Friday, September 2, 2011

Update to Down the Country Road

I didn't do a very good job of explaining in my last post the situation with the farms in our area and the irrigation water.  As I wrote, a Denver suburb came to Northern Colorado and purchased farm land along with the water rights to each farm. The city's plan was pipe the water some 70 miles, rendering the farm ground usless; however, building a pipeline was much too expensive. Today the farms houses are leased out to renters and the farm ground is leased to local farmers who didn't sell to the city and who are still in business. Since the city didn't build its pipeline, the water is still attached to the farms, thus keeping those farms productive. Why would famers have sold their farms? Hard times; simply hard times.
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  1. Hi Ann! I'm glad you are feeling in the swing of things at the university! I hope you have a very fun weekend. How's the garden?

  2. I loved your country road walk, Ann. One of my favorite things in Colorado is enjoying all those wild sunflowers! When I was there, I took many photos of them. That red barn caught my eye, too...would make a good painting with some sunflowers in front of it! I'm glad there are still farmers in the area and that the pipeline didn't take all the water.

  3. I see. Thanks for elaborating on the water subject.

    Many farmers have tough lives, don't they?

  4. Thank you Ann i thought they had been left with no times are tough everywhere now x

  5. Hi Ann,
    Yes i love that shop in Haworth too its called 'Rosie Bobbin and its just beautiful....i didn't buy anything for the cottage this time but i bought a lavender parasol and a velvet rose,