Thursday, September 1, 2011

Down the Country Road

I have wanted to photograph the alfalfa field down the road from the house and the corn fields, as well. So last night just before sunset, I went for a walk down the country road.

Several years ago a Denver suburb come north to purchase farms so that the municipality would have the water rights to farm water. The plan was to pipe the water south. With the water sold off of the farms, the farms became pretty much worthless. This farm down the road is one such farm. However, to build a pipeline to move water nearly 70 miles south was cost prohibitive. So now these old farm houses are rentals.

Cities don't make the best landlords, so the houses and yards fall into disrepair as renters come and go. Previous tenants here were taking some care of the yard, but they moved and the yard grew to weeds.

Each morning as I drive to work I drive past this old farm, hoping that someone will move in, cut the weeks, water the lawn, and make it a home again.

Wild roadside sunflowers.

The alfalfa has been cut and it will soon be baled.

While the old farm house is neglected, the farmland around it, part of the original farm, is planted mostly to corn that will be cut for either cattle feed or ethanol. 

While there is an old farm house south of the Garden Spot, right across from us is small subdivision. The corn rows are so perfectly straight. . .

 . . . despite this curve at the end of the field.

Corn tassels waving in the late sunset. Soon the corn will be harvested.

So now I know where my little yellow gold finches are during the summer.

We have some really beautiful sunsets over the Rocky Mountains.

Hazy mountains as the sun sets just to the north of the lens.

And another sunset over the Garden Spot, inspiration reminding us to give thanks for our abundant blessings and a truly wonderful life.

Have a great week end, everyone.


  1. Ann, You have some terrific photos today! I've scrolled several times to admire them. The water issue is a little disturbing though. If the farms sold off their water rights, does it mean they do not have the right to use the water now?

    The corns, alfalfa and sunflowers are in such abundance they make beautiful scenery. The sunset is golden and stunning.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Oh my fabulous beautiful pictures you have posted,i love them....i am wondering the same as 'one' about the water situation?

    Those rocky mountain pictures are stunning,i loved seeing a part of your world Ann :) it looks so different to mine.
    In the morning we are driving to the Yorkshire dales to meet some friends in a pretty town called Grassington,i will take my camera and show you a part of my world too,
    Hugs xx

  3. Ann its me again,

    The word verification my last message was "ought" and they use that word a lot in Yorkshire,how weird is that?

    1. Used to indicate obligation or duty: You ought to work harder than that.
    2. Used to indicate advisability or prudence: You ought to wear a raincoat.
    3. Used to indicate desirability: You ought to have been there; it was great fun.
    4. Used to indicate probability or likelihood: She ought to finish by next week.

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your walk- love this post!

  5. I just love a country road view! We have lots of them around here. And I especially love sunflowers growing up along those roads. The picture of them with the red barn in the background is my favorite!

  6. I just love a country road view! We have lots of them around here. And I especially love sunflowers growing up along those roads. I did soak my sweet pea seeds first. But I think the seedlings all get shaded out when the plants nearby grow up over them. Not many of them germinated. I've never seen hummers on my zinnias, they like my butterfly bush best.

  7. What a wonderful post and photos Ann. It's so sad to see this beautiful farm standing empty.

  8. A sad commentary on our economy, Ann. You present the picture beautifully. Thank you for your sweet comment on my Butterfly Dreams post. Part two is up now. Sounds like we share the same butterfly dreams.

  9. Water is the most valuable resource in these days it seems. Good blog topic.

    I love your sunset photo!

  10. What a wonderful drive along the country roads, and the sunflowers are amazing!