Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rainbows and Fairies

So here I am post Daylight Savings up way before the sun reading my blogs waiting to start my day. The Head Gardener finally returned home from corn harvest last night. He will be home through the weekend and then go back again next week. Our farmer friends work 11,000 acres of wheat, corn, and milo in northeastern Colorado, about two hours away from here. They are short handed for the the amount of ground they work. So when the HG offered to help out, they took him up on his offer. Little did he know that the job would be weeks upon weeks. He gets weekends free because the young daughter can drive the tractor that he drives.

Meanwhile back at the ranch (an old time saying; we really don't live on a ranch), I am on chore duty which I don't mind at all--as long as the weather is warm and dry.

Thank you everyone for your sincere condolences. Uncle Mike's loss is the one that touches our lives most immediately. We will miss him. The HG's sister now finds herself alone and wondering what the future holds for her. We will be by her side, ready to do whatever she needs. 

On a brighter note, Miss Elinore celebrated her 8th birthday. She is growing up so fast, but still lives in the magical world of rainbow and fairies.


Her mother works very hard to fulfill the girls' birthday cake wishes. I keep telling her that she needs to take a cake decorating class, but she does very well on her own.

Ellie will spend tonight and tomorrow night with us. Heather and the boys will be here Friday night, so the house will loud and busy. Saturday the tree hugger will help her dad winterize our new, young trees by wrapping the trunks, fertilizing, and mulching them. I loaded up on movies: Spider Man for the boys, Planes 2 for the whole family, and Angelina Jolee's version of Sleeping Beauty for a more adult  viewing. 

There. I did it: a second blog of the week. The sun has not yet risen, but the sky shows a hint of coming daylight. 

Thanks for joining me. I'll see you back on Sunday for Mosaic Monday. Have a terrific week end, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ellie! What a great cake. I'm all for little ones living in the land of magic and make believe for as long as possible. I think our modern culture encourages growing up way too fast.

  2. A loud and noise house...don't you just love it! Happy Birthday to Ellie. So sorry for your loss.

  3. Congratulations Ellie, your mother made a wonderful birthday cake. So nice to have a noisy house Ann, lovely to have children and grandchildren around.

  4. She looks really happy. It looks like a great party. Love the cake. Thank you for coming by my Blue Monday post. I loved the Lego Doll House, I couldn't imagine making it!
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  5. Happy Birthday to Ellie, I am a believer in fairies myself and the cake mom made looks magical.
    Farming is all about helping the others isn't it? I think a lot of the farmers around here assist each other at harvest and I know several share the same machinery.
    See you on the weekend! (I have no idea what I'll put together)

  6. Hi Ann! The birthday cake is so cute! I bet you are ready to have the HG back to stay! You're working too hard.

  7. What a pretty birthday girl with a beautiful cake! Enjoy the rest of the week. Life is always about highs and lows, isn't it? I'm keep your family in my prayers. You've been through a lot lately. Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Ellie! You had a beautiful celebration. I also wanted to offer you my condolences on the loss of so many loved ones. Each day we share with our loved ones is such a blessing and having all these children in the sad times, brings new life each day. You take care. Carla

  9. Hope you enjoyed the party - such a nice cake too . Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  10. What a lovely catch up Ann - two posts in a week is commendable!!!
    Ellie is gorgeous – “Happy Birthday” to her! Rainbows and fairies are very real to little 8 year olds!
    One of my granddaughters has just turned 9 and she will always be a fairy girl!
    The cake is gorgeous - I'm keeping a photo as ideas for when my family come over from France.
    With no grandies here I'm out of practice!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to Ellie, the cake looks beautiful! Her smile says she was very pleased ;)

  12. Happy Birthday to Ellie!! I LOVE the decorations, and I'm really impressed that your daughter made and decorated this cake herself. I can make a good chocolate cake (our son's favorite) but I don't do the decorating thing. :) I tried once, but it didn't look too great.

    It's good of your husband to work on his friend's farm; I'm sure they're very grateful for his help. I hope you're having a good week!