Friday, November 28, 2014

The Day After

Good Morning, Friends. With Thanksgiving under our belts--I hope not literally--, we can now begin the Christmas frenzy. We had a very quiet Thanksgiving, just the Head Gardener, Boone and me. I roasted a chicken, made dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, and pumpkin pie. I have to tell you the dressing so good. I cheated by using Pepperidge Farms seasoned dressing bread crumbs. Best dressing ever. I wanted plain dressing bread cubes, but couldn't find them; however, this dressing was so good.

The Head Gardener has left me again to finish up corn harvest. The crew will work today and tomorrow, then I will have back to myself again. Boone has gone to Doggie Day care for a sleep over. I promised him that he could play with other dogs.

Raise your hand if you are opting out of Black Friday. Yes, me, too. I will probably do most of my shopping on line this year. I am not a crowd person, so the pushing and shoving just do not appeal to me. I will also make some gifts, too. Like these fingerless mittens.

Instead of navigating the herds of shoppers, I will sit by the fireplace and crochet these fingerless mittens that I found on Pinterest. I made these in a couple of evenings for the girls. 

Wednesday was craft day at Jen's. After crafting and lunch, the girls wanted to play school. I wasn't a very good student, I guess. Nor do I think that Lucy has taken off her fingerless mittens. What a character. And yes, she was good teacher. (You can tell what sort of teachers and classroom setting the children are in if you do take time to play school with them because they tend to role play what they know. I was threatened with pink slips and the principals office a couple of times).

Earlier in the week, wanting to find a box of the HG's old toy tractors and trucks that I thought I would use to decorate for Christmas this year, I tore apart my storage closet downstairs. You know how that sort of project goes. You rediscover all of the junk that you have been storing for years and the boxes that were never unpacked from the last move. So I set out to sort through stuff into piles yesterday morning: donate, give away, save, trash. I had high hopes that the trash pile would be the biggest, and I think it was.

While I sorted, the HG worked on his marine aquarium. Boone was allowed downstairs now that he is fully house trained. It is a very big room that he turned into a playground until then he discovered the fish.

We wouldn't normally let him put his feet on the glass, but for the sake of a quick iPad photo, we let him look at the puffer. I don't think they will become friends.

I am headed to town today to run a couple of errands, but I promise not to enter any big box stores, factory outlets, department stores, or craft stores, but I won't promise not to hit the thrift store. 

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish? And with this awful weather, what is your favorite indoor activity to pass the time? 

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Love hearing from you.


  1. Haha to playing school. I've heard that teachers make the worst students! Hope you avoided the pink slip.
    No Thanksgiving dinner here, although we had some delicious roasted vegetables along with our meal. And I'm not a Black Friday fan and deleted all the emails in my box that said anything about it! I'm afraid the Black Friday frenzy has crossed the border. Sigh.
    Enjoy cozy and stay warm.

  2. l love that photo of Boone he looks fascinated. I don't indulge in Black Friday either - just people spending money on things they don't really need - a sort of shopping frenzy. Mad. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I love the mitts! Playing school. That's funny! I know that when I took classes, all the teachers would complain about homework and critique the instructor! Yikes!
    The pup is getting BIG!

  4. I spent the day baking with Christmas tunes playing and all the decorating is done. No Black Friday shopping for me although I heard some stores were offering 50% off everything. I can't stand crowds and never go out for boxing day shopping either.
    Boone looks cute watching the fish, so intent on the movement in the water.

  5. Dear Ann,

    Your fingerless mittens look lovely Ann! Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Christmas preparations!

    Madelief x