't it? It mostly seems like summer here all year around.

  4. You are getting some of the coldest weather of the country! I hope you got your errands done so you can stay inside the next few days. I see the comment above me....yes, it's nice here in Florida. It was 78 today. I'm wishing you a warm evening and sending LOTS of warm hugs, Diane

  5. This weather horrible! We lost three days of work this week. And are behind in Christmas decor installs. I didn't even get our leaves cleaned up at all! Looks to a long cold winter. With little wok getting done. We haven't even finiges our fall deep root fertilizations and we may lose them all now and the remainder of our tree planting a because the ground is frozen.

  6. Yikes. That's cold! We're having chilly weather here, too, hovering around freezing, which is nothing compared to Colorado's blast. But it's sunny and I'm loving it. We went for a long walk this evening, bundled up in scarves and gloves. My ears are still tingling.
    Stay warm and cozy.

  7. -6 is nuts! Too cold for mid-November. It's time for me to get out my heated bird bath, too. Boone looks like fun to me. I love big dogs and used to work with them at the shelter I volunteered for. They just have to know who's boss. :o)

  8. I won't even tell you how warm it is here, and I thought we had a cool morning! I hope Boone will enjoy his trip with the other dogs, I am sure he will. The good thing about dogs is that they normally don't have a past so when he does come home he won't remember ever being away. Stay warm Ann!

  9. Hi Ann, I -- cannot -- believe -- how cold it is where you are!! Brrrr!! Oh my goodness! We've had snow in our mountains, which is rather unusual before Thanksgiving here in North Carolina. I have to tell you that my husband and I saw these big, fat, black wooly worms in our carport for awhile this summer, and we couldn't believe it. We usually only ever see those in early fall, and we wondered if they signified a really cold winter for this coming year. Yikes.

    Boone is so handsome, Ann! I love his beautiful, silky smooth coat. I can understand completely why you're not able to handle him by yourself. This rascal of ours is much smaller than Boone, and it's ALL I can do to handle him some days -- like today for example. ;) He is for sure the wildest Scottie we've ever had. Those blurry pictures of Boone are really funny because they look just like ours, always moving, never still. :)

    Have a good weekend Ann.